A Long Overdue Catch Up

sweaty Betty on beach

It seems like YEARS since I logged into my humble WordPress abode. This blog has collected a hefty layer of dust over the past six months.

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher, life has been a whirlwind.  Full of wonderful experiences, learning and f*ck it moments (lots of them). I have been scribbling down ‘Write blog!’ on almost every to-do list, but it hasn’t actually happened till now. *pats on back*

Ya see, this space holds so much nostalgia for me. It is crammed full of memories, moments and the journey that has led me to where I am today. It brings me so much happiness to look back on my musings and see how far I’ve come, how the dreams I noted down have now become a reality. Reflection can be a glorious reminder that life can move in wonderful directions, with it’s ups, downs and everything in-between.

I didn’t want this online diary to fizzle out into internet abyss, so here I am to nurture this archive of life. It ain’t about the numbers or content schedules. Just chinwaggin’ and reconnecting with the roots of blogging, the simplicity of talking, connecting and burrowing away lovely memories and lessons to reflect on in the future.

So, a catch up. Where do I start?

Well, numero uno is that I have launched a business! Introducing Cake & Yoga Club, a fresh passion project combining my two favourite things. The tagline is The Art of TLC and my mission is to bring people together, build up a community and break down the habit of arriving and leaving your yoga class without speaking to a soul… With added cake and prosecco. Check out our website, Instagram and make sure you swing by a club over the summer – all the dates are on our website. We’ve also invested in a business phone line so all your calls will direct there. Another thing we got is business data protection like this colocation service, so we won’t have a problem for our site.

Here are a few snaps from the clubs so far…






I finally reached my goal of becoming self employed. Since graduating university, I’ve been pining over becoming a freelance lass and it’s finally happened.

It ain’t by any means easy, but having freedom over my days and the ability to steer in any direction I please makes me so happy. No sick pay / mat leave / pension and working on ya tod not so much… Saying that, I have found the most beautiful community with a bunch of women at The Work Club – freelance life is far more enjoyable with a team of cheerleaders behind you every step of the way.



^ my first ever Cake & Yoga Club hosted at The Work Club – LOOK at that viccy sponge, corrrrr.

I have hosted a few talks at Topshop and Sweaty Betty, who I have now become an ambassador for…


^ Aware I look like a waxwork here…


I will be teaching some free classes here at the Islington (Upper Street) branch over the summer (one being this Wednesday!) so keep an eye out on my ‘gram and book on via the SB website.

I did a stint working at Deliciously Ella’s deli, which was SO much fun. Such a great team, good grub and a lot of inspiration on business in the wellness industry.

I had a glimmer of feeling embarrassed about working in a cafe, but why? Gals gotta make ends meet, taking a leap into the unknown means compromise and putting the hours in to make it work. I learnt a lot about people, food, business and never being too far removed from cleaning snotty tissues off plates to pay your bills. 👍

I also learnt that I work best with hair like this ^

Matt and I are embracing North London lyf (only took me a year. Ha!) and have been away a couple of times to Amsterdam and New York to see my pal Emily (and eat our way around the city), which was absolutely BANGIN’.

… Aaaaaand breathe. I *think* that’s us pretty much up to speed.

I ain’t gonna make any promises on how often I post (as on reflection, this seems to be a habit) so I’m just going to go with the flow instead.

If you fancy joining me for a yoga class, here is my schedule!

Monday: 7:15 – 8:15AM Pure Gym Tottenham Court Road, 6:30PM & 8PM Hotpod Belgravia

Tuesday: 8:15 – 9AM LABS

Wednesday, Thurs & Fri – corporates!

Saturday: 12:30 & 3PM Hotpod Hackney

Sunday: Cake & Yoga Club! 3:30 & 5PM Hotpod Belgravia

I also teach at Frame, so keep an eye out on the timetable – I’ll be popping up across the Fitzrovia and Kings Cross studios hehe.

It feels good to be back.

Immy x