Immy May 2.0


January 27, 2012:


I’m Imogen May, otherwise know as Immy, otherwise known as Wiggy – don’t ask.

I am 18 living in the east endz of London which is sick fam, safe. But my home town is the Isle of Wight, I’m a country bumpkin at heart.

Studying media which is an average choice on degree, alas I’m an aspiring TV presenter so it all helps!

As my new years resolution I started a VLOG on youtube, but I thought why not wack it up here for all of you lot to feast your eyes on. And give you something to laugh about.

SO lets see how it goes. ENJOY”

My first ever blog entry, typed from my pizza slice of a room at university. It was cold, I was wrapped up in my dressing gown (the same one I’m wearing now, actually – you know the one: Turquoise, Jane Norman) with my treasured Yankee candle burning by my side. Bahama Breeze was the scent FYI – the dream.

Looking back all these early posts gives me goosebumps. A little glimpse at past chapters of life, a nostalgic reminder of the adventures, people, realisations and life that has taken place.

So many memories to warm my heart when needed. That is the beauty of a blog.




I often feel like the raw foundations of blogging faded over recent years.

The spontaneous sharing of stories, recipes, thoughts from the heart to finger tips, connecting with a small community of friends stretching across the planet. Pure magic.

Sadly a lot of the time this industry is driven by numbers. So many are considering packing it all in because, what’s the point?

Never let anything dim your passion. The thing that you look forward to, that keeps you going.

I lost touch with you last year. It was one of the most transitional years of my life, I started a journey into yoga teaching that I had only dreamed of, quit my job, had so many realisations that shit. I did it. And now I want to give a little love back into this space that I bloody adore.


Make 2019 the year you rekindle your love with the hobby that sets your soul on fire. Whatever that is. Give it love, nurture it, take the next step and believe that absolutely ANYTHING is possible. The beauty in life is that we never know what is coming up next.

On that note, I am proud to share Immy May 2.0.

A brand new chapter.

I knew I wanted my blog to grow with me, to adapt to the changes in my life – so it seemed like a wonderful time for a re-fresh. Even more so as these snaps were beautifully captured in Center Parcs, which for me is a tangible re-set button, the marker of a new chapter that will always hold a really special place in my heart.

You will find oodles of chats, recipes, adventures, playlists and whatever else tickles my pickle. It isn’t a huge massive change, but it really didn’t need to be – just a few tweaks here and there.

I want to big up a few folks who are the serious talent behind this fresh look – so as follows…

Natalia Barker

Real life super women, student of mine and the badass graphic designer behind my new logo. Go and have a ganders at her beautiful work here.

Oscar May

Photographer extraodinaire and brother, supporting my crazy ideas since 1993. He also has a new website and blog, which you should check out.

I’m not gonna create any schedules or set days for posting on ‘ere, just when I have something to say or share – keeping things simple, taking away the pressure of posting when I am tight on time (as this will inevitably happen!)

I hope you are still riding that new year wave…

It’s good to be back!

Immy x