Always Remember to have Fun


Recently I have felt a *bit* of an odd vibe in the air… Not a bad one, but just slightly unsure one.

Between myself and chums, we have been chinwaggin’ a lot about how da F we have reached our mid 20’s. What’s next? Should we pack it all in and travel the world? Should we be having babies? Should I be waxing by now?

There are a lot of societies boxes begging to be ticked, and as a generation we have resorted to pinning our fretful thoughts on the moon, the conversation usually goes something like this:

“So, I *think* I might be having a meltdown. Is this what a quarter life crisis feels like!?”

“Aaaaah SAME, it’s probably because Mercury’s in retrograde!”

“OH right I see, guess that clears that up then…” 

Sound familiar?


It is easy to spend hours on end getting in a flap over previous decisions, if we have made the right choice, if the universe actually does hold our destiny. Lol. But the thing is, we literally cannot control what’s already in the past, and what’s coming up in the future. It just ain’t possible.

A brief shout out to my main man Eckhart Tolle (YTT required reading, holla) for drumming into me how essential it is to live ‘in the now‘. Learning that nothing exists out of this exact moment. The moment you are reading this blog, everything around you right now. How you are feeling. That is what actually matters. Not what you might feel next year, or how you felt yesterday.

“The power of creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.”

What a wise yogic owl, eh?



I know fo’sho I’m not alone in this cafuffle. So many of my chums are experiencing a similar slight discomfort, so I wanted to share a piece of my great Grandads advice he gave to my Granny in her twenties:

“Always remember to have fun”

Pretty straight forward, innit? Yet so bloody important. Whist we tend to fall easily into feelings of uncertainly, doubt and worry – we have gotta remember the playfulness, chuckles and good times too.



A reminder to stay light and seek fun is the most essential nugget of advice I have received  in a really long time. Such a basic statement, but when you find yourself wrapped up in the constraints we build around ourselves, how life should look, what is deemed as success, we lose sight of the joy in simplicity. The sun rises, the sun sets. We breathe in, we breathe out. We just tend to get our knickers in a twist about everything in between.

What is the best gem of advice you have received? Ya know me, always up for some words of wisdom.


Bangin’ photography by the one and only Oscar May.

Beautiful Co-Ord gifted by Miss Selfridge, sexy sun flower fields gifted by France.

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