The Yoga Teacher Training Diaries: Week One

SO week one of YTT. What’s the crack?

How many downward facing dogs *adho mukha svanasanas* 😏 did I do? 3928 I reckon.

Was it bloody brilliant? YES. Yes it bloody was.

Despite having a corker of a cold and v sexy blood blisters on my feet to show for it, embarking on this 200hr course is the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. Over the past week I have soaked up so much wisdom from my teachers Emily and Michael, as well as my new yoga chums. It might have been a little bit life changing? Is that taking things a step too far? Maybs, but that feeling of paving a brand new path just feels so damn good.


Although we still have three months on training to go, even the first eight days have been a huge roller coaster. Full of breakthroughs, stepping into the unknown, highs, lows and a lot of DMCs.

Anyway. I thought I’d pop down a few thoughts on the first week. Here goes…

First day nerves

I never thought I would have those first day of school nerves ever again, but BAM I felt like a quivering mess when I shuffled into the studio surrounded by new faces. I only got about four hours kip the night before, and also forgot my yoga mat and books in a nervous fluster. I also hopped on the bus going the opposite way. Oh life, ya rascal.

We all perched on bolsters in a circle, feeling awks and excited in equal measure. But as soon as we all got chatting (via many an ice breaker) the nerves started melting away. What I love about this course is that each and every one of us is at a different stage of life. Different ages, backgrounds, careers and so on – but with one common love that brings us all together as one big yoga fam.

The average YTT day

Each day (mostly) begins with 20 minutes of meditation (or attempting, in my case) followed by a 60 minute practice. Followed by lectures, lunch and another practice in the afternoon.

The main thing I have learnt through practicing erry day, and observing ma teachers – is that it is A OK (better, even) to use your assists (blocks & straps). Help your bod feel poses by using your blocks, rather than trying my best to make the deepest stretch without. I have learnt to be kinder to my body, consider modifications rather than attempting the most challenging one because it looks fancaaay ya know? Tell your pesky ego that it’s ight, no one is gonna judge you for taking things at your own pace.

I have learnt very quickly that there is SO much more to yoga than just the physical practice, it is a whole way of approaching life off the mat, I was a mind boggled abut also fascinated by it all. Who knew there was ‘eight limbs’ of yoga ey?

A lot of info to digest. Oh, and a HELLUVA lot of sanskrit. Get revising that bad boy from day one.


Getting into the spirit of things

As ya might imagine, things get a little spiritual in YTT. A lot of opening up to the group, maybe becoming a *little* vulnerable in the process. Things like eye gazing, sharing the story of your spirit animal (platypus, fyi) and getting involved in chanting, and a load of ‘OMMMMmmmms’. Before the course, I was that girl at the back of the class, chuckling my way through anything remotely spiritual (I still kinda do) but I have also learnt to open up a little and appreciate it for what it is.

With this in mind, I have also learnt to accept that meditation has not come to me just yet. And that’s cool, everyone is different – it’s aaall about the process and finding out what works best for you.

All the feels

By the end of the week, we were one big fam. On Saturday morning we were challenged to the 108. One hundred and eight sun salutations, taking it in turns to lead the class. Though standing up in front of a class and teaching is a *little* daunting, when they are all cheering you on and rooting for ya, it becomes such a magical experience. Especially when Destiny’s Child is spurring you on via the speakers. Isn’t it amazing what happens when everyone is their to build each other up? ALL the feels.


Next installment of YTT diaries will be up tomorrow, so stick around.


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