Return of the Blog


After what feels like years, I am cosied up on the sofa, cuppa T in hand (Love Island on in the background, obv) quietly tapping away on my laptop and it feels SO good.

I slipped into the habit of only writing from my desk at work, and I guess it just felt different. I started this blog from my university halls, in the evenings after various adventures. Bowl of cheese and baked bean pasta by my side (the most underrated grub), I would pour my thoughts out onto the keyboard. Blog posts were never planned, they just sort of cropped up now and then. Just a casual online diary that now gives me a little window to the past, which I think is pretty special.

Looking back on my archives over the years, it is fascinating to see where the crazy journey of life has taken me so far. University antics, living in NYC, all the jobs under the sun, birthdays, graduations, new beginnings, passions and dreams. Even if nobody ever read these words, I would still cherish my corner of internet.

I don’t believe there is a necessity to document every nuance of life, but I do believe there is value in keeping a lil diary. Celebrating the joys, small wins, reflecting on hard times and lessons learnt along the way, for future me to look back on in years to come.

Last week a milestone I have been working towards (or at least thinking about) has finally become a reality. I have resurfaced from my mini blog hiatus as a yoga teacher and I still can’t quite get my noggin’ around it!

Over the past few months, I have learnt so much about what it means to know yourself, others around you and general appreciation for life as a whole. I am teetering on the edge of the unknown, in limbo between my current reality and a totally new chapter. It is bloody petrifying but at the same time fills me with so much happiness and excitement. Change really is what keeps us alive, you just have to take the leap…

For the next few months I will be soaking up all I have learnt during my 200 hour training, attempting to conserve dollar, get out there and teach classes, work hard but remember to enjoy the journey. Trust the process. The inevitable highs and lows. I might not fulfill any travel plans for a while, or be able to treat myself to delicious coffee on the reg, but I’m OK with that.


^ me, gazing down at the coffee I cannot afford.

But ya know what makes beans on toast every night a little sweeter? The return of this blog.

As ya can probably tell, I had to put my writing / snapping / blogging ways on the back burner for the duration of my yoga teacher training. And although I was totally absorbed into my studies, I really missed tapping away on here. My brain was full of new information, so my creativity plummeted, even my camera collected a film of DUST. Now that is unheard of.

Despite feeling all weird and a little lost now the course has come to an end, I am also chuffed that I can sit here and tap away without feeling a smidge guilty that I’m not reading the Bhagavad Gita or something lolz.

The grand plan was to give this blog a big sexy makeover, but my bank balance is saying errrr k den, with what dollar? lolz. You sometimes have to remind yourself that not everything needs to happen all at once. Dreams can develop gradually without urgency, the sexy blog will come in time but for now this cute Pipdig template is just fine for me at the mo.

The plan for the summer is to beaver away on this blog, with a new post going up twice a week (or more, fingers crossed!) and spreading the yoga love, teaching classes across the city. I will be working like a dawg, there will be many early mornings and late nights – but when it is something you enjoy, it’s all play.

There are a few little European jaunts in the pipeline, and hopefully a handful of weekends back home on the Isle of Wight / Devon purely to frolic in the sea, because summer in London still doesn’t *quite* do it for me. But apart from that? Gal will be right here.


Whats new with you chum, any summer 2k18 antics you got goin’ on?

It’s good to be back.

Immy x

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