London in the Snow


I don’t wanna bang on about it, but BY JOVE the weather this week has been bat sh*t crazy.

Here in London, we love a good grumble. I have heard people utter the words ‘It’s really coming down now‘ or ‘it’s like a bloody fridge out there’ about 2349 times already. We yearn for an official snow day, a day stay indoors wrapped up in blankets, slurping buckets of tea, baking cookies and watching Disney movies whilst the snow gently settles on the world outside.


(terrible footwear noted)


Alas, life has continued as normal up ‘ere, we are sliding (and stacking) our way into work. But I gotta say, I am a fan of the snow. Gazing up into the sky watching the beautifully intricate flakes fall fills me with joy… Until it turns into a grim muddy slush. Cheers London.

But gotta embrace it whilst it’s here ey? Chuck snowballs at the pigeons, appreciate that v satisfying crunching sound underfoot, gaze across the snow coated roof tops. Sledging rather than sliding into work would be ideal, but we can’t have everything.

Myself and Oscar decided to go for a little jolly in the snow, to capture the final flurries and grab coffee to warm our mitts. It ain’t like frolicking back on the Isle of Wight, but nice all the same.



I am now back at my desk and listening to my Festive Feels playlist, because why the bloomin’ ek not?

How have you spent the past snow days? Staying cosy indoors or trekking it into werk?

I cannot WAIT for a glass of vino tonight and mammoth lay in tomorrow. Happy Friday!


Check out more of Oscar’s snaps here.

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