Why I’m a Fan of Yoga


I start my yoga teacher training next week. I still can’t quite believe that after yeeears of pondering I have finally booked myself onto a course, say whaaaa!?

The next ten weeks will probs be spent reading, scribbling down endless notes and doing a whole loada downward facing dogs. Tbh, I ain’t sure what to expect. This fresh chapter is a massive leap into the unknown. A new clan of folks to meet, knowledge to soak up and oodles of challenges.

For the first time in a while, I feel nervous butterflies in ma tum. The same ones you get before your first day of school, the feeling of nerves, anticipation and excitement in equal measure. I have fleeting moments of doubt, worrying that I’m not ready and I will look like a right lemon surrounded by yogis in Lululemon.

But ya know what? I started the year saying if not now, when? It’s ma time to shine yo’


I don’t really natter about yoga on ‘ere, it has always just been a hobby of mine, a slither of my day to stretch it out, breathe and get my thoughts in check.

But I figured as I will be all about the yogs over the next few months, I would have a chinwag about why I am a bit of a yoga fan gal.

I have been yoga-ing since I was a nipper, mostly due to my pesky scoliosis causing me jip. To prevent any kinda surgery, getting physical and strengthening my muscles to support my wavering spine was the remedy (and codine, some of that too).

The physical perks of yoga came first, followed by perks for my noggin years later. I gotta say, for a future yoga teacher I am a bit of a cynic. I am the first to quietly chuckle through ‘oms’ and a cheeky fart let out in class. I find reading about ‘enlightenment’ pretty difficult, but there is an element of truth in the midst of Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual chat.

I guess what I’m trying to say is yoga is totally different for everyone. That is the beauty of it, there are no rules, no right or wrong and you go to classes for whatever floats your boat.

Here are a few reasons why I dig the yogs…



Recently I have been pondering on ma life (these spiritual books are getting to me). I realised that I have so many goals revolving around the online world, and not enough physical ones. Training and completing my 10k run last year made me feel bloody invincible. Our bodies and minds are such incredible tools, and I feel like I neglet mine in favour of online goals, followers, pretty feeds. It is far too easy to forget, these goals all exist inside a screen. Ain’t that crazaaay?

What I adore about yoga, is that it is 100% down to you. It is your body, the potential is limitless and there really is no one to comare yourself with. When you reach a personal goal in yoga it feels amazing, especially when you look back on the progress you made to get there. It isn’t because of anyone else, just the focus, strength and practice you dedicated to it.


I have never been great at playing by the rules. I suck at netball and deffo prefer cross country to rounders. What’s so lovely about yoga is that it is your practice, your 60 minutes all about making you feel bloody amazing and although ya gotta be safe, there ain’t a right and wrong – you just do you boo.


Every yoga teacher is a lil different. Some like to teach with no music, some use classic ‘zen‘ tunage like a kinda spa vibe, and some go all out with hip hop bangers. I prefer the latter.

Ya see, folks find different situs relaxing. I know of so many who couldn’t think of anything worse than flowing to Big Sean, but would quite like to practice to Fall Out Boy instead. Getting my dose of mindfulness doesn’t often come from silence. With a lil bit of music, I can get lost in the practice and really take a break from my head for an hour.


Lolz to the chap laughing at me whilst exiting the tube. If you look closely you can see me howling.

If there is anything ya wanna see on ‘ere over the next couple of months whilst I train, lemme know. I *might* be a lil quiet in these parts, but will attempt to document what I can fo’sho.


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