My Mum & I

Ain’t it funny how our relationships with our mums change over the years? At 14 it was aaaall sleepovers and Strongbow and spending an evening in with yo’ mumma was about as cool as the brown, badge covered corduroy jacket I wore instead of the latest Playboy merch. But at 24, things are very different.

(Side note: I really need to find that corduroy jacket…)

Our relationship started to change when I started university. She would come to visit, the boys would fuss over her and make her cups of tea (she lapped that up). We explored Italy together, gallivanted in Ibiza (true story), danced on bar tops in Cyprus and I can’t think of a better lady to spend my time with. She is my best chum, cheerleader and always there to give me sound (and brutal) advice when needed.

Being able to treat her to things that make her smile fills me with happiness. This lass has done a lot for me over the years; loving me despite grounding her new Estée Lauder lipstick into the carpet, or refusing to wear anything but dresses (I still remember the tantrums, it must of been pretty bad) and lending me every single garment in her wardrobe without question… Knowing that she will probably (definitely) never see it ever again.

Last week, Marks & Spencer invited us down to The Ivy Chelsea Garden for an evening of bubbles, canapés and a flowers master class in prep for Mother’s Day on 11th March. It was V sassy and we loved every moment of it. I think everyone on this planet (male and female) loves a bouquet, so an evening surrounded by blooms in the most glorious setting was just the ticket. Plus her kitchen is now filled with flowers, making her a very happy lady indeed.

Mine would be, but it turns out Matt gets hay-fever if there is more than one bouquet in the house… lol. You can only laugh really, can’t ya?



The masterclass was led by Rona Wheeldon and Simon Richards ( real life flower wizard).

There is SO much I didn’t know about flowers. I usually just stick ’em in a vase and hope for the best, but there are so many tips ‘n’ tricks to help your blooms look glorious for longer than a few days.

These are a few tips I remember off the top of my head… Before my fourth glass of prosecco hehe.

  • Always re-cut your flowers once you get home, especially roses. Otherwise they dry out, and they need to keep guzzling the water to survive.
  • Use your flower food sachet. They will need that extra boost in sugars, and whatever else is in ’em.
  • Fill your vase with tepid water, not too hot, not too cold. Change it over every few days, deffs not what I’ve been doing for the past 24 years ooopsie.
  • Keep your flowers in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and not near fruit apparently. Learn something every day, ey?
  • Snip off all greenery below water level. It’s a faff, but your flowers will thank u.

There are more tips, which you can check ’em out over on their website.



I very lucky that my mum lives in the same city as me. But if your mum is a little further away, M&S deliver beautiful blooms on Mother’s Day, with free delivery, which will fo’sho make her day if you can’t be around. They also chuck in a free box of chocolates, so that’s a bonus! I have my eye on the rose and hyacinth posy as hyacinths are my absolute FAVE. Not that I’m a Mother just yet lol – future children reading this blog post, take note.

It ain’t just your mum who needs a surprise flower delivery. These are for anyone in your life who you cherish and deserves some extra love in the form of freshly cut flowers on their doorstep…



Have a ponder of M&S flowers here, OH and my mums lovely dress and my skirt and jumper.


Despite my inner cynic, I do love this time of year full of ‘days‘. Pancake day, V day, Mother’s day. Any excuse to celebrate life and all the traditions that come with it will always makes me happy.

So yeah, this is for you mum. You absolute queen. And thank you for posing in these snaps with me when all we really wanted to do was eat hot cross buns…



A big cheers to Oscar May for lovely photos that I’m sure we will look back on in years to come. And to Marks & Spencer for working with me on this post – and treating us to the most wonderful evening!