My Advice For a Particularly Anxious Day (Or Week)


There has been A LOT of change round ‘ere recently.

For a long time I have been pootling along quite comfortably in life. My job, abode and future goals tied in pretty nicely with the five year plan I hastily scribbled down in a bullet journal a few years back.

Then recently, without really meaning to, a lot changed all at the same time. A decision to enroll on a yoga teacher training course, my day job changing pace, moving house, migrating to the other side of London.

Of course, it is totally normal to feel a tad unsettled when your life changes direction, putting your routine slightly off kilter. But for a lass with an anxious mind like mine, change seems to bring anxiety right up to the surface. I have had run ins with this particular cretin in the past, but I haven’t really chinwagged about it here.

This slice of internet is all about the fun times, cake, brunch and positvity, but I think it’s important to share both the ups, and the downs. I feel happy and optimistic most days, but we are all human. We all have crazy minds, emotions and nobody on this planet is happy and smiley all of the time. And thats OK, healthy even… What fun would it be if we had an easy ride all the time, ey?

Ya see, I am still getting to know myself and the way in which my mind works.

Learning what makes me tick, and what I can do to make myself feel brighter on days where I am a tearful mess, with that nasty anxious knot in my chest. Learning that it’s OK to not feel *quite* like yourself sometimes and that it will pass, it always does.

The past week has been a ~bit~ of a roller coaster, alas, I made it through and thought I would note down a few nuggets of advice that I found helped me, with the hope that it might spread a bit of sunshine into your day, it ya need it.


Find your support network

I have always been an extrovert. I chat about my thoughts and feelings to anyone that will listen, exchanging our life stories within ten minutes. Howevs, when I have an anxious day, there are only a handful of folks I go to for support. My brother, ‘rents, Matt and a few of my best gal pals. These are the people who can see very quickly that summin’ ain’t quite right, listen to my mind going round in circles, stay on the phone to me, make me a cup of tea, take me for hot chocolate when I am a blubbering mess (shout out to Sophie), or simply give me a hug.

Never feel afraid to share those deep, dark corners of your mind with those you love. They will love you no matter how silly your thoughts may be, and most importantly they will listen.

Of course I am always here if you want to chat, unfortunately I won’t be able to give you tea and chocolate – hopefully technology will catch up one day. 😏

It’s OK to be selfish

The soundest piece of advice I have been given recently. We always feel guilty at the prospect of being slightly selfish, and it has such a negative connotation… but sometimes you have an excuse to put yourself first.

Want ya boyf to stay by your side rather than going out on the taaan? Tell ’em.

Get lost in your book rather than cleaning the kitchen? F*ck it.

Want to eat pizza in bed whilst watching Aladdin? DO IT.

Make sure you do whatever tickles your pickle and don’t feel bad about it.


Holland & Barrett 5-HTP

I was speaking to ma bezzie Ellen about the woes of anxiety and she recommended that I check out for some CBD products. If that didn’t work, she asked me to pop out to the shops and pick up some 5-HTP supplements. It is made by the bod from an amino acid (tryptophan), that changes into a neurotransmitter serotonin – the chemical that makes you happy! I feel like a lot of us need more of the stuff in our lives, and whilst we can up our serotonin levels via eating more ‘nanas etc, sometimes we just need a boost. These tablets melted away that grim anxious feeling within hours, and I was SO bloody thankful. I would absolutely recommend if you are looking for a natural boost, I only took two a day for three days – but it seemed to do the trick.

Put pen to paper

If you also have flurries of anxiety, you know how hard it can be to find clarity. It can feel impossible to see the positives and put things into perspective. Pouring my mind onto paper always helps me filter through all the things I am stewing over, realising that it is just a load of small situations that are creating a huge cluster situation in yo’ mind.

So grab yourself a hot beverage, open up your note pad and fill the page with all of those thoughts, worries and anything else that might be on your mind. Then slowly, one by one, work through them. I promise it will make you feel even just a little less overwhelmed.

I realise this advice may be similar to others you had heard before, but they are just what seemed to work for me! We are all different, but I reckon the more we chat about things, the better.

Lemme know if you have any nuggets of wisdom, I would love to hear how you look out for yourself when you really need it.

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