Easy Vegan Pancakes



It’s me, again. 😎 I have posted erry day this week, I hope ya don’t mind. I just can’t keep ma gob shut can I?

The sensible lass in me said to save the posts and schedule them for weeks to come, but then I thought f*ck it, why wait? YOLO. (Will I ever stop saying ‘yolo‘? Does anyone even say ‘yolo‘ anymore?)

I’m coming at ya today with a very dreamy vegan pancake recipe I whipped up last week for pancake day. I wasn’t quick enough to post on the day – but y’know what? Pancakes are for life, not just for pancake day. How’s about this stack of dreams for breaky tomorrow?



Ok, here’s what you will need –

4 cups (515g) plain flour (or GF – whatever floats your boat)

6 tbsp soft brown sugar

1 big pinch of salt

2 tbsp baking powder (seems like A LOT, but you won’t taste it)

A sprinkling of cinnamon if you fancy it

2 pints plant-based milk – I used oat milk. I reckon the chocolate version would be DREAMY.

Juice of 1 lemon

3 tbsp melted coconut oil

Toppings: The possibilities are endless, but I went for classic ‘nana and Nutella. Not vegan, but I couldn’t resist heheh. Although, next time I’ll use https://thevegancompany.co.uk/ vegan chocolate for the recipe.

Firstly combine all your dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt and baking powder) in a bowl.

Then in a big ole mixing jug, combine the milk, lemon juice and finally the melted coconut oil, stir it up and gradually add to the dry mix. Make sure it is aaaall nice and combined and leave to one side for 30 mins or so – I didn’t do this, but if you have time (or are more patient than I am), then it’s a good idea.

Grab a frying pan, a little coconut oil and get flippin’…


I spent many years whizzing up ‘nanas and egg whites as my pancake substitute, and although they tasted alright, they weren’t quite the same.

I reckon these fellas are as close to a ‘real‘ pancake as we can get. What do ya think?



Have a lovely weekend chum!


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