Changes I’m Making In 2018


Okokkk so we are almost at the end of February (😱), but I am still riding that new year wave a lil bit.

Still pondering over intentions I have for the next 313 days and how I would like to remember them. New year or not, I reckon there is always time to reflect, start paving a new path and making certain you are having a bloomin’ great time, as that’s really what life is all about, isn’t it?

I have a tendency to let myself wrapped up in things that don’t really matter. Pouring all my energy into situations that in five years time won’t even cross my mind. Time passes by so bloody quickly, and I don’t wanna look back on my 20’s and think what was I doooooooing!? So I am making a few changes, starting from today…



I have always loved to create. Scribbling down stories and sticking pictures into my big ole V extra diary erry night circa ’04, making my own dresses, building ridiculous dens with my bros. Inspiration was everywhere, in galleries I visited with my pops, daily musings with chums, travels and day dreams. Life sans tech encouraged me to explore more, stay curious and try something new.

These days I find a lot of my inspiration online, mainly via the ‘gram. And don’t get mi wrong, it is increds to have so many amazing creators at my finger tips. But I am worried I’m losing my authenticity and emulating others without even realising. So I’m gonna make the effort to search for inspiration elsewhere…

I am gonna try and visit more galleries, browse magazines, books, listen to podcasts, look up rather than down at my phone whilst out and about. Where do you look for non-internet based inspo?

Last month my brother Oscar and I created this little tribute to Stranger Things. I absolutely LOVED creating something proper kewl from a concept. A little brainwave whilst cycling through the forest at Center Parcs. It’s this kinda ting that I wanna do more of, random moments on inspiration captured in reality. *Might* need to work on my Photoshop skills first…


I’m gonna be honest ‘ere, I miss university. Learning something new ‘erry day, always being set new projects and meeting new people. It is so important to keep things fresh, build on yo’ skills and challenge yourself.

Recently I found myself in a bit of a rut, worried that I was doing the same things day in, day out and not learning anything new. Soooo I enrolled on my YTT course. I am BUZZING for homework, exams and a few hurdles too. I may regret saying that, but I know I won’t regret giving myself a new challenge, and will come out the other side feeling inspired and ready to start a fresh chapter.



Perhaps on of my biggest changes I’m going to make this year. I need to get a bloomin’ grip when it comes to my phone and how much time I spend on the damn thing! I have become more aware of how much time I spend staring down at my phone, double tapping, over analysing and fueling self comparison every few minutes. The main one being Instagram. I have found myself commenting on people snaps on autopilot, without a second thought – and I have to do summin’ about it.

I need to stop spending my days looking at pixels on a screen, or allow a follower / like count alter my mood. I am going to attempt to be more present in 2018, less time double tapping, more time spent chinwagging with friends over cocktails on a Monday, getting stuck into a fresh book, joining the pub quiz or trying out a new yoga class.

I will still get involved with the community, without mindlessly scrolling. There has gotta be a balance – any tips?



This year I wanna go on more adventures, be a yes gal and soak up opportunities that come may way. I thrive off a little spontaneity, and I think I have become perhaps a little too careful, forgetting that I have a whole life ahead of me to be a sensible, adulting lass.

2018 is gonna be the year of f*ck it moments, watch this space…


Are there any changes you are making this year? I would love to hear ’em 👌


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