If Not Now, When?



Happy 2k18 and all that. I hope you had a wonderful break?

I took a lil blog / Instagram hiatus over the holidays. I left my phone out of reach, didn’t open my laptop once and made certain to resist the habit of scrolling though any form of social media whist spending time with my fam and friends. Cor blimey it felt great. Fully engaging in a conversation rather than half listening whilst double tapping makes such a difference, who knew eh?

The idea was to get dive head first into the hustle on Jan 2nd, but it didn’t ‘appen. I needed to get my head in the game and let myself recover from the festive madness. I nipped out to the shops and grabbed myself a fresh Moleskine, coloured pens (🙌), spent maybe too long drawing out a calendar for the year, put 1239 washes on, got back on my yoga mat, took my time preppin’ dinner and had lots of sleep.

In all honesty, I felt myself in a bit of an odd head space. Y’know that nasty anxious feeling just teetering on the edge of a blubbering mess? Never good timing when the whole world is telling you how positive and inspired you should be lolz. The best advice for that strange feeling is to cut yourself some slack, approach your day with ease and be kind to yourself – it will pass.


It feels SO good to be writing again, I have missed nattering away on here over the past few weeks.

I’ve been pondering on what I wanted to chat about for my first post of the year. I thought about a list of ‘intentions’ (seems to be the new word for resolutions?) but then I thought of the phrase ‘if not now, when?’. To me, the process of forward planning and drawing up a ‘5 year plan’ of goals and milestones is just too satisfying. I love visualising and mapping out the future. But looking back over my old diaries recently, I saw so many ‘5 year plans’ and I hadn’t actually achieved anything on them. lolz. So I thought I would take a different approach this time round…


The idea to learn to teach yoga / pilates first popped into my head when I was 18.

Over the years I have dabbled in teaching various things and have adored it. Yoga and pilates have always been a large part of my life, but I have always talked myself out (or listened to other people talking me out) of actually enrolling on a course.

It remained as some far off dream that I imagined doing ‘one day’. Putting it off for various reasons year after year.

But I had a fu*k it moment (my favourite kind of moments). I got myself a credit card and sent my application to train as a yoga teacher this spring. And it got accepted.

BAM. A whole new chapter lays ahead and I feel refreshed and SO ready to start a new chapter of my life.



So this is my little reminder to you, that if there is something you have always wanted to do – this is your year to say f*ck it, and bite the bullet.

Because if not now, when?


Wonderful snaps by my main lass Fifi Newbery – defo check out her work here.

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