You Gotta Treat Yo’Self


I had a lil realisation last week.

Whilst following the babin’ Cat Meffan’s Yoganuary (SO bloody good, btw) one video was all about setting goals for the next 365 days (I realise we are almost at the end of January – wtf). Drawing out a goal for today, this week, a month, three months… Ya get the gist.

Her method of goal setting was to scribble down whatever your goal may be, followed by a way of measuring your progress and a reward once you had ticked it off.

And it got me thinking… I reel of to-do lists every single day but never actively note down an incentive. I very rarely give myself something to look forward to at the end of the day. We tend to just go with the routine, without giving any thought on how we could make every day even better.

We are pretty simple creatures really, and having some form of praise or appreciation can make ALL the difference, no matter how small.


It is OK to be kind to ourselves and give a personal pat on the back when we have achieved something, whether that is popping a load of washing on or getting 1000 words deep into your essay.

I’ve also realised that writing to-do lists as long as my arm ain’t that effective, they just end up making me even more overwhelmed and convinced I ain’t gonna get through it all (I am usually right, lolz).

So this is how I am gonna go forward.

I’m gonna focus on five manageable tasks max per day (with allowance to perhaps 3 mini life admin tings).

Once I have achieved ’em, I’m gonna treat myself. Obvs I’m gonna try not to spend all my dollars whilst I’m at it, but you know what? If treating yourself to a cheeky manicure makes you feel even more like the sass queen you already are, then go for it.

If you have been craving something sweet ALL DAY, then go pick up a delicious slice of sugary heaven. You deserve it.


The idea is that you decide on little treats for every day (i.e make a big sexy hot choc and read ya book all eve), then something a little bigger for the weekly task (book a yoga class you’ve always wanted to experience – I REALLY wanna try disco yoga), you get the idea.

This is just a little reminder that it is nice to be nice, especially to yourself.


I need a few ideas for little everyday treats to myself that don’t involve dollar – any suggestions?

Oh, P.S my leggings are from Fabletics (they always have amazing deals on) and I am sat awkwardly outside Mildreds where we had the most DEELISH veggie / vegan feast.


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