26 Ways To Get Into The Festive Spirit


Happy 1st December chaps.

If you have been resisting the festivities up to this point, now is the time to get down and dirty with Christmas frolics, don’t ya think?

I know of a few folks who won’t pop up the tree until December 20th (Hello, Pops) BUT the majority of us are ready for the festive madness, mince pies at the ready by December 1st. Who am I kidding, I’ve been ready for this since November 10th lolz.


Putting together my Autumn lust list reminded me of all the reasons I adore the season, so I wanted to do the same with Christmas! It’s nice to jot down all the little nuggets of joy that come from seasons, isn’t it? S’aaall about soaking up the simple pleasures.

If you need a little help getting into the spirit of things, here’s 26 reasons why this time of year is so bloody lovely…



1. Advent calendars. Starting every single day with a square of chocolate? YES PLEASE. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this should be a thing every day of the year.

2. Christmas candles. The cosy flickering flames that fill the house with the most comforting smells. Putting you in that festive mood. My current faves are my trio of candles from Sainsbury’s. They smell AMAZING.

3. Festive Sandwiches. The best kinda sandwiches packed full of my favourite things. Stuffing in sandwiches forever. Check out my DIY one here.

4. Present planning. Over the past few years, I have got all in a fluster about pressies. I have a huge family, and not a lot of dollar to spend. I have come to realise it isn’t really about the money. It is more about the thought and thinking of something small that will make someone feel loved. A letter, a pot of homemade jam, a cosy pair of bed socks… More ideas here.

5. Seeing more friends and family. It is a shame that we need an excuse such as Christmas to see our friends and family on the reg, but I am so thankful it happens. Lots of Christmas lunches, mulled wine and festivities celebrated with my nearest and dearest fills me with happiness.


6. All the bangers. Christmas music, I’m not talkin’ about Slade, I am talking about those soul, Motown tunes that you find in the opening credits of a festive film set in New York – that kinda vibe. Check out my festive playlist here. Oh oh oh ALSO Heart Extra Xmas obvs.

7.  Decorating the flat. Ofc I cannot WAIT to dig out all my decs, extra fairy lights and head out to buy a tree hehe. The smell of pine trees makes me weak at the knees.

8. Christmas baking. Need I say more? Have a wee peek at my recipes on my Pinterest.

9. Snuggling down with a fresh batch of mince pies for a Christmas film marathon. I’m talking Elf, Grinch, Love Actually… The list goes on.

10. Visiting a Christmas grotto. If you have got little siblings / cousins / children, they are the perfect excuse to go. If not, just go anyway yo’

11. Host something at your gaff. If you are in a house share, get together and have a little Christmas soiree. Mulled wine, canapes, even a full blown roast If you are up for it.



12. Add small Christmas touches to your life. Glittery nails instead of your regular wine red, get your brightest red lippy out, treat yourself to a Lush Christmas bath bomb.

13. Pop down to your local market to have a stroll around, bundled up in your warmest garms. Nibble the cheese samples, buy a few gifts from independent retailers, that kinda thing.

14. Go to Harrods (if you are in London!) there is nothing that fills me with festive cheer than strolling around Harrods at Christmas. I miss my days working there as an Elf SO badly!

15. Take a stroll around Covent Garden. The cobbled streets, twinkling lights and constant buzz is especially magic at this time of year.

16. Write cards. I fell out the habit of this for a while, but isn’t it nice to receive a Christmas card from someone? Grab a load of cards and put aside a few hours (mince pies / mulled wine compulsory) and write to your loved ones. It will put a smile on their face.

17. Look out for the people around you. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but so sadly for some it isn’t so festive and warming. Be kind, smile, give someone a seat on the train. Small gestures of kindness are really what make the world go round.

18. Two words… Baked Camembert.

19. Festive bedding. I won’t lie, we had our festive bedding on at the start of November. We just LOVE it. Have a peak here, it is all from Sainsbury’s.

20. Mulled everything. Always.

21. Maybe a cheeky visit to Winter Wonderland. It is mental and pricey BUT it is also bright and magical and a 5 pound ride and a Baileys hot choc never hurt anybody.


22. Go to a carol service. I haven’t been to one in years and just love the nostalgia and magic of it all.

23. Festive PJ’s. Of course, and a big thick dressing gown aaand bed socks AND slippers. YAS.

24. Say ‘go on then’ to small indulgences. Cream with that? Why not. Offered a quality street? Go for it. Treat yourself.

25. Venture out for winter walks. Stick on your warmest clothes, pour a flask of something delicious (mulled wine), and bask into that glorious low sunshine of winter for a few hours.

26. Hug your loved ones tighter, appreciate your family and friends. Tell people you love them. Obvs try and do this all year round, but it is nice to make a point of it sometimes isn’t it?


What gets you in the festive mood?

Also, today is the first day of VLOGMAS. (Vlogging every day from now until Christmas Eve… Which I am actually doing this year for the lols. The first Installment will be up today at 7PM. If you wanna follow along, subscribe here.

Mi jumpsuit is from Nasty Gal BTW.


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