A Half Year Review

Daisy Green London

Gurl, we are officially over the half way point of 2017. How do ya feel?

I bang on about it in every Love List, but sweet lawdy the past six months have flown by, haven’t they?!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty laaavely six months. Starting with our annual trip to Centre Parcs, followed by adventures in Thailand, a handful of beaut weekends with family, friends and the boy. I have crossed a few bits and bobs off the ole ‘2017 goals‘ list too.

Matt gave me my first ever Moleskine diary for Christmas, so I put it to use and started my first Bullet Journal (which I blogged about here). It has stayed by my side pretty much ‘erry day so far this year, but I used it to within an inch of its life, I had to splurge on a fresh one last week! My list making, calendar making addiction is quite clearly out of control.

Bullet Journal

As I am starting a fresh diary, I thought I would pop together a lil half year review.

I wrote a post back in January called Never, Ever Give Up. In the huge rush of January motivation, I wanted to bottle up the energy. All the fresh start, anything is possible vibez, then chug it aaaaall down to carry me through the rest of the year with as much gusto as I started. (definitely need to say the word ‘gusto’ more often).

So, I’m cracking open that bottle. As always, I fancied a chat on ‘ere to reflect on the past six months.

Bullet Journal

I have sort of managed to stick to the goals I set out in January.

As always, I jotted down a list of ten things I wanted to achieve within the year. Things I have always wanted to do, like training for and completing a 10k run. Flicking past that goal every day got mi bum in gear and I actually went out and did it *pats on back*.

Other things on the list were to do with this corner of the internet, writing more, documenting life, taking the blog back to the old school and posting what gets aaall ma creative juices flowin’. There was also one on there along the lines of ‘hit 10k on Instagram’ and I ain’t gonna reach that any time soon.

I realised over the past months that actually, hitting a follower count makes no difference to your life. It is fo’sho a blogging mile stone to conquer, but it defo doesn’t deserve your energy, or any kind of stress at all. Life is far too short!

The things that really deserve you energy are making an extra effort to spend time with family, visiting home more often, looking out for your chums, going on spontaneous date nights just because.

Bullet Journal

Kikki.K Bullet Journal

This year I *think* I have found my focus. I say *think* because gal likes to change the plan ‘erry five mins. BUT I feel good about this one.

I am still tapping away on reception desk, but I know where I wanna be. I have a plan and it seems legit, I just gotta put in the graft. Let’s do thiiiiis!

SO. Here are my goals for the rest of 2K17:

Keep on working my socks off round here (this blog)

Post what I want, when I want on Instagram, and stop stressin’ over algorithm sh*t

Visit Santa Pola, even just for a long weekend of drinking sangria and eating tapas in the sunshine

Weekly vlog AND try out vlogmas. I have always wanted to have a go at it!

Get on my mat and practice yoga each morning (even just for 10 mins)

Go on a weekend jolly to somewhere in Europe, pref to a Christmas market or summin’

I might have to come back and add a few more on ‘ere, but these are a few things off the top of mi head.

What are your goals for the next six months?

Daily Green London

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