Smashed Avocado on Toast

Avocado on rye bread lunch and breakfast idea

I’m not sure about you but I bloody LOVE avocados. In the midst of January healthy lifestyle kicks, breezy runs and early morning gym sessions (hats off to ya) it is priority to feed our bodaaays with grub that is going to help us look fiiine on the outside, do us a bunch of good on the inside AND taste amazing. Not too much to ask for, right? 

Not only do these green guys taste ah-mazing and make the best gluten free brownies ever *FYI* but they are packed full of wonderful stuff. Sometimes people get the wrong idea about em’ as they are high in fat.

Avocados good fats

Like I mentioned in my All Things Health post – not all fats are evil, especially not ones of the monosaturated kind. You want this fat in your life as it will improve your skin tone (anti-aging, reduce redness and all that jazz), be used as slow burning energy which makes you feel fuller for longer (always a plus) and a bunch of other benefits.

These babies are also full of potassium which helps reduce blood pressure and build muscle, folic acid that keeps your hair and nails on fleeek and also aids cell production, fiber which will also help you feel satisfied for longer and whooollle loada of vitamins and minerals which will do you and your immune system the world of good.

Anyway, science lesson over – lets have some lunch (or breakfast) shall we?

I can’t get enough of avo on toast recently – it is simple, quick and tastes bloomin’ incredible. I use my gluten free or rye bread as the base and splodge a load of smashed avocado with lime, chilli, garlic, a little salt and toasted pine nuts on top. Sound like your thaaang? Here’s what you need for two people (or one very hungry person).

Avocado on Rye bread recipe

1 big ole avocado

1 lime

a handful of pine nuts gently toasted


chilli flakes

sea salt

2 slices of rye or gluten free bread.


It is easy as ya like – roughly mash you avocado then add in your chilli flakes, squeeze in the lime, scoop in your garlic, then add a wee pinch of salt and pepper.

Toast a handful of pine nuts until brown, toast your bread if you fancy it, spread on the avocado mix, scatter the pine nuts and some extra chilli on top and there ya have it! A Good Life Eatery worthy breakfast, lunch or post workout munch…

avocado on rye

Avocado Rye Bread

MmmmmHM. What’s your go-to healthy grub?