Autumn Lusting

Autumn Leaves

I’ve definitely got that Autumn feeling. I can smell it in the air.

 The leaves are gradually fading into those glorious shades of burnt orange and yellow, fluttering off the trees as the breeze blows cooler, crunching under foot with the greatest satisfaction (I cross the road just to run through em.) The mornings are blue skied and crisp whilst the evenings are a deep cobalt blue with deep orange sunset flooding the streets and a smell of bonfires as you walk home.
I think every season is beautiful but there is just summin’ about Autumn that is particularly lovely.


Tis’ the time to dig out that big ole woolly jumper you brought for £10 in Oxfam a few years back, Light your Autumnal candles (plus buy a few more), drape fairy lights, rustle up chai tea, snuggle up in a sea of blankets and have many a Netflix marathon.   I am a leeeiiiittle late to the Pinterest party, but I am none the less OBSESSED. It is a black hole of the best kind of procrastination and makes me feel all excited about travel, food, fashion and well just about everything you can think off (small, cute fluffy animals) follow me here if you wanna.    Despite Autumn being breezy (I am writing this post with a ‘orrible cold), it never fails to feel warm and cosy. This could be due to the fact that we wrap ourselves in thick knits and guzzle a bagillion spiced lattes, however unlike summer where you have no idea if it will be blazing hot for 3 months or a constant grey drizzle (usually the latter for us Brits), Autumn is the season we can always count on. We know we can live at least 12 hours of each day in our dressing gown, all coffee shops with inundate us with lovely hot bevvys of the spiced variety and that Christmas is just peeking its head around the corner.

Also, all the pictures in this post are nabbed from my Autumn board. So thank you if one of them is yours, they are all rather laaavley.














I may have got all American on yo’ ass getting into the spirit of it all in this post but it is lovely to go into the cooler months excited rather than down in the dumps because summer is just about oooovvvaaaa. The blogosphere is always a uplifting place to get lost in for a little while and come out feeling a bit more inspired and motivated. I have stumbled across a bunch of bloggers who have popped together little seasonal to do lists, so I thought I’d do my own and try and tick one off every week! You should too!


1.  Have a go at making some lovely autumnal drinks – I made chai tea last year, this year I wanna try out a few I found over on Hello Giggles, and most definitely this dreamy lookin’ mug of goodness from Rosie Londoner – just LOOK at it.


Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate The Londoner


2. Explore the markets – Weekend markets, flower markets, night markets… Just markets in general! I think Autumn is a beautiful time to do some exploring, clutch a cup of something warm and breeze around markets on a Saturday morning, I always go on about the towering stacks of brownies at Borough Market but I am yet to taste one, this Autumn I’ma make it happen.


3.  Walks in the woods and parks – as much as it is the best to get cosy in your PJ’s and light a fire, it is equally blissful to pull on some boots and get out and about. Living in London it is rare that I find myself in the woods, but I will definitely make a trip when I am back home on the Island, for now I will explore the parks (I especially want to find the Deer at Richmond park!)


4.  Smores – See smore menu above. They have to be one of the most beautiful creations ever.


5. Pampering – As the evenings start to draw in sooner and the weather is drizzly, it is the perfect excuse to have laaavely pamper nights in for bubble baths, candles, books, nails and a good nights sleep – having time for yourself is important yo’.


6. Popping a Pumpkin in a recipe – I may give pumpkin pie a whirl.


7. Structure – September is all about fresh starts and a new routine (the academic year structure will always stick around). As a graduate I am in need of a routine and daily structure so I can fit everything in without getting ma knickers in a twist. I need to work on managing my time a little more so I can earn a little, keep up with this plot of internet and see all my chums and fam.


8. Borris Biking – I still need to go for a proper ride around London on a Boris Bike.


9. Get Cosy – I am known for not dressing appropriately for cold weather, dresses errry day! However this year I will make that change! I’m going to make certain that I invest in cosy, comforting warm cloths so I can head out into the cold without grimacing and running everywhere to stay warm (been there, done that!)


10. Try summin’ new –  in this half of the year I wanna set my self a challenge, possibly more towards Christmas but I may give vlogging a shot! I LOVE watching them (still not too sure why, it brings out my inner creeper) so I thought I would give em’ a go myself!


As you may have gathered by now, I am all about cosy evenings in with lovely company, blankets and a good playlist. I was hoping to pop together an Autumnal playlist for you and I to feast our ears on whilst chillin’ out in our onesies (yes it is THAT season) but I passed the baton over to Dana AKA Dobbs, the most wonderfully talented, beautiful and creative lady that I am lucky enough to have as one of my closest chums!


Her music taste is like no other and over tea and cake she decided she was going to pop together an Autumn playlist for this very post so ENJOY and let her know what you think over on Twitter – @dobbyx3



What do you have on your Autumnal to do list?