Alright chum?

I’m Immy, it’s nice to have ya here.

I started this blog in my little box of a uni room to harp on about my bakes, adventures and general life rambles. It’s weird really, I saw it as a sort-of CV for TV producers to have a ganders at as I wanted to be a telly presenter at the time (I kinda still do).

I had NO idea there was a big ole blogging world out there with an incredible community of like-minded, supportive and bloomin’ talented people. I quickly fell in love with creating stories, recipes and sharing my life with you. Yes I do spent A LOT of my time in my dressing gown creating a hella mess in the kitchen (then stand on a chair for around 19782 hours taking the perfect #flatlay of the result) but it gives me dem creative kicks so I keep going.

The beauty of blogging is the people you meet both online and ‘IRL’ and for me, the comforting nostalgia of looking back through long archives of blogs that transport me back to moments in my life in such fine detail, the times that I may have forgotten if it wasn’t for my raging shutterbug.

I pop up a new post each Wednesday and Friday (maybe even a Monday if I fancy it), I am also over on YouTube  if that’s your cuppa T – I must admit I am *a bit* rubbish at the whole consistent upload thing, but I am trying. Watch this space.

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Nice to have you around, happy reading!