Vegan Burgers at Mooshies, Brick Lane


SO, gals been attempting Veganuary. If ya haven’t seen over on my stories, so far my diet has featured a lot of dahl, falafel and rather disturbing (but delicious) yeast flakes.

Not far from my regular diet as a veggie, BUT I do miss dirty, greasy non-vegan grub like the humble burger. Alas worry not, there seems to be spots popping up all over the shop offering comforting, seemingly dirty-but-vegan delights.

Spots like Mooshies.

The wonderful Hayley (you gotta check out her YouTube) and I nipped over at the weekend to check ’em out. I wanted a big, juicy, grubby burger to get my mitts on, and that’s exactly what I got…


We both went for the ‘What’s Your Beef?’ burger which entails a multgrain seeded brioche vegan bun with a quinoa and black bean patty, Mooshies burger sauce, caramelised onions, vegan cheese (SO GOOD), gherkins and fresh lettuce. It was all the comfort I wished for and more.

With some sweet potato fries and Chick P Bites to go with of course.



I could have easily stayed and gobbled through the entire menu, check it out here.

If you find yourself in London hungry for vegan comforts, I would 1230% recommend a visit. Find ’em at 104 Brick Lane and about 10 mins from Liverpool Street station.


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  • I love Mooshies SO much! You’ll have to try the pulled “pork” burger next – it’s ridiculously good! xx

  • I wish this was closer to me! *Weeps quietly* xx

  • Mmm, I am not vegan, but this left my mouth watering! Also, sweet potato fries are my absolute favorite! xx

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  • i’m just wondering HOW THE FCK DID WE GET SO ADVANCED that there’s such things as “impossible burgers” (vegan burger that looks and tastes just like one made from beef, it even bleeds like one and apparently the two are indistinguishable). incredible. honestly just incredible.

    becky @ star violet

  • This looks sooo good, there’s a place that does similar grub in Exeter called Rabbit (if you’re still vegan next time you’re there!). I’m not doing Veganuary this year (it’s my birthday at the end of the month!) but might give it a go in February… might… xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • ninegrandstudent

    Ohhh, these look SO good! I’m definitely craving a good old burger right now!


  • God these look delicious! Burgers are my favourite! x

  • Jessica Thoma

    Oh ma gawd they look delicious!!! Really makes me crave burgers rn though :D xx

    Jess |

  • ooh i keep wanting to go here but I just never have haha. Hopefully one day! Good luck with your veganuary, I can assure that after the first month you literally don’t crave any animal products :) You’re doing an amazing thing, don’t give up! xoxo