A Few (29) Things I Learnt This Year

As the year winds down to an end, I like to have a little reflection time.

Looking back at the past 12 months and pondering on things I’ve learnt, realisations I’ve had and a few nuggets of wisdom I have picked up along the way.

Isn’t it crazy how a person can learn so much over 365 days? I’m sure I will look back on this post and think damn gal, you had so much more to learn lolz. BUT you are forever learning, and that can only ever be a good thing.

Oh ohohoh before I start, I wanna shout out my lass Fifi for these snaps. They are a little bit riskaaay, but I’ve never snapped anything like this before! I wasn’t gonna pop them up on here, but thought f*ck it why the blimmin’ ek not?

Anywaaays, here are 29 things I’ve learnt in 2017.

1. Setting goals to achieve a certain follower count only usually brings negativity. Having 10 or 10,000 followers won’t alter your happiness or sense of fulfilment. It ain’t worth your energy.

2. Money spent on trains / boats / planes  to see your loved ones is always worth it.

3. I prefer a few bottles of prosecco and pizza round the kitchen table with the girls over a night out.

4. As you grow older, your friendship circle will grow smaller. You will have a handful of wonderful, supportive, hilarious chums – and that’s all ya really need.

5. In tough times, always attempt to be as accepting and understanding as poss. A sunny outlook on life does WONDERS.


6. Bullet journals are great. Mine hasn’t left my side all year – have a gander at my how-to here.

7. Life is fleeting, the world is bat sh*t c r a z y. Appreciate now and soak up every single moment.

8. Following on from the previous point – don’t let terrorism stop you from living your life. I hope that one day we life in a world where it doesn’t exist, but for now – they don’t deserve your energy.

9. Even if you fancy chillin’ on the sofa, you will NEVER regret going for a run / gym sesh / class.

10. Achieving a milestone like running 10k, with your friends and family cheering you on is one of the best feelings there is.


11. Success is nothing to do with numbers (unless u counting yo’ dollars gal). Don’t let anyone make you feel like they are better / more successful than you due to their follower count. It’s a load of codswallop.

12. Watching a ballet is so incredibly beautiful and moving. Everyone should try it once.

13. You don’t need to put yourself in situations that trigger anxiety. If something don’t agree with you, your friends, family and colleagues should understand – if they don’t, tell ’em to jog on.

14. You can made DELISH and healthy pizza from a tortilla wrap, passata and a few toppings. Def one of my fave dinners of 2k17.

15. It’s OK to be honest and make a ‘complaint‘ when you aren’t happy with something. Gwaaaarn, bite the bullet – you will be happy you plucked up the courage to say something.


16. Dentists are expensive, but looking after your nashers is worth the investment – you will look back in a few years and be pleased ya spent those pennies.

17. When things you have tried to organise fall through, don’t beat yourself up about it. Trying to plan something for a group of people is stressful, people are flaky, it is just one of those tings.

18. You can use chickpea water as a subsitue to egg white… WHO KNEW?

19. You gotta be in it to win it. If you wanna try your hand at something, you gotta just go. for. it.

20. Themes on Instagram ain’t worth the stress. Post the snaps you love, get your creative juices flowing, share what you are proud of.


21. Got something on your mind? Have a chinwag. It is OK to be honest and let people close to you know how you are feeling.

22. You are gonna have differences with people, even the people closest to you. You can’t change someone, and neither should you. It is all about acceptance and maybe a lil bit of compromise too.

23. Making lunches at home / having a tea / coffee stash at work saves SO much dollar. Resisting the lure of Pret will massively help the stress at the end of the month, trust me dallin’.

24. Investing in a TK Maxx puffer jacket was one of the best (and warmest) purchases of 2K17. I wear it pretty much every day and it is SO snug.

25. Some of the most memorable experiences and sometimes the scariest (e.g discovering Thailand via moped, trekking through the jungle unaccompanied). Think first, try not to get yourself into hot water – but you will be proud that ya went for it!

26. You are NEVER too old for sleepovers.

27. The most healing meal is a veggie broth. All your fave veggies, a stock cube, boiling water and crusty bread to dip in it. So easy, cheap and comforting.

28. Being conscious of the world around you is SO bloody important. Do your best to help in any small way you can, reuse plastic bags, grab a reusable bottle, invest in ethical companies. If we all work together, we can fo’sho make a difference.

29. You are always growing. Embrace change, open yourself up to new experiences, places and people. You never know what wonderful adventures lay ahead.


What nuggets of wisdom have you learnt this year chum?


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  • Absolutely adore this post Immy – I agree with every single point! And I love the pictures, glad you decided to share them you look amazing! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

    • Thank you so much Frances! I was a bit nervous to pop ’em up, but will be good to look back on when I’m an old gal haha! Hope you are feeling excited for Christmas? Can ya believe it is this time next week SAY WHAAA? Immy x

  • Good points and I must say you look amazing in these pics, especially the last one!!
    Have a nice weekend x

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

    • Ah Caterina thank you so much! It is refreshing to push your limits every once in a while, good little memories to keep. Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    These are good life lessons. I also have realized that numbers won’t make you happy. Also girl I LOVE these photos. You look so stunning!

    • You are right, ain’t about the numbers – such a shame that there is so much emphasis put on them in the blogging world. Hopefully we can leave that behind in 2018 ey? Immy x

  • I love this Immy!! I especially agree with the girls night one- sometimes I worry that I should be out clubbing every weekend in my early twenties so I’m glad others agree about the benefits of a chilled night in with pizza and prosecco! Also, making a bullet journal is definitely on my New years Resolution List for 2018. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx


    • Thank you so much Natalie! Oh man it is SO good isn’t it? I also feel like I should be doing that, but you gotta do you and feel content. Ooh hope the bullet journaling goes well lass, helped me out so much this year! Immy x

  • Ahh I felt like I was just nodding along to every one of those Immy, you are so right! Lovely post lady xxx


    • Hehe I am glad, love scribbling down these types of post – gotta love a bit of wisdom haha! Hope you are well my love :) Immy x

  • Such a fab post Immy – I always love the way you write! And the photos are fab – looking amazing! x

    • Thank you so much my love – means a lot! Hope you are well and ready for Christmas celebrations – how is it only a week away!? Aaah! Immy x

  • RosieBaillie

    Love these photos, Immy, they look amazing. I think I learned a few of those lessons too. I think one of the biggest things I learned this year was to just go for whatever you want. When I applied to study a masters at Edinburgh Uni way back in Jan/Feb, I didn’t think I’d get in – but I did, and if I’d let myself talk myself out of it because I didn’t think it would happen I would have seriously let myself down.

    • Thank you so much Roise :) Was weirdly nervous about posting them, but glad I did. Yes lass, all about just going for it… Realising that even if it doesn’t turn out to be the destiny you hoped for, you learnt a great deal from it anyway. I have been putting off applying for my yoga teacher training for years – and wish I just got on and went for it! Applying as we speak – eep! So happy you went for it lass, hope it is all going well!? Immy x

      • RosieBaillie

        You’re completely right, there’s a lesson to be learned and it doesn’t always mean it’s the end of the road for what you want either. That’s so exciting! I’d love to learn more about what yoga teach training is like, so please blog about it.

  • Such a wonderful post! I felt like I learned a lot of the same things this year! Love your blog and thank you for sharing!

    Olga from Myme

    • Thank you so much Olga :) I feel like things just come to us as we grow older (and wiser!) thanks for stopping by my love :) Immy x

  • I feel like we’ve learnt a lot of similar things this year! My friendship group has greatly reduced, I don’t mind spending money on travelling to see my friends, and themes on instagram are definitely not worse the stress! I’ve been going with the flow a lot more recently and it has made me feel so much better (despite the dramatic drop in followers) but then I think that maybe it’s a good thing I’m losing followers – because the people that stay are ones who actually like the content I post.

    Lizzie Bee // http://www.hellolizziebee.com

    • Yes its weird how this naturally happens over time, isn’t it? Money spent on travel is probably the best purchases of the year – I don’t mind being out of pocket in exchange for lovely memories. Ugh no definitely not worth the stress, such a waste of time! You are right, you want engaged people that are going to stick around. I am also going to adopt your approach, as it definitely makes me happier that way! Immy x

  • Love the pictures! I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of similar things to you as well, especially about spending more time with loved ones and having sleepovers with my best friends! x


    • Thank you so much Amita, Sophie did a good job didn’t she!? Yes for sure, you do start to realise what is really important in life with age. It is all about making time for the people you care most about :) Immy x

  • Such a lovely post, as I always love finding out what people have learnt over the past year or so – I completely agree, you’re never too old for sleepovers!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Thank you so much Lucy! :) Me too, I love a few nuggets of wisdom! Deffo never too old, I distinctly remember my mum telling me at around 12 years old that I need to enjoy them whilst they last, remember thinking at the time that I didn’t believe her… 12 years later and I was right aaaay! >:) Immy x

  • This is such a good list! Please create more content like this. This type of content inspires me.


    • Thank you so much, really glad you enjoyed – I love writing these kinds of content so will definitely plan more! Have a wonderful Christmas :) Immy x

  • olga_lostindaydreams

    You look amazing!Great post:-)


    • Thank you so much Olga :) Immy x

  • I love this Immy! I’ve taken a decision to slowly step away from instagram and my foodie account, but I always make it a point to see what you’re up to. Thank you for always making me smile and thank you for sharing your growth. I hope 2018 brings you even more discoveries because that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, isn’t it?

    • Oooh Caroline, thank you so much! What a lovely thing to say, I hope you are doing well? Wishing you all the adventure, happiness and a lotta lols in 2018 :) Immy x

  • #4 really spoke to me. I have lost a few friends every year since I turned 18. While it hurts at the time, i always realize that certain people never seem to leave my side. They are so supportive and loving. I realized that I have all the truly close friends I could have. I am so blessed with them. Great post! You just earned a new follower :) xx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

    • Ah Melina (so sorry it has taken me SO long to reply!) just getting back into the swing of things after Christmas! Definitely, I felt the same. Sometimes we would just naturally drift which is so sad, but I guess these things just happen over time and as life moves on. But yes, when you realise who your core group of close friends are, it is amazing – and you feel so lucky to have them! Thank you so much – very happy to have you here :) Immy x

  • Loved reading this! Here’s hoping 2018 is even better, with even more learning moments and great memories Xx


    • Thank you so much Sharan :) I hope you have the most wonderful 2018 full of adventure and happiness! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Girl I couldn’t love this post anymore – you’re one of my favourite bloggers as your content is always so honest, refreshing and just on bloody point! It was such a pleasure following your journey in 2017 and I cannot WAIT to see what 2018 has in store for you! P.s you look so babe’in in these snaps! <3

    Hayley xo

    • Oooh thank you mi lady! That is such a wonderful compliment, means a lot (coming from you!) happy new year my love – wishing you all the adventure and lols in 2018 <3 Immy x