Winter Coat 2017


I have had the same winter coat for around three years now. A thick, fleecy Zara number with a furry hood and big pockets. I wore it every day, it was my comfort zone.

But ya see, it was just far too tempting to go about life with the hood up Eskimo style, pack all my belongings into the pockets and get on with my day with ultimate practicality. I am a comfort over style kinda gal, but I wanna add a bit of sass to my life. A bit of city chic, ya know?

At the weekend we popped into central London for a ganders at the option. I had Matt in tow as rather surprisingly, he is SO bloody good to go shopping with. We eventually ended up in Reserved.

I have been meaning to check out Reserved for a while and oh lawdy, it didn’t disappoint. It is a Polish version of H&M and Zara, there are so many beautiful pieces and I need to return for a closer gander.

I had my eye on a Mint Velvet statement collar wool coat, it is V pretty, but a little over budget at £189. Luckily, we found this sleek tailored grey coat – so similar and a smidgen of the price!


It doesn’t look that cosy, but here’s ma trick…

puffer jacket under coat

I slide in my puffer jacket underneath on particularly chilly days. This gem will never fail to keep me toasty – it may be one of my most sensible purchases this year.

Sophie and I headed out and about Holborn to take these snaps, diving into Holborn Grind for a brownie to keep us going – as you do. I had to take a pic because wowza, it was perhaps best GF salted caramel brownie I have ever tasted? Just look at those caramel crevices…



I wanted to show ya my new Nasty Gal top as well.

We visited their London pop up last week and they kindly let us choose a top. I thought yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas gal as soon as I saw it and snapped it up instantly.

I don’t know about you, but I get at least one man telling me to smile each week. I get cat called every single day. I’m a smiley lass most of the time, but that is my choice. If I wanna stand and daydream about my dinner whilst waiting for the tube, I bloomin’ well can. Women are not here to smile for men and look pretty. DO ONE. Rant over lolz, if you fancy one to sport yourself, pick one up here.


Anyways HAPPY FRIDAY! I am full of ramen from lunch with Katy and ready for my cool glass of prosecco after work hehe. Wuu2 this weekend?



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