October Love List ’17

autumn beach walks

Sooooooooo now Halloween’s over it’s pretty much Christmas right? Hehe I jest, I jest.

Saying that, feeling festive is one of the best feelings there is. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dragging it out for as long as possible! There is nothing better than that warm fuzzy feeling you get on the gradual run up to Christmas.

Autumn has definitely delivered too. I have really appreciated the changing seasons this year, I gotta thank my Autumn Lust list a lil bit for that. I attempted to tick as many off as poss, and there has been a few moments where I have stood and thought to myself, ugh what a beautiful world we live in. Lol, I sound like my Dad – but ya gotta appreciate the world you live in every now and then ya know?

Anyway – the months seem to be slipping through my fingers, but here’s what I loved in October…


Festifeel 2017

My gal Fifi and I had the BEST (breast?) time at Festifeel a few weeks back. We popped prosecco, donned our tit-tee’s, covered our faces in glitter and ventured to the House of Vans for an afternoon of dancing, chuckling and BUSTED… (actual dream come true, a tear may have been shed). Festifeel in an annual festival put together by CoppaFeel, raising awareness for breast cancer getting gals and guys to check their boobies to prevent late detection of the disease. Check ’em out… Check your boobs whilst you’re at it.


Matt and I spent the weekend in Devon at the start of the month. It was B L I S S. We went for beach strolls, roast dinners and cycled in the Sunday morning sunshine for Rowcroft, the hospice who cared for Matt’s Grandad. Charity events always have such a positive, electric feel to them. It really was such a beautiful way to spend the morning, I need to get out there on mi bike more often! Ain’t quite the same in London though is it?


the heart of it

I meaaan Estée is a fountain of talent. She is the ultimate babe and I love her new podcast The Heart of It. She chats about a different subject each week (feminism, make up, strength, identity etc) and I absolutely recommend you had a listen if you haven’t already.


The past month has been pretty tight. Many outgoings, not so many incomings. Many struggles. However, I’ve made some changes. I haven’t set foot in Pret for WEEKS. I shop in Aldi even though it is easier to pop into Sainos. I make my morning coffee at home. Just being a little more mindful with where my money goes has made such a difference. It also pushes you out of the comfort of routine, switching things up, taking notice of folks handing out free coffee vouchers, rather than mindlessly waltzing past into Pret. I’m under the illusion that maybe I might be getting my sh*t together…


Diwali fireworks

This year is the first year I celebrated Diwali. The girls and I headed over to Neasden Temple (SO BEAUTIFUL) to see the fireworks, it was magical. Diwali celebrates light over darkness, good over evil, hope over despair. So many people coming together to celebrate all the light and joy in the world is so special, it was such a wonderful evening. 💖


As ya probs know by now, I ain’t the biggest fan of a night out. I gotta be in the mood, otherwise I am more than happy with a glass ‘o fizz, good company and a Disney film… Alas, when I’m in the mood, I’m in the MOOD 💃💃💃💃 We had all the giggles, cocktails and karaoke. It was one of those nights with no drama, no upset over boys, just a group of tispy, hyper gals having a good time. (I am the type of obnoxious person I hate on a night out, eg the pic above…)



D’ya remember the blog post I wrote about a few new habits a few weeks back? I have been trying my best to keep it up, to look after myself and ~attempt~ to feel like the best version of myself poss. I was kindly invited along to and evening of pampering with Mira Showers, and it was just what I needed. The juiciest back massages, cocktails (on a Monday night 🙌) natural beauty chats with Midas Touch and a brand new Mira shower head. I look pretty happy with it don’t I? I tell ya what, it is the DREAM. Especially now it is chilly and a hot, steamy power shower feels like absolute heaven. 


Bottomless Brunch at Canova Hall, Brixton

Sloe Berry & Rosemary Gin

A Few New Habits

Apple & Pecan Crumble (Gluten Free)

Autumn Transition Beauty (& Health) Loves

A Chinwag About Contraception

Three Go-To Veggie Lunches

Eating Our Way Round Kerb, Kings Cross

Girls Night Attire

Walkin’ In An Autumn Wonderland

What did you get up to in October? Are ya excited to get going with the festivities or quiver at the sight of all the Christmas bits and bobs already all up in yo’ grill?


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  • I’ve been loving The Heart of It too!!! I like going for a walk with this podcast on :)
    Have a lovely weekend x

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

    • It is so good isn’t it!? Ah that is a lovely idea, I might do that on Thursday when the next one comes out :) A nice idea for my lunch break! Hope you are having a lovely week so far. Immy x

  • I’ve been loving Estee’s podcast too, just listened to the mama episode yesterday and it had me feeling all the emotions! xx


    • It so lovely isn’t it – I love the way she puts it together! I was weeping at the mama one! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the feels. Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    Sounds like you had a great OCtober. I’ve also been trying to save money too.

    • It is hard to save the dollars isn’t it? So satisfying when you aren’t panicking at the end of the month haha! Immy x

  • Loved this Immy! Diwali sounds magical. And also great to hear that someone else is trying to save the pennies! I’m all about those little switch ups too :) xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

    • It was so lovely, I am glad I went as I didn’t see any fireworks at the weekend! I know, I think we are all in the same boat – it is tough though :( Immy x

  • Hahaha oh that last photo with my little head in it made me laugh. Glad you’ve had a good month – I need to take some of your inspo to try and save some pennies, I’m not doing well with my savings targets this year! x

    • Oooh hehehe, my face cracks me up in that snap! Ah I know it is so tough isn’t it – I am trying SO hard to stay disciplined! Hope you are having a lovely week. Immy x

  • Haha the longer we drag out those festive feels the better to be honest!! Sounds like you had the best October girl, and yaaay for saving those dollars ;D Happy November! xox


    • Yes I know, aaaaall about the festive feels! Yes, fingers crossed I will keep it up lol! Have a lovely November chick :) Immy x

  • I love listening to Estee’s podcast too. I’ve followed her for years and I’m just so happy about everything she’s doing. I’m with you on saving pennies; I’ve got some assignments due in soon so I’ve been cutting down my hours and pay day is not so fun right now.

    • Isn’t it lovely? She is just such a babe. Oh no my love, fingers crossed things will return to normal once your assignments are all in – it is such a crunch at this time of year! Immy x

  • Oh it sounds like you had such a lovely month! I’ve been watching the pennies too and it’s amazing how a little bit of extra thought can lead to having quite a bit more cash to save or spend. Definitely wish I could save more though!

    Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles