My Love For Christmas is Changing


As I grow older, I feel my love for the festive season changing.

Obvs I am still the ULTIMATE Christmas fan girl, but in a different way.

I feel like throughout life, the meaning of the holiday changes.

As a nipper it is all about the presents. You creep around the Christmas tree feeling and rattling said pressies, write extensive wish lists, live for Santa’s midnight visit.

And then something changes. It’s no longer the presents you dream about, its the food. The mulled wine. The cheeseboards. The sweet treats. The people you love.

Getting together with your nearest and dearest, eating good food, having one too many and getting ever so *slightly* merry is one of life’s finest pleasures.

And to be completely honest, as you grow older you realise how utterly skint adult life really is. I would much rather celebrate food and each other, whilst knowing my friends and family could still afford rent y’know?

I have started to create edible gifts of the past few years. Decorated gingerbread men, pots of jam and chutney (coz I bloody LOVE a good chutney) – that kinda ting.

Speaking of delicious edible gifts, I received this tin of dreams yesterday…


From the Gods of edible gifts themselves, Biscuiteers.

I have seen their glorious shop front across Instagram, forever lusting over their exquisite iced biscuits. Never did I think I would recieve a tin of my own.

They kindly sent me their gluten free Christmas collection, perf for my gluten free fam as the festive season can be a bit of a bloomin’ nightmare.

I did have a gobble of one (or three heheh) with my cuppa T, but I have packed them back into the tin ready for my family to tuck into.




Thank you SO much Biscuiteers for this lovely treat – they are almost too good to eat! Almost… Not quite. >:) If you fancy treating your fam / friends to one this christmas – have a peak here.

Also – haaaaaaappy Friday! I am currently running on two hours of sleep. Shots and espresso martinis last night were not a wise idea – I hope you are feeling better than I am haha! 🙃


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  • Courtney Hardy

    My love for Christmas is changing too. When I was younger I used to just like the presents and now I prefer the food, and cozying up and watching a Christmas movie on Christmas.

    • Yes me too, that sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas! :) HOW is it December tomorrow!? Immy x

  • well me too, it changed a while ago. Me too its all about the food (and biscuits too!!) and especially cheese. I could happy just eat cheese for Xmas.

    • Oh yessss so up for a cheesemas, cannot wait to prepare the biggest cheese board! Immy x

  • Amber Atlanta

    These biscuits look incredible and intricate. They’d go perfectly with a cuppa tea that’s for sure!
    Amber |

    • They are so pretty aren’t they!? I was so impressed! They are currently in my desk drawer, I cannot stop gobbling! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    The icing on these is incredible! I love edible gifts too, this year I’m doing fudges!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Isn’t it!? They are so bloody talented! Oooh lovely, they are going to go down so well! Immy x

  • Dina ADina

    Beautiful cookies!

    • Oooom thank you Dina! They are almost too good to eat. ALMOST. >:) Immy x

  • Loved this post. As a kid, I loved the Christmas days the most, mainly because of the presents. But now that I’m older I’ve noticed that I love the preparations a lot more. Buying presents, going to parties, decorating the house and so on.

    • Ah thank you so much Malin :) Yes definitely – decorating and getting festive on the run up is my favourite part! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Love this post lady – I completely agree with you about how the shift happens! My best friends sister always bakes presents for everyone and it’s such a nice idea! It’s SO easy to get carried away with presents and spending money when really, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones! P.s those biscuits look DIVINE!

    Hayley xo

    • Thank you so much my love :) Ooh that is so nice, I love receiving a baked gift! I think I am going to make jam this year! I hope you are doing well chick. Immy x