Sloe Berry & Rosemary (Sloe-Mary) Gin Recipe

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

I have always wanted to make my own sloe gin.

Venture out into the woods on an autumnal day and return armed with sloe berries, creating cute miniature bottles of the stuff to give to family and friends at Christmas.

My venture to pick sloe berries didn’t go quite to plan. A few weeks back in Winchester with the ladies, we set out to grab ourselves bags of the berries… Alas, it POURED it daaan, so we ended up in the pub with a gin (sans sloe) in hand.

Luckily Matt’s Mumma saw my struggle and bought me up a Tupperware full of them from Somerset. What a top lass.

I promptly got myself down to Wilkos, picked up a Kilner bottle, muslin cloth, bottle of gin, caster sugar and rosemary.

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

It is ~a little~ early to be talkin’ bout Christmas, however if ya fancy making your own sloe gin, this is a little reminder to get crackin’ so it has plenty of time to get all delish and infused. OOFT.

I will do an update at the start of December about  how it’s all going, and maybe a few festive cocktail ideas… OH I just had a little pang of festive excitment hehehe. ??

Anyway, if ya got some sloe berry bushes near you and fancy a forage… And like gin… Here is the recipe I used:

Sloe berries – as many as you can muster. Aim for around 400 – 500g

Gin – I heard the fancier the gin, the better but I ain’t made of money so I got the Sainsbury’s one hehe ?

Caster sugar – depending on how sweet you want it, I used 200g of the stuff.

Rosemary – ya don’t want to put the rosemary in just yet as it may be bitter come Christmas. Wait until a few days before ya wanna drink it and pop a few sprigs in to gently infuse.

First up, give your sloes a rinse and prick all over with a clean needle.

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

Pop on a film when ya prick ’em (Last Holiday optional) it takes bladdy AGES.

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

Once all done, pop them into your bottle.

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

Spoon in your sugar…

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

Glug in your gin…

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

Give it a lil shake…

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

And now, we wait…

Sloe Berry and Rosemary Gin

It has been almost week and my gin is already the dreamiest deep pink colour. I am SO excited to guzzle it…

Have you ever tried / made sloe gin before?


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  • I’ve been making sloe gin for years – but I do it in big jars then strain it before bottling it up ( as it goes off if you leave the sloes in it too long – through, I suppose all yours will have been enjoyed by then – I make it in massive batches – I think I got through about 4 bottles of gin this year!

    I’ve never thought of putting rosemary in it before – great tip! I did a cinnamon stick in one from the beginning one year and that was lovely. Also, I’ve always done it with really cheap gin, but I have a small jar going with premium stuff this year, so fingers crossed!

    • Oooh that is a good idea! Wowwwwza that is amazing, I need to make this a regular thing – I would love to have multiple bottles, especially as we have four sets of family to get round :O ooh the cinnamon stick sounds lovely, I may have to give that a go >:) Fingers crossed it will be delish! Got me just a *teeny* bit excited for Christmas >:) Immy x

  • I’ve always wanted to make sloe gin but never have before – so this is actually super handy and also has made me feel like its probably something I’m capable of haha (I think I was thinking it would be more effort than it actually is and used to just dismiss the idea before actually figuring out what I needed and when). I love that kilner bottle, Wilko is great isnt it. Now I just need to locate some sloes…xx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Ah yessss Sophie you should :) I know I was the same, deffo thought it was waaaaaay too much effort! Wilko is one of my favourite shops lol, it have everything ya need! Hope you are well my love. Immy x

  • This seems like the classiest drink ever omg, I absolutely love your bottle and cannot wait to hear all about how it progresses;) I’ve never actually heard of sloe gin before but I have seen one of my mum’s friends do something similar with pinecones!! Us Russian people can be a bit strange at times especially in terms alcohol consumption hahahah

    maria |

    • Doesn’t it seem SO sassy?! haha, yes I love having it sat on my shelf. Oh really!? That actually sounds amazing, I must try! I bet it infuses such a beautiful flavour… I think Russians do it best >:) Immy x

  • I have to try this…and I love the Rosemary tip. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

    • Hehe thank you Nora :) Let me know how it goes if you do give it a whirl – sure it will be deliiissssh! Will update in a month or so… Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I love Sloe Gin – ideally they should be frozen (either pick after it’s cold enough for a frost overnight or flash in the freezer for a bit) before making. No idea why but it’s what my grandparents always taught me! I’m hoping to making some in a few weeks for our wedding favours…

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Yesssss my Mum told me off for not freezing ’em oopsie! lol. Hopefully it will be ok. Ooh yes that is a lovely idea – I want to try some with rhubarb! Immy x

  • Ohh I love sloe gin and reeally want to try and make it myself one day too! x

    • Ooooh yes Jas you should definitely give it a go! Hope you are well chicks. Immy x

  • Oh wow, I REALLY want to try this! I might even make some up as pressies if I don’t mess it up!!

    • Oooh yes wonderful idea you absolutely should! I really wanted to bottle it up and give it away as a kinda mini cocktail making package!? Fingers crossed it tastes good! Immy x