Eating Our Way Round Kerb, Kings Cross

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

On Saturday eve, the boy and I popped up to Kings Cross to celebrate Kerb’s 5th Birthday shindig.

I last visited Kerb when they launched in Camden last summer, I gobbled so much wonderful food and loved every second. (I meaaan, when am I ever unhappy when surrounded by unlimited food and cocktails?)

The lovely folks from Kerb invited us to celebrate with them, and of course we said hell yaaas.

We strolled through Kings Cross (which FYI has so many hidden gems!) A cheeky outfit snap along the way…

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

Just about catching the last of the light (at 5:15PM) I’m not quite ready for dark evenings just yet >:(

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

We arrived and made a bee line for the bar…

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

This was some kinda gin, peach and lemon combo – SO good, and gone in seconds!

We then started our ’round’. Whenever Matt and I visit a market, we have to walk round each stall and have a ganders and get a healthy dose of food envy before making any decisions…

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

But in all honesty, I knew what my decision would be before we even arrived. I have heard talk of these tofish tacos on the grapevine for a while now.

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

As part of the celebrations, dreamy street food vendors joined forces to create KERBlaborations. Club Mexicana and Dosa Deli teamed up to create a Keralan tofish taco. Bhaji battered tofish, pink pickled onions, coriander and lime raita, burnt habanero and mango hot sauce. OH so good. If you haven’t tasted tofish before, ya gotta try it. The vegan dream.

But the tofish wasn’t the star of the show for me… Introducing the ice cream doughnut toastie. I know, a doughnut toastie. Is this real life?

Kerb Kings Cross birthday

This is the lovechild of Vicky’s Doughnuts and Blu Top ice cream. Burnt butter ice cream in a doughnut, toasted, drenched in salted caramel glaze, dusted with homemade Oreo biscuit and topped with a pretzel. These are what dreams are made of, I’m sure of it.

AND THEN, perhaps our favorite part of the evening – Dat Brass.

Kerb Kings Cross dat brass

An eight piece hip hop brass band. They were FREAKIN’ amazing.

Kerb Kings Cross dat brass

Have a listen to them here if you fancy it. If I ever get married, I will have these chaps play at my wedding!

Kerb Kings Cross dat brass

All in all, a corker of a night!

Happy birthday KERB ?

If ya fancy experiencing tofish / doughnut toasties / etc for yourself, check KERB out here


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  • Maja Harder Thygesen

    Sounds like a good experience at Kerbs. I definitely want to try that ones. The cocktail with gin and peach looks amazing !

    • It was such an amazing eve! Gin and peach is the most beautiful combination <3 Immy x

  • Ice cream doughnut toastie sounds epic!!

    • Oohhhhhhhhhhhh my word, it was the absolute DREAM. I need to try and attempt it at home! Immy x

  • looking ever so posh, immy! not looking towards dark evenings here either. it was particularly stormy yesterday and it was already dark by 1:30 in the afternoon! when winter hits it’s going to be pitch dark at 4 on the daily, hahaha…..

    becky @ star violet

    • Ooooh why thenks Becky! :) I know, it is madness isn’t it! Doh, forgot how annoying it was >:( Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    It looks so fun there! I love all the pictures you took.

    • It was such a nice evening, SO much fun! Thank you lovely lady :) Immy x

  • Mary Graves

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