Bottomless Brunch at Canova Hall, Brixton

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Oh, brunch. The stuff sent from the gods to get me outta bed in the morning ??

Pancakes with caramelised ‘nana AND endless cocktails in the AM is about 12039% better than cornflakes ain’t it?

Last Sunday Matt and I ventured to Brixton to check out this snazzy new brunch spot, Canova Hall.

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

We both walked through the doors in AWE.

It is possibly the most beautiful spot I have ever visited for brunch / tea / cocktails. So wonderfully thought out, the finest attention to detail and well, it was just the bloody DREAM.

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Designed by the genius folks at Red Deer, you will find marble topped tables, fairy lights adorning the ceiling, freshly cut flowers, 1920’s style booths and more cocktails you can shake a stick at.

But let’s start with tea, shall we?

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

In possibly the sweetest little teapots ever.

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

We pondered the menu…

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Inc. the bottomless brunch because YOLO…

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

I was so very tempted to go for the avo on toast, but I made a break for it and went for the pancakes instead. And I’m glad I did, look at these beauties…

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

They weren’t as American as I thought (thick ‘n’ fluffy) but with the caramelised banana, fresh fruit, ricotta and walnut, it was delish.

Matt chose the Italian baked eggs – I can always trust him to make a good brunch choice…

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Wood roast potatoes, spinach, ‘nduja (?) tomato sauce and pizza bread.

The only downside was that the eggs were a slightly over done and the pizza bread was a little stale – but that doesn’t matter when it’s dunked in DELISH tomato-y sauce. Ooft.

OH and of course, the cocktails. My favourite was the Martello Rum Punch – Over-proof and dark rums, cherry bitters and fresh mint. ?

P.S Martello Hall is Canova’s sister in London Fields and also provides a corker of a brunch if you happen to be east.

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

Canova Hall Brixton brunch

We left feeling satisfied and a little tipsy… If ya can’t drink cocktails on a slow Sunday morning when can ya!?

I cannot wait to visit Canova Hall again, we have already started planning birthdays, big ole brunches and nights out (they sell pizza till close, genius). Also, if ya freelance or like to work from coffee shops – you can set yourself up here with free wi-fi and bottomless coffee for only £10 a day… How bloomin’ kewl is that?

I would absolutely recommend a visit to Canova Hall, I already know you will love it. Check them out here.


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More brunch etc etc over on  InstagramTwitterBloglovin and YouTube .

Thank you SO much to the wonderful folk at Canova Hall for such a lovely experience in exchange for a review. Of course all love for brunch, tea and cocktails are all my own. 

  • Bottomless brunch?! Those drinks look so refreshing but reserved for a day when you don’t want to achieve much! I haven’t ever explored Brixton but I always hear about fantastic food places there.

    • Yes you are VERY right lol, I wish I did the same – the rest of the day was *a bit* of a write off after that lol. Ooh yes definitely have an explore, make sure you check out the market too :) Immy x

  • This place is gorgeous! I’m a big fan of a bottomless brunch! My question is, how did you get a picture of the place so empty – ha! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Travel

    • It is SO bloody beautiful! I know, I was actually very lucky – moments after I snapped that photo the place was packed! Immy x

  • The interior of this place is to die for – and the food/cocktails look fab, especially those bananas on the pankcakes, yummmm. Love a good bottomless brunch! Putting this place on my ‘to visit’ list immediately. Also you are so adorable in that last photo I LOVE IT. xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Ain’t it dreamy?! I should have showed you the toilets too… Is it just me to partially judges a place on their toilets? It was so delicious, I bloody love a caramelised ‘nana. >:) Yes absolutely, let me know when you are in the smoke and we will go for brunch! Hehe thank you lady :) Immy x

  • Oh my god, this looks delicious! x

    • Ah Kate it is so dreeeeeeamy, definitely check it out next time you are down in London :) Immy x

  • Your pancakes look so yummy! Love that they have caramelised bananas with them too! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • They were so bloody good :O cannot go wrong with a caramelised nana! Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    Oh my gosh everything looks so good there! The pancakes looks incredible.

    • Ah Courtney it is so delish! I bet you have some AMAZING spots for pancakes over in the states <3 I remember the pancakes I used to eat when I was living in NYC, they were more like actual cakes! mmmmmmmHM. Immy x

  • that carmelized banana looks PERF!!! I need to do that for my next pancakes. it’s making me drool right now, though i’m also a bit hungry…

    also where are all the spots like this in nyc, we have a handful it seems but they’re all suuuuper overcrowded and not instagram/picture friendly at all.

    becky @ star violet

    • Oooh my gosh it was so good, my camera did a good job of making it look extra sexy lol. I know, I haven’t had breakfast yet! These would go down a treat right now lol. Oh no that is so annoying… I always used to go to my diners in Park Slope… I think it was Dizzy’s diner? right next to my appartment it was SO DAMN GOOD. Where in NYC are you based? I miss it so much there :( Immy x

  • Massive fan of your photos, they are amazing. Just the words ‘bottomless brunch’ make me happy haha, the pancakes look amazing.

    Chloe / Mojichlo

    • Ah thank you so much Chloe :) It was a bloggers paradise haha! SO many gems to snap! Oh man I know, I wish I made the most of it, I could have stayed for houuuuuuuuuuuuuurs! Immy x

  • This all looks delicious! I’m due in for dinner next week, and you’ve now got me really excited!

    • It was so goood Rachel! Ooh have the best time, you will love it. Can’t wait to see your snaps already >:) Immy x

  • Looks sooo good!! I love a good pancake stack with bananas, maple syrup and bacon!!
    a life of a charlotte

    • Cooooooooooooor blimey thankfully it is almost the weekend ey! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    Now this sounds like the perfect spot!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Ah it was so lovely Chloe! I shall be back for more >:) Hope you are well lovely lady. Immy x

  • This sounds like the perfect brunch spot! It’s a way from where I live but I might have to try and twist my flatmates arm to go because it looks so amazing! Great post!

    • Oooh yes Julia, definitely venture over and check it out – it is worth the journey >:) Having said that I am so bad at getting out and exploring brunch spots across London! What would you recommend where you are based? Immy x

  • Kelly

    This looks and sounds incredible, yum!!!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Ah it was so delicious, I desperately need to go back! Immy x