Autumn Transition Beauty (& Health) Loves

Autumn transition health and beauty

Autumn transition‘ is what I’m calling it.

That little pocket of time when your skin / health goes through a bit of a rough patch (quite literally) at the beginning of autumn.

I believe it all starts with the woes of changing temperatures, icy winds and maybe central heating too? I’m not too sure, but my skin ain’t keen.

The classic seasonal cold has also been doing the rounds, lemsip / Berocca is my current bev of choice, and blowin’ mi nozzle has resulted in peeling all round my nose, mhmm sexy. >:)

Recently I popped into Lush with the desire to switch up my skincare and be more mindful of the brands I am buying in terms of ethics. Also, Lush are always the dream, and my skin just laaaps it up.

I spoke to one of the ladies (ain’t they always SO helpful?) and we chinwagged the woes of my skin, so she handed me over these three beauties.

BTW: my skin type is pretty combo. Oily T zone (but also dry at times), but pretty normal everywhere else… Just in case you wondered hehe.

The classic 9-5 Cleanser

Autumn transition health and beauty

I absolutely ADORE this gem. So soothing, nourishing and smells absolutely divine. It is perfect for my combo skin, it kinda smells like a really nice sun cream (?) and I think it has done my skin the world of good over the past three weeks.

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

Ocean salt scrub lush skincare

Ocean salt scrub lush skincare

This may be my fave of them all. Probably due to the fact I cannot help myself but lick my face when I put it on. Perhaps this is something to do with it containing lime, vodka and sea salt? Quite possibly. So damn good. It is also good for giving my struggling skin a new lease of life.

Tea Tree Water

tea tree toning water lush cosmetics

This lovely sptriz is JUST what you need when you are feeling a bit rubbish. I love the smell of tea tree, so it is just a treat every morning and night. As it is also an antibacterial, I reckon it is a pretty good one for Londoners, gotta get rid of that griiime.

I need to now find myself a moisturiser to go with it all! Any recommendations?

Autumn transition health and beauty picks

In other health bits and bobs, it is all about feeding yourself well too.

I have been trying to up the water, maybe with a squeeze of lemon, and eat as many veggies as possible.

My most recent obsession has been the humble Buddha bowl. It satisfies the basic betch within me (they look SO pretty) but also pack in all the nutrients and antioxidants yo’ bod craves.

Autumn transition health and beauty picks

Autumn transition health and beauty picks

Buddha bowl is basically a fancy name for ALL your vegetables in one bowl. They do wonders if  your bod is feeling a bit ropey.

Here’s what I put in mine…

Bed of spinach and quinoa (cooked with a veggie stock cube)

Spinach: Packed full of the good stuff. Niacin, zinc, fiber, vitamins A (best for skin) C (immune system) and E (skin, eyes and immune system).

Quinoa: ALL the protein, so perfect for veggie people.

Roasted sweet potato: High in vitamin A & C

Avocado: Just SO good for you, especially good at nourishing your skin and hurr.

Raspberries: PACKED full of antioxidants, they also have anti-inflammatory properties so great for skin woes.

Steamed broccoli: Full of vitamin K (for bone health) again good for veggies! Also an antioxidant.

Roasted chickpeas: Full of protein, fiber and iron.

Roast pepper: These babies contain 200% of your daily vit C intake apparently…

Cherry tomatoes: Delish, but also full of essential vitamins to boost the immune system.

Tamari roasted sunflower seeds: These DELISH babies give you a boost in vit E and Selenium. These two work together as an antioxidant to protect your cells, eyes and immune system.

All in all, pretty damn good for ya.

Autumn transition health and beauty picks

As well as these bowls of love, I have also been whipping up chunky veg soups, vegan shepherd’s pie (the one from Eat Smart is SO good) and gobbling oranges for pudding (and chocolate, who am I kidding lolz).

I am also trying mi best to catch enough Z’s, get down to the gym and pop aside enough time to rest up and get cosy.

Do you have any tips up your sleeve for autumnal health woes?


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