A Few New Habits

autumn beach walksI have been attempting to switch things up a little recently.

I think making small changes is so healthy in everyday life. Even if your routine remains pretty much the same, there are ways you can switch things up so you feel recharged and refreshed.

It’s kinda funny because I used to hate change. Even small changes made me feel unsettled and anxious, but as the years have passed I feel like it is good to keep things fresh and make changes little and often.

Recently I have set small goals to start looking after myself, changing things up each month and trying out new habits. It ain’t just about getting moving in the gym etc, but on a deeper level too. Coz like I’ve probably said one miiiillion times, your mind is just as important as your bod.

I have tried to tie in a few new habits and small goals into my routine, and they are making me feel kinddda like a new sparkly version of myself (bar the STONKER of a cold I have right now) ?

I thought I’d share a few of my new habits on ‘ere if you fancied a nosey…

autumn beach walks


I got into a habit of rolling over each morning, switching off my alarm and swiftly moving on to a lengthy scroll through Instagram. Barely awake and already starting to compare myself before the day had even got going! Over the past few weeks I have left my phone (except for switching the alarm off and popping the radio on) and it has made such a difference. I don’t waste time, and treat the hour as time for myself to gradually wake up and sip mi cuppa tea.


Soooo I pay around £35 for my gym membership at Anytime Fitness (SO good and all across the UK FYI) and I slipped out the habit of going on the reg. I felt I need to start using it, otherwise I couldn’t justify the dollar! Victoria (Inthefrow) is an inspo of mine, despite being a super busy gal boss, she finds time to nip down to the gym and get a session in most days. I have been about three times a week over the past month and it feels damn GOOD. Fingers crossed I keep it up ey?

autumn beach walks


It can be SO easy to get into a bit of a dinner time rut. As it is autumn and I wanna have aaaall the warm cosy feelz, I have attempted to switch things up and push the boat out a little. Lots of warming soups, one pot wonders etcetc, I try to pop a lil step by step over on Insta-stories so if ya need a little inspiration…


Not gonna lie, money is tight at the mo. It has been a bit of a pricey month (i.e dentist woes), so I gotta try and conserve a bit of dollar. To prevent end of the month panic, I am doing my best to prepare lunch / snacks / bevs and not spend aaaall my money on Pret / Itsu. I’m might put together a lil post with my packed lunch picks if you fancy it?


There seems to have been a constant stream of heartbreaking news recently. Over the past year I have found myself dwelling on the darkness in our world and I find it hard to avoid the negativity. I made the decision to stop picking up the Metro and start reading my book instead, not linger on news stories and concentrate on spreading positivity as much as poss.

autumn beach walks

autumn beach walks

Have you been trying out any new habits recently?


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