A Chinwag About Contraception

Immy May

I wasn’t really sure what to title this post.

Ya see, I received a letter yesterday inviting me to my first ever smear test. ? I have also finished the pill packet that I have now been on for almost nine years. NINE YEARS, how did that happen?

Anyways, I have finally come to the realisation that I need to switch things up, and I need your advice…

Immy May

(I’m not sure what prancing around London with a chai latte has to do with this post, but I’m going with it anyway…)

I have never been quite sure how I feel about the pill. I have been consistently on Microgynon for the entire nine years and have hardly experienced any problems. My boobs (actual fried eggs at 15 years) became DD’s within a few months, I gained a few pounds, my spots cleared up and my periods were lighter and less painful.

Then things didn’t really change. Saying that, I have a sneaky feeling the extra boost of hormones may contribute to clear patterns in mood. I have noticed a monthly pattern of feeling A OK one week, overly hyperactive the next, needy after that, then anxious after that. Maybe that’s just me? I’m not too sure.

And that’s where the problem is – I  feel like I don’t really know my body at all. I ain’t getting any younger (?) and I wanna give my body a break. Gotta make sure tings are all good down there, get to know my bod without added hormones.

Immy May

But what next?

I have only been off the pill almost a week, so no changes yet. Obvs need sort tings out pronto tho, gal ain’t ready for a bubba just yet.

In the next few weeks / months I know things will be up and down, a sudden dip in hormones might be a bit of a mare. I’m gonna get spots. I might have a few mood swings. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Then I thought, what about Natural Cycles?

There has been quite a lot of chat on this particular method, and I’m curious.

But there is just summin’ I’m not quite convinced on. I’m not sure I trust an app with measuring my fertility, what if it all goes wrong?

I know this may be all a bit TMI, but I would love any advice if you have any on contraception and whether you have tried Natural Cycles / if you would ever give it a go?

Immy May

Happy Friday, BTW – I hope you have a few lovely plans that include a big ole lie in and a frosty bottle of prosecco >:)


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