A Chinwag About Contraception

Immy May

I wasn’t really sure what to title this post.

Ya see, I received a letter yesterday inviting me to my first ever smear test. ? I have also finished the pill packet that I have now been on for almost nine years. NINE YEARS, how did that happen?

Anyways, I have finally come to the realisation that I need to switch things up, and I need your advice…

Immy May

(I’m not sure what prancing around London with a chai latte has to do with this post, but I’m going with it anyway…)

I have never been quite sure how I feel about the pill. I have been consistently on Microgynon for the entire nine years and have hardly experienced any problems. My boobs (actual fried eggs at 15 years) became DD’s within a few months, I gained a few pounds, my spots cleared up and my periods were lighter and less painful.

Then things didn’t really change. Saying that, I have a sneaky feeling the extra boost of hormones may contribute to clear patterns in mood. I have noticed a monthly pattern of feeling A OK one week, overly hyperactive the next, needy after that, then anxious after that. Maybe that’s just me? I’m not too sure.

And that’s where the problem is – I  feel like I don’t really know my body at all. I ain’t getting any younger (?) and I wanna give my body a break. Gotta make sure tings are all good down there, get to know my bod without added hormones.

Immy May

But what next?

I have only been off the pill almost a week, so no changes yet. Obvs need sort tings out pronto tho, gal ain’t ready for a bubba just yet.

In the next few weeks / months I know things will be up and down, a sudden dip in hormones might be a bit of a mare. I’m gonna get spots. I might have a few mood swings. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Then I thought, what about Natural Cycles?

There has been quite a lot of chat on this particular method, and I’m curious.

But there is just summin’ I’m not quite convinced on. I’m not sure I trust an app with measuring my fertility, what if it all goes wrong?

I know this may be all a bit TMI, but I would love any advice if you have any on contraception and whether you have tried Natural Cycles / if you would ever give it a go?

Immy May

Happy Friday, BTW – I hope you have a few lovely plans that include a big ole lie in and a frosty bottle of prosecco >:)


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  • I was on the pill for 4 years and just stopped taking it a few months ago. I don’t regret it at all and in fact I’ve seen some positive changes that I wasn’t expecting at all! I’ve been thinking of Natural Cycles too, but like you, I’m a bit nervous about it. What if something goes wrong? I’ve come to the conclusion that I might start using it only when I’m in a time in my life where having a baby would actually be manageable. AKA probably when I no longer live in London..! xx

    • Ah have you? I am feeling a liiitttle bit nervous about how my body is going to react in the next few months, I have noticed a few changes already! Yes you are SO right, that is a wise idea – I think I probably need something like the coil maybe? hmmm decisions! Immy x

  • I’ve never tried Natural Cycles but totally get why you would feel a bit apprehensive about it, as would I! I’ve been on the pill for nearly 2 years now so I don’t feel like that is *that* long in the grand scheme of things, but I will definitely be having a break off it as it seems like a good thing to do for your body to re-balace back to its natural workings xxx


    • Ah yeah, I wish I didn’t go on it so young! I am a little bit nervous about Natural Cycles – I reckon until I am up for having a bubba I might hold off and go for the coil or summin’! Ughhh being a woman ey?! Immy x

  • I wish that I could put all of my trust into Natural Cycles, it is basically the dream contraception method. I’m just a bit too apprehensive I think xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Beauty

    • Yes me too! It would be SO ideal to have a method that didn’t have any side effects (the only side effect is possible pregnancy lolz). Will do a little update in a few months! Immy x

  • Amy Eade

    I came off the pill back in March, basically for the same reasons as you – I’d been on it for so long and just wanted to give my body a break, I found it kinda scary that I couldn’t really remember what my body/hormones were like before I was on it! I’ve been contemplating the copper coil because it has no hormones in it – I don’t think I’d risk Natural Cycles – I have a friend who is currently six months preggers after using it as contraception…but then I’ve heard others rave about it!
    Amy xx

    • Yes it is so weird isn’t it!? It has been SO long that I am so out of touch with my own bod, even after a week coming off it I am seeing changes (ahem, my boobs have halved in size lol). Yeah I am thinking about the coil too, I have heard such good things about it! Oh really!? Aaaaaah that is a scary prospect haha! Eeep! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I have to say I probably wouldn’t trust natural cycles! I was talking it through with friends and one of the best pieces of advice was this: if you’ve got a plan for dealing with any surprises, I’d go with it, but if that kind of thing is absolutely out of the question then consider whether you’d feel happy not doing ‘everything you could’ to avoid what could be a difficult situation.

    IMHO it’s fine as long as you’re in tune with your body and for a lot of us our non-existent daily routine and irregular periods means it’s impossible. I’m of the belief that if I’m ever in a time when a surprise wouldn’t be a complete disaster and result in one of us giving up our dreams, then I’d go for it, but right now I’m just not in that place and not really prepared to take the risk!

    I’ve been on the Pill for 10 years now, albeit different brands. I don’t know the ins and outs of the science behind in, but whilst it’s not causing major mood swings, spots, weight gain, headaches etc then I’m comfortable with sticking with it!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Yes, this is very good advice – I am so glad I blogged about this, it is so so helpful to hear other opinions! I reckon until we are alright with the thought of bubbas (at least 5 years time!) then I should find a safer option. Ah that is really good! I think if something works well then it is good to stick with it! Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    That jacket is so cute! I love how you styled it.

    • Ah thank you so much Courtney! :) Immy x

  • This was such an interesting read Immy! (That’s so weird to call someone else Immy lol! The only people who call me that is famalam so it’s cute that you open it up to all of us, technically we’re all like famalam now ey ??). Anyway, I feel you! I’ve been the opposite to you though… I was on the pill when I was a teen right up until I was about 19 then I had a massive break until now I’m 25 and I’ve loved not having any hormones in my body. But now (long story short) I have to go on the pill for health reasons. I’m going on the Yasmin. I don’t know anything about the natural cycles thing although that’s what my auntie has believed in her whole life so it can’t be that bad! And it’s sure better than putting hormones in your body! Looking forward to an update on this. Xxx Imogen


    • I know right, I can’t believe we are both Imogen Rose haha! Is Rose your middle or last name? Oh really! I bet it was good to get to know your body properly, I wish I did it your way round. I am going to wait a few months and see how my bod reacts, last time I had a break it took me 6 months to start my period again, crazy innit!? Oh has she? My mum does too! (although I have a sneaky feeling she wants a grandchild!) Will definitely update in a few months! Immy x

  • I appreciate your honesty in this post. I admire you for wishing to get to know your body as it truly is, but unfortunately can’t offer any advice on the topic. I suppose you have to trust your instincts a little bit more now! x

    • Ah yes, I am so so glad I chatted about it on here – it is so helpful just to talk to other ladies about these tings. I am hopefully the next few months go smoothly, will definitely pop up an update after I decide what to do lol! (or a pregnancy update haha, who knows!) Immy x

  • Oooooh Immy! The only thing I can comment on with this is my own experience. I came off the pill after 9 years and had a coil fitted, unfortunately it really did not agree with me – a 6 week long heavy period made me demand it be taken out. Apparently it was a side effect not many had experienced. I then opted for no contraception in regards to anything I had to take or have within my body. I felt like I just needed a detox, to clear out my system and let my body return to a normal cycle.

    It took about two years for it to do that, along with a very irregular period, I had (and still have) plenty of spots – i’m slowly clearing them up. I had very bad period pains, hormones all over the place as well as crazy energy levels. But it has all balanced out now. My periods are ridiculously regular now, I can pin point the exact day and they always arrive in the morning. The period pain is excruciating for two days but our good friend ibruprofen calms that down and my moods have really evened out.

    I feel like I’ve given my body a chance to get back to “normal”. I’m not ruling out female contraception forever, but for now it’s what’s best for my body. Everyone is different, so I’d probably recommend speaking to a doctor about it and going with your gut feeling.
    Peta xx

    • Ahhhh Peta thank you so much for this comment, so so helpful. I have heard about the long periods :( not ideal at all! It is mad how long the body takes to get back to a normal cycle, I need to keep in mind how long it all takes and just go with it. I am going to have a chat with my doc when I go for the smear test (eep!) and see what they say. I feel like my body is telling me to just have a detox, I’m gonna steer clear for a few months at least! Immy x

  • Ugh contraception is such a pain. I’ve been on and off the pill for the last 10 years, sometimes coming off has been fine, sometimes it’s not gone so well. I’m planning on coming off again at the end of the year as it’s been 3 years now and even though I do not want babies, I just want some time out from hormones. And fingers crossed the skin behaves itself this time!

    It may be hard to remember but it depends if you’re regular as to whether natural cycles really works. When I’m off the pill I am like clockwork and I even have pain when I ovulate which is handy. If I did one day want kids then I would 100% do natural cycles as if I did get pregnant, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But, as I don’t want babies, I’m just too paranoid to put all my faith in that one method!

    • It really is isn’t it!? Being a woman is such a pain in the bum sometimes. Ah yes, I am feeling really nervous about my skin – as that was one of the reasons I went on the pill initially! They thought I had PCOS last time I came off for a mini break, as my skin got so bad – so they put me back on to clear symptoms! I am hoping that things will go better this time, fingers crossed. Yes you are so right – I think that Natural Cycles is a great option when you are ready for kids… which wont be for quite a few years yet eeep! Immy x

  • I recently stopped mine after 10 years and I wish it was something that is more openly discussed. Bodies can take a long time to react and notice any changes- mine included! The doctor I recently saw couldn’t have been more lovely and helpful but they all need to be like that. Good luck with whatever you decide.



    • Ah really, I know me too – I feel a bit lost with it all :( So glad I opened it up on ‘ere as we are all in the same boat! Yes I bet mine will take a good few months to start showing any changes (although my boobs have already deflated lol). Thank you my love and thank you for your comment :) Immy x

  • Love that you’ve talked about this – it’s crazy that all women have to make these choices but no one really talks about it! I’m in the same boat as you except I came off the pill exactly 2 years ago (not because I want a baby!) and my periods are only just starting to come back now. How crazy is that! I’ve actually noticed my boobs got way bigger (not a welcome symptom as I don’t need it!) and my skin has got worse but not too terrible. I actually felt better being on the pill but considering it took 2 years for my hormones to come back, I’m keen to stay off it for now.

    Definitely keen to try Natural Cycles. Problem is I’m not ready for kids yet… but at the same time being in a long term relationship it wouldn’t be a disaster like 4 years ago! It’s a tricky one, someone needs to invent an ideal solution! I have friends who have had success with the coil and also the arm implant, but I’m just trying to steer clear of unnatural hormones.


    • I know, it is mad isn’t it? It has been so helpful just having a conversation about it – I feel lost! Oh really, wow that is crazy – but that gives me peace of mind to not to worry if things take some time to get back to normal. It is so interesting to hear how the body changes, and how long it all takes. I reckon my skin will get a bit worse, but just gotta try my best to look after it and hope it calms down! Yes exactly, it wouldn’t be the worst – but not sure I am ready for it just yet… Ugh, yes I wish someone came up with a method with no side affects / risk of babies! Immy x

  • Personally, I don’t get along with the pill at all, it really messed with my mental health and overall I struggled a lot whilst taking it. I’ve tried to have the coil fitted as well, which wasn’t successful just due to the pain it caused trying to have the damn thing put in. So, I gave up on that and now stick to just using condoms (tmi, I’m sorry)! But, for now it seems to be the only thing that works for me and I can still have my natural cycle alongside it – worth a try I guess?!

    Lucy | Forever September