A Snazzy Autumnal Jumpsuit

New Look playsuit
I’ve had a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling over the past few weeks.

It could be summin’ to do with the turn of the seasons, or having a few days at home (sick as a dawg), forced to unwind and give my mind a break, or perhaps just actively recognising moments of gratitude, appreciating the good feelings, bottling them up and storing them for when I need a pick up.

Nothing is ever totally perf, there is always more sh*t you wanna get done, places you wanna see, etcetc. But ya have to appreciate your small wins. The to-do list totally ticked off, Monday nights drinking pina coladas with friends, a morning cuppa T made by your love, scoring a new bit of work.

It feels good to have regained focus and a lil slither of confidence. Stoking the fire to help carry myself through moments of self doubt and comparison. Oh and Dreams by Gabrielle has just come on my shuffle, what a feel good TUNE.

Annnyyyway, I come to you today with my new jumpsuit. I met up with a few wonderful blogging ladies at the weekend for brunch, and got a whole load of compliments on this garm, so I thought I would share with ya… In front of houses in Kensington that I could never afford, naturally. ?

New Look playsuit

posh totty designs

Posh Totty Designs necklace a gift from my Mumma – engraved with ‘wiggy wiggy wiggy’ – don’t ask… ?

New Look playsuit

The lovely boy got a cheeky New Look voucher from work (such perks ey?) and gave it to me ‘coz he’s a gent.  I hotfooted it to Oxford Street New Look and collected a mountain of garms to try on.

I picked up this jumpsuit in three different colours, I was love. So darn comfy, flattering AND makes be feel *a bit* like an autumn leaf which is never a bad thing. ?

New Look Playsuit

New Look playsuit

Naaaat so bad for £24.99 ey? You can find the gem here if you fancied a proper ganders.

What autumnal garms are you loving at the mo?


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