Morning Rituals & The Dreamiest Autumnal Breakfast

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

Uuuugh I do love an early autumn morning. Soft sunshine, bright blue skies, a lil nip in the air. Ooo bebeh ? Must admit, it is getting harder to pull myself outta the warm duvets each day. Why does bed feel 12938x more cosy in the morning ey?

I have pushed the boat out just a smidge recently to up the cosiness in our boudoir. Fresh autumnal candles from mi love TK Maxx (so cheap, so good), cosy cushions, fairy lights and this absolute hun of a throw from Sainsbury’s Home.?

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

It is warm, cosy, ma fave colour and it has pom poms (ALWAYS a winner).

Also this plate of sexy breakfast goodness… ?

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

I’m gonna be honest, I had my heart set on whipping up Pinterest inspired cinnamon swirl pancakes… Like these babies. Buuuuut it didn’t go quite to plan so I had to improvise. Ya know what? I think I prefer this creation… Super easy to whip up as a lil mid-week treat.

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

Toast with a thick layer of peanut butter topped with caramelised cinnamon banana. MmmHM.

It ain’t the healthiest of breakfasts, but ya gotta treat yo’self!

Chuck a knob of butter (lol, still makes me chuckle writing that) in a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high heat.

Once melted, sprinkle in a tablespoon of brown sugar and combine.

Carefully add in your sliced ‘nana. Sprinkle over cinnamon (as much or little as you like) and fry for around 30 secs. Using a spatula (or whatever utensil ya fancy) and flip the bananas to get an even caramel coating aaall over.

Make a fresh cuppa T, toast your bread, cover in PB and top with sweet, crispy banana…

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

Scurry back to bed and devour!

Embracing those few hours before work makes SUCH a massive difference to my day.

It feels good to have already achieved something before I start my day, whether thats a cheeky gym sesh or decent breaky (that ain’t my reg muesli).

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

Sainsburys Home Printmakers Throw

I am quite liking being an early bird! Wonder how long it’s gonna last ?