Monday Morning DMC’s

Henry London Watches

I have been meaning to have this lil chinwag with ya for a while now.

Over the past few months I have shared my thoughts over a few hastily typed-on-tube Instagram captions. Or conversations over wine with friends. Or pillow talks with a slightly bemused boyf.  But I haven’t designated a whole blog post to it. I am about to let it aaaaaaaall out…

Henry London Watches

I have had a few reminders recently of the sheer rate time is passing by. I mostly blame Timehop, because y’know, yesterday I had a freshers week snap that popped up from SIX YEARS AGO. SIX! Now THAT is pretty crazy.

These days I find months passing by in the blink of an eye.

I then started pondering on how I am spending my time. Am I actively living ma life? Am I making the most of my youth of being mostly footloose and fancy free? (Love that phrase hehe) Will I look back and perhaps regret they way I chose to spend my days?

It got me thinking about how I want to look back on my twenties, and there are a few things I wanna chat about.

Henry London Watches

Henry London Watches

I reckon when we are all in our mid-late forties we will laugh about this app we used to use call Instagram. Kinda like how we reminisce about Bebo and MSN times but can’t quite really remember exactly what it was all bout.

Right now, for so many people, Instagram takes up a huge portion of time. Just like choosing who to give my ‘love‘ to on Bebo back in 2005 gave me genuine stress. Lol.

Recently Instagram is fueling all sorts of blood sweat and tears. Well, not so much blood… BUT WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT EY?

Maybe it is because I am so invested in the ole blogger community that the app that I once thought was a place to store personal pictures five years ago (loool FML) has long gone. It is now an actual career platform. People make decent livings out of it. The forever fluctuating numbers has the ability to lift and plummet our mood in a matter of minutes. It is m e n t a l.

I ain’t gonna harp on about it anymore, because I think a know a fair few folks have had a good ole rant about it over the past few weeks.

All I am gonna say is, everything is temporary. Follower counts, likes, and even Instagram itself. Fast forward however many years and I bet ya bottom dollar I will look back on my early twenties and think FOR FACK SAKE IMMY what were you doooooing? Why did you care so much?

There is SO many more things to invest your time and energy into. People. Passions (that don’t need to be validated by numbers). Adventures. Yourself.

Everyone is unique, bladdy wonderful, talented and we are all equal. The fact that an app has the ability to make people feel like they aren’t good enough is a bladdy joke.

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SO I guess what I’m trying to say is that your time is precious. So is your energy and your happiness.

If temporary things (ahem, social media etc etc) are getting ya down, tell it to do one. You have bigger fish to try, people to see, places to be.

Ugh it felt great to get that off mi chest.  Y’know those blog posts you write in such a haste and it feels SO good and therapeutic? This was one of ’em.

Henry London Watches

On the subject of time – what do ya think of my new watch?

It is a beaut number from Henry London and I have been wearing him for about a month now. He is a beaut rose gold with a teal strap (my FAVE colour ever), and I have had aaaall the compliments. I’ve never really worn a watch before, but there is summin’ about it that makes me feel damn sassy. Kinda like an actual adult that has her sh*t together, and I am lovin’ it.

It is also a perfect excuse for me not to whip out my phone (and subsequently check Instagram) every time I wanna check the time. Tactics ey?

I am working with Henry London at the mo and they have offered a cheeky giveaway with one of their watches with an engraving too. Pretty kewl innit? If you fancy a snazzy new watch for yourself or a loved one, all ya gotta do is give ’em a follow on Intagram and y’know follow me too hehe. ? Lemme know in the comments if you have entered, and some sort of link so they can contact ya. Will keep it open till next Monday (25th). ?

I always feel a bit strange about giveaways etc, but I am in love with my new watch, and I want you to experience the same sass.

Anyways, have a very lovely Monday!


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This post is in collaboration with Henry London, but all deep thoughts and appreciation for beaut watches are, of course, my own.