Foodies In Winchester

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

Last weekend the ladies and I ventured down to Winchester to visit our fine lass Ellen.

We have recently got into the habit of having sleepovers again. But rather than just strolling down the road with a pillow and a bag of Haribo Strawbs, we go on mini adventures across the UK to our various abodes.

A big lol to my rents who told me I probably won’t have sleepovers forever… Here I am still at it 10 years later hehe >:) With added prosecco, naturally.

I thought this post would be full of cute girly weekend snaps but nah, the weekend pretty much consisted of ALL the food.

So I guess this is a bit of a virtual foodie tour of Winchester, just in case you decide to visit and get peckish eh?

We had mugs of tea and catch ups at Ellen’s gaff before heading out for a spot of brunch at Josie’s.

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

Starting with bubbles hehe.

Each time I visit we gotta go Josie’s. It is just SO glorious we can’t help ourselves!

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

Avo ‘n’ poached eggs on toast for Emily.

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

Breakfast taco for meeee. (Halloumi is an essential)

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

We finished with a few macarons to share, like the sassy ladies we are ?

Josie's brunch Wicnhester

We then mooched into town to Ellen’s fave shop, The Hambledon. A very beautiful smelling cave of wonders, full of the most glorious bits and bobs.

The Hambledon Winchester

These cute salt & pepper shakers…

The Hambledon Winchester

The Hambledon Winchester

Cute slogan mugs (SUCH a sucker for these).

The Hambledon Winchester

After lots of lusting and wishing we had more pennies, we swiftly moved on to Chococo.

The most wonderful chocolate shop selling the most dreamy array of sweet treats, lots tasters (always a winner) and maybe the best hot choc I have ever tasted? I went for 70% choc with almond milk AND they give you a lil choc on the side. Mine was gin hehe, they know how to please a gal ?

Chococo Winchester

Hot cups of cocoa in hand, we ventured to the woods on a mission to pick sloe berries as ya do. (I am on a mission to create a big bottle of sloe gin for Christmas this year).


Ain’t Winchester one of the prettiest cities EVER?


The sloe berry picking didn’t go so well…

A few steps into the woods and it started pissin’ daaan cats, dogs, hailstones and all sorts! We huddled beneath our two brollies for a while, hysterically bellowing, screaming and singing, then decided we should probably take shelter.

Shelter being code word for PUB.

The Black Boy Pub Winchester

The Black Boy is Ellen’s regular haunt in Winchester. It is SO bloody cosy, fully of strange little collections, upside down Christmas trees, open fires and board games.

The Black Boy Pub

A few G&T’s down, we made our way back to Ellen’s with soggy boots and wet hair for…. MORE GRUB. Shock hehe.

We devoured Indian, sank many bottles of prosecco and nattered until the early hours. UGH these are just the best kinda nights ❤️

I reckon you are gonna bloody LOVE the next Winchester foodie spot. Say ‘ello to Rawberry. The most d i v i n e, pretty *ahem* V Instagrammable and cheap breakfast spot.

Rawberry Winchester

That’s right. PINK bloody lattes. The basic betch dream, I am all over it.

It is pink from beetroot btw, but I think it tastes pretty decent.

Rawberry Winchester

Also ordered was a charcoal latte. Essentially steamed coconut milk, but looks pretty damn cool nonetheless!

Both Fifi and I ordered the acai bowl (gotta be done) and Ellen ordered the cocoa berry porridge.

Rawberry Winchester

rawberry Winchester

Plus some sweet treats inc. this sweet potato & pineapple muffin…

Rawberry Winchester

Aaaaaand then we hopped on the train back up to London, full and very content indeed!

The best weekends consist of good food, prosecco and chums. ? If you ever visit Winchester (you defo should), then 10239% recommend visiting all the above gems.

What are your plans this weekend? Matt’s family are coming up to stay, we are going to The Little Taperia this eve, followed by a mooch in Kew Gardens tomorrow, my faaave ??


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  • Rebecca Fletcher

    A pink latte!! OMG I need to go there because I am basic. haha! Love these pictures and of course prosecco is an essential for any girly sleepovers as an adult ;)

    • I knoooooow! I am such a sucker for these things haha! Yesss so essential >:) Was such a wonderful weekend! Hope you are well lady ? Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I realllyyyy need to visit Winchester!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Ah yessss Chloe you would love it! So so beautiful x

  • if there’s one thing I hate sharing, it’s macarons. I think it’s because I get a little sad seeing them all crushed up when they get cut. ouuuu those hot chocolate + chocolate pieces are just everything. they went over the top and more!!!

    I had a red velvet latte yesterday. all powder, no actual espresso. we had to pay extra for the espresso shot via the bloody red velvet latte. :(

    becky @ star violet

    • I know haha, I wish we had an even number! Everyone wanted to try every flavour lol! Ooooh yes so bloody good ? Ooh what that is so disappointing! What did it taste like!? Immy x

      • Haha, understandable though since macarons are so rich! It was tasty, just like a red velvet cake in liquid form – though I just expected to be at least some coffee in there because of the name haha.

  • Jennifer

    Love visiting Winchester when I can! Your breakfast taco looked wonderful Immy


    • Ah yes so dreamy down there isn’t it!? A nice difference to London even just for the weekend ? It was delish! Always love a bit of halloumi hehe. Hope you are well lovely ? Immy x

  • That ago on poached eggs looks delightful. yum!

    • Ah it was so lovely – I wish I could trade my bowl of cornflakes for a plate of that right now! Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    All that food looks so good. The bakery goods look incredible there.

    • Aaaah yes it was the absolute BEST foodie weekend, I swear all I do is eat these days haha! Immy x

  • Love to visit. Great pics.

    Good Vibes, Team Fox
    Stalk me @

    • Thank you so much Rochelle! Immy x

  • Gorgeous pictures sweet!1 I love Winchester, so pretty!! Looks like you had such nice food!!
    a life of a charlotte

    • Ah thank you so much Charlotte! It is such a lovely city isn’t it!? Could gobble it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall again >:) Immy x

  • I fully approve of a weekend spent doing nothing but eating ahaha! Although I am now majorly hungry but I’m about to go to bed so maybe I should just sleep it off.. damn. Might have to go hunt some halloumi down tomorrow.. xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Omg, that breakfast taco with halloumi looks insane!! I live quite near to Winchester so I will definitely be paying Josie’s a visit.

    Hannah |