Autumn Lust (25 Reasons Why It’s My fave)

Autumn Lust (25 reasons why it's my favourite)

Okokokok it isn’t technically Autumn until the 22nd. Well, apazza it is currently ‘meteorological’ autumn according to Met Office… I’ll take that. I am getting the feeling that we are all kinda looking forward to it? I ain’t one for wishing time away, but there is just summin’ about the coming season that makes me feel warm and content. Also, it means I can play this banger (I play it all year round, but y’know) ?

There is a mix of emotion at this time of year.  Some of us wanna cling on to every last drop of summer, but some of us are ittttttttching to light those vanilla spice candles and chuck on some sorta knitted garm.

I guess I am somewhere in between. Daylight till 9PM, impromptu BBQ’s, hazy beer garden afternoons and general warmth makes me SO happy. I ain’t ready for the grey drizzly days, but I am ready for the… I hate to say it ~hygge~ state of mind autumn gives me.

If you ain’t too happy about saying sayonara to Summer, maybe this will change ya mind. If you are an autumn fan gal like me, here are 25 reasons to get even more excited hehe.

I realise this kinda post has been done 138091 times before, I just couldn’t help myself. >:)

Autumn Lust (25 reasons why it's my favourite)

1. Chai. Chai lattes, chai tea, chai cake. This heavenly combo of spices just fills me with so much warmth and happiness.

2. Fairy lights. These are an all round ting in my household, but don’t they just make everything 129309% more cosy?

3. Crisp, cold mornings. DREAMY autumnal days where the sky is bright blue, but the breeze is just that little bit icy.

4. Getting stuck into a new series. Matt and I are going to start Game of Thrones. I haven’t seen a single episode, so I am kinda intimidated by the six year catch up!

5. CANDLES. The spiced ones that make your gaff smell like an autumnal wonderland, the tiny tealights dotted around the place. All of them.

6. Exploring the parks. This is something I do a lot of in the summer months (obvs) BUT wrapping up and taking a stroll as the leaves change is so lovely. The colours, the CRUNCH <3

7. Crumble. Apple or rhubarb crumble with a sea of custard is something I cannot wait for. Ooft. Check out mi gluten free / vegan recipe here.

8. My dressing gown. I won’t lie, I do wear this particular number all year round (since I was 8). BUT I can now wear it and feel comfortable. I need to invest in a summer gown, don’t I?

9. Pick your own. I am on a MISSION to go and forage for Sloe berries this autumn. Sloe gin? Yaaas. (Try my recipe here hehe)

10. Bonfire night. Getting your chums together and watching fireworks never gets old. Neither do sparklers. >:)

Autumn Lust (25 reasons why it's my favourite)

11. Mulled wine. Mulled cider. Cya later Gin & Tonic, my one true love is back.

12. New beginnings. September means a fresh start and new chapter. Starting school, university, work etc. I still attach the feeling of optimism and excitment to this time of year, maybe that’s why I love it so much?

13. Sunday roast. I have been VERY lucky in my male selection that Matt is just an absolute BOSS at whipping up a roast. Oh AND if you are after a dream of a veggie roast in London, check out The Kenton.

14. Deep plum lips. Darker shades of lippy have always been my thang, I can really push the boat out in autumn.

15. Baked Camembert. Friday nights in with red wine and ooooooozy camembert mopped up with sourdough. PEAK life right there.

16. Cooler commutes. Oh blimey, the end of sweaty peak time tube rides makes me so happy. Is there anything worse than being stood on a hot tube (surface of the sun) and not having the hands / room / balance to take your jumper off?

17. New coat. I have had my last winter coat for about three years now. I currently have my eye on this beauty…

18. Cinnamon buns. Beyond Bread do the most dreamy gluten free number, I also have my eye on the Nordic Bakery hehe.

19. Evenings in. Darker evenings that don’t make you feel so bad about staying in. Getting cosy under blankets, with a glass of wine, pizza and ya loved one. <3 <3

20. GBBO. Still not entirely sure what my thoughts are of GBBO sans Mazza B, Mel & Sue, but I like my lil baking fix on a Tuesday eve.

21. Baking. Following on from no. 20 – I bloody love a baking sesh in the Autumn. I’m gonna try some sorta chai tea bake this weekend…

22. Markets. There is something about the crisp autumnal sunshine that make Sunday strolls around the market so nice. Foodie markets, flower markets, I ain’t fussed.

23. BIG bear hug jumpers. Finding the softest jumper that keeps you nice ‘n’ toasty out and about. In fact, I have a lotta love for all warm fluffy garmets.

24. Bed socks. ? ??

25. Zara blanket scarfs. HALLELU.

25 reasons to love autumn

Defo trying to style myself like Betty Cooper from Riverdale ?

Jumper Brandy Melville

Skirt H&M

Trainers Adidas

What are little nuggets of autumn are you looking forward to? Or is it all too soon?

Either way, have the most vuuuunderbar weekend!


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  • Ah, all of this list! I like summer for sure, but the coziness of autumn is approaching and I’m so excited for it. I love coming home when it’s chilly and immediately clinging to the radiator, I love baking something every week for the GBBO that we can eat as we watch (but yeah, finding it hard to adjust to the new lineup!) and I love autumn fashion. I can never seem to get the whole shorts thing right in summer, so when I’m in autumn I’m so comfortable picking out the jumpers, socks, skirts, boots, jeans, etc. looks!

    • Yeeeeeeees! I know me too, I think this is the only season I am always SO keen for haha! Ah it is lovely <3 Oooh that is an excellent idea! Tea, cake and GBBO is the perfect combo – we always craving something when watching! I know, it is so strange… But the standard is amazing, they have set the bar high! Me neither, I always tend to feel more comfortable in autumn. Immy x

  • Julia Day

    I can’t believe you’ve never seen Game of Thrones! Girl, it will change your life. And it’s a great autumn/winter watch.

    PS. #outfitgoals

    • I KNOW :O I feel so left out haha! Just need to find season one, can’t seem to find it anywhereeee >:( Thank you lass :) Have a lovely weekend! Immy x

  • I CAN RELATE SO MUCH TO THIS POST! Got me so excited for fall! I’ve been raving about fall on my blog too, haha! I LOVE chai lattes, mulled wine and I need to start watching GoT too! Loved reading your reasons, they’re all ON POINT!

    Have an amazing day!

    xx Kris

    • YAAAAAAAS. I am just stoking our excitement here hehehe >:) yesyesyesssss so excited GoT AND mulled wine oooft. Immy x

  • I love lighter evenings and warmer weather etc, but at the same time, I’m really looking forward to evenings in with candles lit and hot chocolates! Sloe gin is yummy – I love it with lemonade, especially in the summer! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • Yes me too! I will definitely miss the light evenings </3 </3 the bloggers woes start again! Ooo yes :) I can't wait to make a batch! Immy x

  • Ahhh this list got me so so excited! I’ve been feeling both like I want to cling onto summer AND like I want all the candles and cosy things but the fact you just reminded me of mulled drinks of any kind just swayed me to the autumnal side haha. Also really hope you love Game of Thrones, autumn/winter is a great time to be watching it and I think I’m gonna watch it from the start again soon too :) xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Squeeee! Yes I am so on the fence haha! But yes all things mulled I am SO excited for >:) Yes me too, just need to get hold of the first season eep! Have a lovely weekend lass :) Immy x

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love the summer but I always get excited for autumn as soon as September rolls around. I love the candles, coffees, fashion and bundling up in boots and jumpers and its not too cold (usually) in the autumn. Winter on the other hand, I despise! Haha!

    • Yes I am the same, I love summer – I feel like I haven’t embraced it enough this year :/ I think its because I haven’t been on a holiday eep! Yesss me too, the first glimpse of it and I get far too excited! Oh I know lol, as soon as winter comes about I am SO ready for summer again! Immy x

  • Oooo Great list!!!
    I’m after a big blanket scarf for A/W – is zara the way to go?
    Holly xx

    • Thank you Holly! :) Yeeeeeees Zara do the best blanket scarfs, so snuggly and cosy! I treat myself to one every year >:) Immy x

  • Kim

    This post has really gotten me ready for fall! As much as I love love love summer, I think I am ready to see the colorful fall foliage and eat an apple cider donut!

    Simply Lovebirds

    • Aah me too! Feel like it *might* be too early, but I just can’t help myself haha! Yeees! I have never tried an apple cider donut before – where do ya get ’em from!? Immy x

  • Summer is my favorite season, but I can appreciate some of early falls things. Nice list!

    • Yesss, me too! I love autumnal loveliness, but as soon as winter creeps in, I am ready for summer again haha! Immy x

  • I’m about to go on my summer holiday today (finally!) but this list has got me so excited for Autumn already and all the good things to come :)
    Jennifer X
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • Aaaah are you! Where are you off to chick!? Not gonna lie, I am a *little* bit jel hehe. So many lovely things to come :) Immy x

  • Love everything on this list!! I am definitely ready for Autumn as I don’t love super hot weather in the UK but I do want the light to stay – hate winter daylight hours! x

    • Thank you Jasmin! I knooow, especially here in London, SO bloomin’ clammy! I know, really not looking forward to the blogging woes that come with the lack of daylight too! eep! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m SO excited for Autumn. I just want the feel of a cosy knit!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Yesss me too! I was sorting out my wardrobe last night and pulling out all my cosy knits made me so excited! Immy x

  • barbiegirl06

    I agree with all of your reasons, because I adore fall as well! :)

    • Hehe yessss :) just lovelovelooove feeling cosy ??Immy x

  • I’d like to add heated seats to this list … I know it is so first world but its one thing I miss in Summer!!!

    Emma |

    • Ah YES I love heated seats! My mumma used to have them in her car and OH MA DAYS so so cosy! Immy x

  • I looove this post, you’re getting me so excited for autumn! I can’t wait for nights wrapped in cosy dressing gowns and bed socks with the candles lit and a new series to binge watch, aahhh x

    • Aaaah yes me too! I can’t wait for all the cosy evenings in :) I can’t wait to buy some new candles eeep! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oooooh love this post was SO good and has me so V excited for Autumn, I’m ALL about that Hygge life, lighting candles and getting cosy for a Netflix marathon! Oh my gawddddddd you are going to LOVE GoT – I’m OBSESSED!

    Hayley xo

    • Aaaah thank you Hayley >:) Yes cannot wait for all the hygge! Need to get myself some new autumnal candles hehe! YAAAS so excited, we can’t work out how to stream it right from the beginning, eep! Immy x

  • Diana Maria

    Okay, yes to all of these! I’m an Autumn chick as well and love the sweaters, boots, markets, chai tea lattes and pumpkin spice lattes! I just started Game of Thrones too, I’m reading the books first before watching the series but I love it so far. The first season is great. You look so pretty in these photos, I can’t wait to see your autumn outfits!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    • Ah really… I feel like I am an autumn baby at heart! Aaaaaaaaah so so good! All about the chai tea lattes <3 Ah that is a good idea, it is gonna take me yeeeeeeeears lol! Thank you so much Diana :) You too my love. Immy x

  • Sounds lovely; I’m so ready for the seasons to now change. And that coat- gorgeous!


    • Yes me too! I can’t wait to start wearing all my cosy jumpers etc! Eeep! Thank you lovely lady… I am debating buying it next month… £120 seems like so much money thoooo :/ guess it will be worth it as I will wear it erry day! Immy x

  • I love autumn and posts like these! I always feel like September is the start of something new as well – it feels more like the best time for a fresh start than new year. It’s time to break out jumpers, snuggle up and watch TV on cold nights, crisp walks in the mornings, and I can drink more coffee than normal!

    Rosie @ | Travel, lifestyle, ethical & sustainable living

    • Yes me toooo! I know they have been done so many times but they never get old haha! It is such a nice feeling isn’t it? It doesn’t feel like an end like new year does, just feels like a fresh chapter :) Yaaaas! Looking forward to all the crisp walks eep! Thank you for commenting chick! Immy x

  • Yesss I love all these things! But can we please start bringing all this loveliness forwards into the post-Christmas months? Jan-March is always so grim!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Absolutely loving this post, never thought somebody could get me excited about parting ways with summer, but you pulled it off! I love wearing plum lips too, don’t even get me started on those Zara scarfs haha

    I’m currently hosting a giveaway on my blog, hoping you can check it out,
    Mary x

  • Found myself nodding along to all of these! I’m some how up to date on GoT and you will love it! x