August Love List ’17

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Oh blimey, I have been keeping up these love lists for a whole year! Pat on the back for actually sticking to something eeey. ??

I really enjoy jotting down nuggets of happiness each month. Snippets of memories to keep hold of and reminisce on. These lists turned into moments that made me smile and things I ~think~ you might enjoy.

Looking back on last August,  jam packed with weddings – I’m kinda sad I haven’t attended any this year! Although, things are pretty similar to how they were a year ago in ma life, and I am thankful for that.

It is easy to think that if things are the same, then you aren’t progressing in yo’ life. Over the past year I have had different travels, experiences, jobs and made new chums too. BUT I am still so bloomin’ happy with my Matt, in our little flat in Tooting. My family and friends are happy and I am still tapping away at this blog.

The way I am looking towards the future is is changing in light of what I have seen this year, both personally and on a global scale. Life is so fleeting, you can never predict the next month, let alone the next year. You have to appreciate and completely embrace the wonderful things happening right in front of you.

I have also started to re-evaluate the way I am looking at my career. I absolutely LOVE this little blog, but I also want to get out there and meet people, and really make a difference to someones day, face to face. I am planning to start my yoga teacher training next spring (EEEEP), so fingers crossed I will be able to teach few classes across town, and possibly organise little park yoga sessions followed by brunch via this blog… If ya fancy it of course. ?

Anyway. Here are some of my loves over past four weeks…



I moved jobs at the end of last month. No biggie, just a building swap. The new haunt is just on the edge of Covent Garden, which is a place that I have always loved, but hardly explored. It has so much charm, there is such a happy buzz about it and it is damn beautiful. Maybe I will pop together a little CG guide with all my recommendations soon!



Pret almond croissant love

This is a littttle crazy, but my lass Fifi and I have been rising early to snap shots around central London. I know I knoooooow, 5AM is far too keen. But finishing with chai lattes and an almond croissant kinda makes it worth while. Kinda…



I have got into the habit of reading on my commutes. Bloomin’ ek, It makes the whole experience SO much better! For a lass that spends 98% of time in front of screens, I need to get back into the habit of reading. I have just finished Wonder, it was EXCELLENT. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, definitely recommend. I am just waiting for an Amazon delivery of ‘Yoga Bitch‘, which should be interesting! What books are you loving at the mo?



Wai Kika Moo Kau Nachos

We ventured to Brighton for a ladies day out a few weeks back. It was g l o r i o u s, I blogged / vlogged about it here. You only need to round up the ladies and hop on the train to feel like you’ve had a break. Strolling through the lanes, chatting on the beach and eating ALL the most delicious food was such bliss. I can’t wait for our next day out! ? (Just LOOK at those nachos ❤️).



Just a cheeky lil rec: A new telly series on BBC One written by J.K Rowling. It ain’t Hazza P, but oh wowza it is SO good! It is kinda Luther-esque, based in London which I always love. Definitely catch up on the last three, they are on every Sunday eve!



Dalloway Terrace

The ladies and I headed out for a few drinks after work, at the Dalloway Terrace (forever boujee) hehe. We had SO many laughs, deep chats and all that lark. It makes me happy that these babes are in my life!



I have managed to see so much family over the past month.  I have seen my pops THREE times which almost unheard of! I feel forever lucky that my mum lives down the road from me. She is such a rock and beautiful lady that I am forever thankful that I have her so close by. My bro came to stay with me for a week too, we had ALL the curry Tooting has to offer and spent hours in the pub. Perrrfect. ?



Matt’s mumma hosted a garden party on the bank holiday weekend and it was just so beautiful. She covered her garden in fairy lights and candles, there was endless Pimm’s and the most delicious food AND their golden lab Millie <3 I am aaaall about autumn, BUT I will miss evenings like these. <3

I am looking forward to September. Of course, I am ALL KINDS of excited to get my autumn oooon, feel the hygge and consume all the chai goods (have ya seen my chai loaf? ?)

It ain’t looking like a crazy month, the weeks look pretty free to just, y’know, get cosy and bake >:) I am looking forward to a little jaunt down to the Isle of Wight and a weekend in Winchester with the gals too.

Do you have any September plans?


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