The Little Taperia, Tooting

The Little Taperia Tooting

As ya probs know, food is a big part of my life. There is nothing more warming than sitting round a table with your loved ones, nibbling on delicious food and catching up. There is something so wonderful about tapas, the way it brings people together through sharing. It is also a perfect excuse to try almost everything on the menu hehe >:)

Tooting is one of the most vibrant corners of London when it comes to grub. The food scene just gets better ‘erry week, I can’t keep up! I am slowly eating my way through all of ’em, but I had to re-visit this gem, The Little Taperia.

I stroll past each day on my way back from work, enviously peeking in at people slurping on jugs of sangria and dipping in sourdough in aioli. Oooooooooh aioli <3

My pops came up to London earlier this week, the perfect excuse to get mi tapas fix.

Despite only being Tuesday, the place was buzzin’. We ventured out to the back in the converted garage, adorned in beautiful tiles, fairy lights and art. First up? Cold bevs.

The Little Taperia Tooting

The Little Taperia Tooting

Sangria for me, obvs. I was tempted to order a jug but y’know, bit keen for a Tuesday!

The Little Taperia Tooting

Ice cold cerveza for the lads.

The Little Taperia Tooting

Swiftly moving on to fresh sourdough bread with olive oil and pan con tomate. All good tapas sessions start with rounds of bread, whilst pondering the menu…

The Little Taperia

The pan con tomate was a highlight for us, we could have ordered five more!

The Little Taperia Tooting

We picked a dreamy selection with help of the waitress, it came out one by one and we dug in straight away. Well, after I took my snaps, naturally.

First to arrive was our FAVE padron peppers with sea salt. Just SO tasty. Tasting them transports me back to balmy evenings in Santa Pola. Matt would cook up aaaall the our favourite Spanish dishes (padron peppers, fresh prawns, patatas bravas etc) and we would feast whilst on our balcony overlooking the sea, drink cheap red wine and be merry late into the night. Crazy how a pepper can bring back such fond memories ey?

The Little Taperia Tooting

The Little Taperia Tooting

Another favourite (they are all favourites, let’s be honest here) are the salt cod fritters. Crispy and delish.

The Little Taperia Tooting

Croquetas Jamon that I couldn’t try as I am a pesci lass, but the others absolutely LOVED them.

Patatas Bravas, obvs. Only *<em>slight</em>* criticism would be that they could have been ever so slightly more crispy!

The Little Taperia

The next dish was surprisingly the highlight for me, a simple heritage tomato salad. Just look how fresh and sexy lookin’ it is!?

Baby Squid a la plancha manzanilla, olives, capers and tomatoes… Especially good to mop up with leftover sourdough.

The Little Taperia

A simple but delish potato toritlla to polish off our feast.

I could have gobbled waaaay into the night! My only regret was not ordering a plate of manchego… That stuff is summin’ else. The light faded (it has started to get darker earlier, noooo!) and we walked home for cups of tea and bed!


The Little Taperia Tooting

Not bad for a school night ey?

The bill came to around £20 each, which is pretty dayum jammy.

Where are your fave foodie spots in London? Have you explored Tooting before?

A few more lovely spots to check out if you are in the area…




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  • Ooh this looks amazing. Love me some padron peppers and manchego!

    • It was so lovely! Mmmmmm manchego is my absolute fave with figs etcetc ooft <3 Immy x

  • Every time anyone mentions Tooting I still always think of Ting Tong from Tooting lol! I miss Little Britain, it was hilarious. I love tapas and this all looks delish x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • Loooool I completely forgot about that haha! Amazing, I miss it too! I knooow it was so dreamy, I cannot wait to go back and try out more of the menu >:) Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    Wow the food looks really good there!!

    • It is dreeeamy Courtney! I could have happily gobbled one of everything! Immy x

  • Jennifer

    Love the photos Immy! And £20 a head is so affordable!


    • Thank you Jennifer :) They make me hungry lol! I know, so good isn’t it!? Immy x

  • Yesss I went here a couple months back and it was so good!

    • Ooooh did ya! It is amazing isn’t it!? Shame I missed ya this weekend, Katy’s garden party looked like so much fun! Immy x

  • This place looks so cute babe! xx

    • SUCH a nice spot! Could have done with more sangria eeeeeeeey >:) Hope you are good my love! Immy x

  • Your photos are amazing at the moment Immy – these are perfect and the food looks insane. I actually scrolled back up to get another good look at that salad, YUM. xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Ah chick thank you, seeing such a difference with this Olympus! Oh ma gawssssh it was the most perf salad, you would absolutely love it! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m definitely craving tapas now!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog