Milk Teeth, Tooting

Milk Teeth Tooting

Ya gotta love a new brunch spot.

Especially when it is a three minute walk from your house. I can almost here the avocado on toast calling me from my bed <3

I spotted the building site of what is now the sexy looking Milk Teeth a few months ago. As the keen brunching lass I am, I was anticipating the opening for quite a while. Y’know that annoying gal who pokes her head round the door to see how your getting on each week, and DMs on Instagram… That was me.

As soon as they opened, I dragged my hungover Matt out for Sunday brunch.

Milk Teeth Tooting

Milk Teeth Tooting

Two smoothies and a ponder of the menu to start.

Milk Teeth Tooting

Milk Teeth Tooting

Milk Teeth Tooting

I was pretty indecisive about what to choose from their dreamy menu (I believe they change it fairly often!) Matt went for the sweet corn fritters (with halloumi AND avo) OH the food envy :O

Milk Teeth Tooting

Just LOOK AT THAT. He did let me share with him, what a gent.

Oh, and a poached egg. ON A SILVER PLATTER. With flowers. I mean, what is this life?!

Milk Teeth Tooting

Milk Teeth Tooting

I went for the banana bread >:) I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot smaller than I anticipated! It was on the brunch menu so I assumed it would be some fancy sassed up version. Alas, despite not quite touching the sides, it was delish. So moist. Still warm. SO tasty.

Milk Teeth Tooting\Milk Teeth Tooting

OH also, if you just fancy a cuppa coffee or summin’, the cakes are well worth a try. There is just sometime about the cube shape that I find deeply satisfying. Is that weird?

Milk Teeth Tooting

That beautifully thick layer of icing. <3

Milk Teeth Tooting

Milk Teeth Tooting

Find Milk Teeth at 110 Mitcham Road, SW17 9NG.

Open from 8AM – 5PM (9AM on Sundays) Brunch is on all day. YAAAS.

Milk Teeth Tooting

Let me know if ya check it out. Maybe one for the BH Weekend if you are in London town?

Talking of bank holidays, what are your plans!? I am off to Devon this eve for a weekend of family, cider and hopefully cream teas. MmmHM.


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  • Is there actually anything much better than an amazing brunch place opening a few minutes from your house?! This place looks amazing! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Style Beauty Travel

    • Oooft I don’t think so :) Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    Oh my gosh that looks amazing!!! Just look at how good those pastries look. Nothing can beat an awesome brunch place that’s only 3 minutes away.

    • Ooooooooh I know! So dreamy, it would be a great little spot for laptop club, cake and tea! Immy x

  • Oh my that cake with the icing..

    • I KNOW <3 Love a nice thick layer of icing. Ooft. Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I think a little trip to Tooting is in order for me sometime soon!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Yes it definitely is! So many gems to check out lately. Immy x

  • Yummm! Is it an offshoot of Milk itself? Definitely needed bigger banana bread though!

    • Yes it is their sister I think! I know, I must admit I was a tad disappointed haha! Immy x

  • have a gorgeous time in devon, missy! i could RIGHT do with a load of this food right now…i’m sitting here waiting for mikey to wake tf up and i’m STARVIN’. ps. totally not weird to fan girl over square slices of cake, they’re just SO damn aesthetically pleasing ♥♥ *dribble*

    katie. xx

    • Thank you Katie my love, it was wonderful <3 :) Immy x

  • OH. MY. GOSSH. Get in my mouth! Where is this and how did they make the poached egg like that, so round?!

    New blog reader here :) Would love to join you for brunch one freak’in day and we are sooo going here.

    • YAAAAS so good! I know!? So perfect haha! Ah yay welcome hehe! Of course, where are you based?! Immy x

  • those corn fritters with the halloumi look amazing! Yum!

    • SO good, they were my favourite! ANYTHING with halloumi <3 Immy x