Ladies Day in Brighton

Brighton Pier

Oh Brighton, you absolute babe.

Last Saturday me and my gals decided that a proper IRL catch up was in order. We also decided that we wanted to get out of the city. A hop skip and a jump 45 mins later, we were in Brighton. I sometimes forget how easy it is to escape London, a breath of fresh air, seaside, just an hour away.

Brighton Lanes

First stop, fresh coffee and breakfast at Larder.

Coffee Larder

Larder Brighton

Avo on toast (ofc) for Ellen and I…

Avocado on toast Larder Brighton

And this sexy looking caramelised banana, peanut butter & jam toasted sandwich for Sophie. Slight food envy, I ain’t gonna lie.

Larder Brighton

After a corker of a catch up, we strolled down to the seaside, via Dum Dum’s of course. I promise we didn’t just eat all day (note: we did), but we just HAD to try these babies.  Just look at that icing :O

DumDum Doughtnuts

We sat on the beach, chinwagged about the future, houses (I KNOW, when did this become a topic), travel, weddings (:O) and everything in between.

Brighton Pier

Of course, pictures were taken hehe.

Immy May Brighton Pier

Immy May Brighton Pier

Whilst trying to dodge the seagull sh*t…

Immy May Brighton Pier

And failing. LOL. Seagull drama just comes with the package of visiting Brighton doesn’t it?

We had a stroll along the Pier in the sunshine.

Brighton beach

And the culprit searching for his next prey…

Brighton seagull

Of course, no visit to Brighton is complete without a visit to Snoopers Paradise, and a cheeky snap in the photo booth.

Snoopers Paradise Photo Booth

N’aaawwwh these gals. <3

Oh, and just a bit more grub before we set off back to the city. We discovered this spot through a recommendation on Instagram, Wai Kika Moo Kau. A beaut veggie / vegan restaurant in the lanes.

Everything just looks / sounds so damn good. We all ended up going for the same thing, and I am so glad we did. Have you ever seen a plate of nachos look so sexy?!

Wai kika moo kau nachos


Wai Kika Moo Kau Nachos


Wai Kika Moo Kau Nachos

I’m not gonna lie, probably the best nachos I have ever eaten. You know when they get the ratios just right? Ooft.

Full and very happy, we rolled all the way home back to London.

Ooo, btw, I vlogged the day too if you fancy a watch hehe…


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