July Love List

Summer beauty

I’ve had one of those months where I am finding it hard to remember what I actually got up to…

This may be to do with the copious large glasses of Rosé / Pimm’s OR the fact that the summer is slipping by at a crazaaay rate. Or a bit of both. Hehe. IT IS AUGUST AND WE ARE ALL GETTING A *bit* EXCITED FOR AUTUMN. I feel wrong, but also a teeny bit excited for spiced candles and chai lattes hehehe.

The Summer months can be a bit strange. You are split between working and getting that dollar (to fuel the caramel frappucino addiction) and trying to soak up the sun drenched days, picnics, BBQ’s and warm evenings in the garden with your chums. I’ma say it again, what I would do for those dreamy six week holidays, I didn’t appreciate how incredibly jammy life was.

At the beginning of July I handed in my notice at work. An opportunity popped up and I just thought f*ck it, why not? Although, I have always found change a bit of a bizarre one. It tends to work out in the end, but I feel like I temporarily lose myself when I have a change of routine and location. But it’s all good, I already feel like I’m finding my groove.

SO the current situation is me, in a building, on mi tod, tapping away and trying to be a productive gal boss (lol). I have tea, I have chocolate in my drawer (Montezuma’s lime and sea salt, fancaaay) and I can play my Disney bangers at full volume so it is pretty sweet deal for now.

Anyways, here are mi highlights from the past four weeks!



July Love List

We popped down to the coast to have lunch with the fam for my Grandpas birthday. We all mooched down to the beach to walk the doggies and it was SO dreamy. Glittering sea, pale blue sky and fresh sea breeze… OOFT.



This cute lil app was introduced to me by Fifi, she has kept it going for quite a while now and I thought I would give it a whirl too. It has been going for about a month now and it is already really love to look back on. Zoe actually finished hers and popped it up on YouTube. Such a lovely way to capture your memories <3



Kew the Sound Kew Gardens

What a corker of an evening! Me and my mumma visited the beautiful Kew Gardens kitted out with a picnic and prosseco to watch our all time babes All Saints. We basked in the evening sunshine, nibbled on on flapjacks and swooned over the beaut flowers, I never thought I would have so much appreciation for a garden, but Kew is just summin’ else.



Despite the added drizzle, us Brits carry on regardless. It was our flatmate Zahara’s birthday picnic a few weeks back and after a bit of hesitation (and rain) we went for it, party hats and all. It was SO much fun and also lovely to meet lots of new folks. We played rounders (I suck) then continued the party at our gaff, before heading down to Tooting Tram and Social – SUCH a banging night out.



Victoria sponge

My grandma is the QUEEN of the humble viccy sponge. So light, so fluffy, so tasty. You cannot beat it. For Zahara’s birthday she sent me the recipe in a flurry of Facebook messages and I got down to it. Raspberry jam and cream in the middle, fresh roses and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Damn. It went down so well and I was chuffed! It wasn’t GF tho – maybe I will start working on a recipe…



OH BEBEH this camera is just the absolute dream. I have been thinking about taking the plunge for a wee while, but last month I finally bit the bullet and joined the Olympus clan.

I also nabbed the 45mm lens, and OH MA SWEET LAWDY it is sexy, even it ya have to stand on the other side of the room to get a snap. My new companion has given me a whole new lease of life with the ole blog and it feels bladddy good! If you are tinkin’ about making the investment, definitely go for it chum.



Isle of Wight St Helens

For my bro’s 30th buuurthday, we headed back home to the Isle of Wight for a bangin’ beach party. Obvs the sunshine cry laughed in my face and put me back in my place. Nah m8, here’s a reminder that you reside in England pal, deal with it… So we did! We popped up a gazebo on the beach, filled it with family, prosecco, good tunes (inc. Mambo No.5) and had a right laff. U ain’t raining on my parade, England.

August is gonna be aaaaaall about soaking up the last drops of summer. I am off to Brighton with the ladies, V Festival with the babes at Debenhams (HELLA excited for this) and nipping down to Devon to spend the bank holiday weekend with the Rogers clan. Fingers crossed I will also get this booty back in the gym and back on the mat, I have been a lil rubbish lately and it ain’t fair on mi bod!

What were your July highlights, what is your current Pimm’s pitcher count? I think mine is actually only four and I am V disappointed in myself.


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  • It sounds like you’ve had a fab month :) Victoria Sponge is my fave cake. My Grandma used to make the best cakes ever – I wish I would have had recipes from her before she passed away, although I don’t think she ever used to measure anything, she would just guess everything and it always turned out perfect, I don’t know how she did it! I keep meaning to check out Zoella’s one second every day video, I’m intrigued! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • I was a lovely four weeks, I just think they seem to be passing far too quickly :| Ah well that is the best way of baking! I think that just throwing in the ingredients is one of the joys of baking – I tend to do that… My my mum will always give me a telling off lol! Ah it is lovely, must be so special to watch back :) Immy x

  • Amy Eade

    Ahh I lovely doing one second a day, although I often forget and have to film whatever I’m watching on TV in the evening haha! Looks like you had an awesome July lovely, hope August is just as happy for you!
    Amy xx

    • Aaah how long have you been doing it for?! Lol yes there are a fair few shoots of Love Island on there haha! Thank you my love, and you :) Immy x

      • Amy Eade

        Since February so quite a while now! Kind of annoyed that I didn’t start at the very beginning of the year so I’d have the whole of 2017! Next year haha! xx

        • Yes loooool I am the same! Or my bday! Darn it lol. Immy x

  • Those pups are way too cute! It’s such a bummer that summer is slipping away, isn’t it? And sadly since I’m American, my Pimm’s pitcher count is at zero… but I hear all the time that I’m definitely missing out!

    • Ooooooh I know so sweet! Love mi doggies :( Oh no! I *think* I had a few ‘Pimm’s cups’ when I was living in NYC, not the same lol! When you are next in the UK, ya gotta order one (even in Winter hehe) Immy x

  • I know, summer jus kind of flew by, I don’t even know where it went! But I am not so eager for autumn just yet, I would quite like to keep the summer going for another couple of months :D Congrats on your new opportunity!! :)


    • I know, it has been a really lovely few months looking back on it – I think England (despite the odd bits of drizzle) has treated us well! I know, me too lol! It is so strange how we wish away time, always to eager for the next season! Thank you mi love :) Onwards and upwards fingers crossed! Hope you are well lass :) Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    It sounds like you had a good month. Those dogs are so adorable!!! That Victoria Sponge looks amazing! I’ve never tried Victoria Sponge before through.

    • Thank you so much Courtney! :) They are such sweeties aren’t they?! It was deeeelish, aaah what! Oh maaaan, you have to try it hehe, gotta be one of my favourite bakes! Immy x

  • Sounds like a fun month, even if the british weather was a bit poo!

    Lucie | Forever September

    • Ugh I knooooow :( We just gotta carry on regardless lol! Bladdy Britain >:( Hope you are well lass :) Immy x

  • I never appreciated the beauty of a Victoria sponge until I left the UK. Looks a great month!

    • Oh I knoooow, such a classic – I would definitely miss it if I left the UK!! Thank you my love, I hope you had a lovely July too? :) Immy x

  • Oh man, I’ve had one of those years when I don’t really know what I’ve actually been doing!! So jealous you saw All Saints at Kew Gardens, that sounds like the dream!! And thanks for the camera tip, Michele said he’d buy me a new camera for my birthday (which was in January…) and keeps asking me what I want but I’m so indecisive! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • I know lol me too! It is a bizarre one! Ah it was amazing, they are just so bloomin’ sassy haha! Also, Kew Gardens is such a perfect venue. Yesyesss, gal I would 100% recommend it, super easy to use and is insane quality – I would definitely pick up the 45mm lens too for bloggy bits :) Such a nice birthday pressie from Michele :) Immy x

  • Oh my god, so jealous you went to see All Saints! DREAM x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Aaaaaaaah Sophie it was amazing lol! SO many bangers! Immy x

  • You look amaaaaaazing in the white dress! The colour suits you perfectly! :)

    Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

    • Thank you so much Anika! Ya know what, I picked that dress up two years ago now haha! It has always been one of my faves, I just think the style is so timeless! Immy x

  • afternoons by the sea are my fave always <3

  • Daria Ed

    Love this blog post x
    Very well written! Will be reading more of your posts for sure.
    Keep it up!