Warehouse Summer Dress

I seem to be having lots of realisations recently. Is it something in the air? Is it the hormones? I ain’t quite sure to be honest with ya.

My mind has been hopping aaall over the shop, constantly over-thinking my career choices, what I’m doing with ma life and so on. It is a strange place, your twenties. You are so focused on being a ‘girl boss’, hitting milestones, trying to stay out of your overdraft, keep a roof over your head, stay fed & watered, see ya gal pals, see ya boyf and I dunno, travel the world that you forget to simply enjoy.

‘Coz of all the above, slipping into a routine just kinda happens. BUT what I’ve noticed is that I sometimes slip into what I call autopilot – going through the motions of day to day life, but not fully embracing it.

Warehouse Summer Dress

Mayfield Lavender Field

It can be far too easy to get so settled in a daily routine, that you could almost do with your eyes closed. You forget to notice the joy in everyday, the moments of happiness and just the feeling of content.

It took me a while to realise that happiness ain’t all about achievements, adventures and having dollars in the bank. Obvs this helps, but it is mostly down to how you choose to live each day. How you appreciate the ordinary.

Taking an extra two minutes in the shower just because cor blimey ain’t it LUSH to be chillin’ cascading warm water on a cold Monday morning?

Spending a little extra time on your dinner. Flicking through recipe books, chucking in some extra spice, doing something snazzy with your spuds.

Bagging a seat on the tube (HALLELU) and tucking in to a new book, rather than scrolling tweets.

Appreciating the JOY of guzzling your tea at the *perfect* drinking temperature.

Ya get the gist.

Embracing the simple everyday kinda activities, thats what I’m gonna try do more of.

Warehouse Summer dress

… And cuddle more dogs hehe.

Do you reckon you slip into a bit of an autopilot mode sometimes? Feels like a bit of an odd subject, but I fancied a chinwag ’bout it!

Oh also, my dress is from Warehouse. Despite it being *a bit* like a tablecloth, I think its kinda cute.


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