A Note on Perspective

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I am off to V Festival tomozza and I am pretty dayum excited. I have a fancy new frock to wear, the weather ain’t looking horrendous AND Craig David is playing. It is going to be a corker, even though I’m only there for the afternoon! What are your weekend plans gal?

Before the gin commences,  I wanted to have a quick chinwag about summin’ that has been on mi mind over the past few weeks.

Immy May lifestyle bloggers

I guess it’s a given in life that sh*t happens. We all have bad days, rubbish situations and doughnut moments.

It is far too easy to let these nuances of life get on top of you. To let the stress and worry consume you until you are a tearful, anxious lass. It’s pretty ‘orrible.

This kinda situ happened to me a few weeks back. It was a silly mistake, but something that I couldn’t totally control straight away. After feeling completely overwhelmed by the whole thing, I took a deep breath, and took a step back.

I realised that actually, everything really is temporary. There is no point sweating the small stuff, or letting a particular difficult situation cloud your day.

You have to keep perspective. To protect yourself, and remember aaaall the amazing things you have in your life. All the wonderful people who love and support you through everything, your health, your opportunities, the fact that actually, life is pretty sweet.

After days of feeling SO bloomin’ stressed and anxious, I just thought f*ck it. Life is far too short. I forgot about the negativity and got on with things that made me happy. It isn’t ignorance, just a way of looking after yourself, as that is the most important thing.

Immy May lifestyle bloggers

Immy May lifestyle bloggers

I guess this is just a little note to remind you to keep smiling, and when life throws a curve ball at ya, remember your support network and all the beaut things right in front of you.

I think thats about it. Now, go and have the best weekend, drink delicious bevs, av a massive lie in, eat an avo… You know the drill >:)


Shout out to Fifi Newbery for getting up at the crack of dawn to take snaps in Covent Garden, dodge security guards and eat almond croissants with me before I started work at 8:30. The dedication :o

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