Summer Beauty Routine

Summer Beauty

Oh hay, just me here to chat about make up for the second time in 2k17.

Quite the achievement for me to be honest with ya. It is mostly cake baking and chinwags over here, but I fancied a lil variety! I feel like my make up bag is looking pretty sexy right now, even though I did clean my grubby make up with face wipes before shooting these photos, but what ya gonna do eh? Loose powder and all that lark.

I am one of those gals who loves a lil route through a pals make up bag, just because I am nosy like that. If you share the same nosy tendencies, then I guess you might enjoy this?

I have got a bit of a solid summer make up routine goin’ on at the mo. Pretty much my every day of the year routine with added bronzer, but y’know. Here is my current face of makeup…

Summer Beauty

Summer beauty

Thought I would kick things off with my straight up ‘erry day skin care routine (morning and night) gal ain’t sassy enough for morning AND evening routines just yet.

I have found that the more basic the better when it comes to skin care. It is mostly aaall about eating ya greens, drinking water and getting enough kip.

Also, definitely didn’t realise that this was all Garnier, but y’know I am obvs no.1 Garnier fan gal and my skin seems to enjoy them,  and they are affordable, so I’m gonna go with it!

Summer Beauty Garnier


Micellar water has been my absolute go-to for yeeears now. It was my answer to face wipes (go to since ’06) and is just the dreeeeam. I have been known to just use this when I am sleepy, so there.

Once I have taken most of my make up off / freshened it up in the AM, I follow with the new rose water cleansing milk which is beaut and so soothing and gentle, perfect for pretty sensitive skin like mine. It also smells dreamy, which is always a plus.

Then the moisture bomb is definitely one my faves. It is the only moisturiser that doesn’t make my skin all greasy and unhappy.

Swiftly moving on to the face…

Summer Beauty Pixi


This lil Pixi babe was a gift in my Blogosphere awards goodie bag, and I am so bloomin’ chuffed with it. I have wanted to check out Pixi for a while, and I am V impressed indeed.

A perfect matte primer, especially with the clammy weather. I forgot how much I loved primer, if you are currently on the hunt for a one – I 100% recommend this bad boy.

Summer Beauty Max Factor Pixi


I am a bit trial and error when it comes to foundation. I think that everyone is different, so ya just have to check a few out and find your groove. The high(ish) SPF was essential for me, as sun cream and my face don’t get along so well. It is also pretty long lasting, easy to apply (with my hands) aaand I can’t bladdy chat about foundation to save my life lol! Basically, this is my second bottle of the stuff and I’m lovin’ it.

MAC bronzing highlighter


A few weeks back, me and my pal Jordan went to an event with MAC and Look Fantastic.  I felt VERY spoilt and very lucky to have some new sexy beasts in my make up bag. I gotta say, I am very impressed. This stuff works like a dream and makes me feel like some sort of bronzed summer goddess, which is never a bad thing, right?

Banana Dreams Loose powder


Of course, powder is the answer when the London Underground has zero air con and might just be as warm as the surface of the sun. I’ve never tried loose powder before, but this stuff is dreamy (even though it does cover my entire make up bag, clothes, duvet, carpet etcetc). Anything for a sweat free t zone right?

Real Techniques bronzing brush


I am touching pan on this, always a sign of a good bronzer ey? Not much to report on this one, this baby just helps my white face look a more similar colour to my brown body.

Sleek brow kit


These brow kits have been a make up bag reg over the past few years. After my first visit to benefit to sort my slugs out, I purchased my first brow kit. I am still a bit rubbish at getting my brows to look good, but I’m giving it a go. Anyway, sisters not twins innit.

MAC eye shadow palette


So the one conveniently in focus (haven’t quite worked out how my Olympus works yet) is my favourite in this palette. It is the dreamiest, shimmeriest (is that a word?) gold and the pigment is amaaazing. I also have my eye on the plum shade for autumn OOH BEBH.

Summer beauty picks


This Collection 2000 eyeliner has been with me since time began. It is hands down the best liquid eyeliner out there and one of the cheapest, I love it. Also, Loreal mascara’s are always the one.

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick


I always feel my sassiest in a red lip, especially when that red lip is Ruby Woo. So matte, so dreamy. I think it will be a staple for the rest of the year!

Summer Beauty

… Finding it V hard to do a ‘serious’ pose in front of Matt.

What are your staples at the mo? I would like to find a few new skin care bits to check out, if there is any you would recommend?


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