June Love List

Tooting Bec Lido

What a month. It has been HOT here in London, like proper damn sticky.

I have had ice cream *almost* every single day, we invested in a fan (best decision EVER) and got Alan Titchmarsh on our garden. We spent the whole afternoon trimming it up good and proper, adult / weed extracting life is riveting I tell ya. BUT it is so lovely to nip out there after work with a cool bevvy and soak up the evening sunshine.

Although, we are back to the usual grey and drizzle now, classic Britain ey? Fingers and toes crossed summer 2K17 ain’t over just yet.

It felt like June was over as quick as you could say ‘caramel frappuccino plz’ but actually, I had to refer back to my diary and remind myself of various antics.

The summer months are always jam packed. Crammed with spontaneous BBQ’s with friends, beer garden sessions, a handful of blogging events and social bits and bobs.  Heading out into the sunshine for ice creams and/or cold cider is just far too tempting. Although, I am damn knackered now. I type this with a banging headache, sore throat and that nasty overtired anxious feeling too. Someone get this gal a bath, cuppa T and bed (with fresh bedding plz & thx).

I couldn’t pop up this Love List without mentioning the heartbreaking news that took place in our city over the past four weeks. I seems like over and over again the news has woken me up in a state of shock and despair, but as always, we pull together. We will be united and spread the love far and wide in all ways possible. <3

So, what’s been gwarnin’ in June?



So, ma bezzie got engaged. The wedding isn’t until 2019, but it’s never too early for a celebration, is it? I made a little FB event and got everyone together for a surprise picnic and lots of prosecco down in Winchester. Even though they caught us red handed leaving the train station (I ended up running across the road throwing confetti like a crazy lady) the whole day was just beaut. Bringing old friends together always gives me that warm ‘n’ fuzzy feelin’.



The Kenton

As we have grown older, we have adopted a habit of meeting other couples for lunch or dinner, taking turns each time of choosing where to go. Sometimes we will cook at home, sometimes we will head out to somewhere delicious. On arguably the hottest day of the year, we ventured east (V hungover) for one of the best veggie roasts I have ever tasted at The Kenton. It was SO good, despite feeling all kinds of wrong for eating a roast in 30°C heat!



I ain’t gonna lie, gals not much of a beauty blogger. I think about cake more than I do concealer, but I have become V lucky in the ole makeup department this month. Earlier this week I got treated to a whole bunch of MAC goodies at the Look Fantastic X MAC event. I will always remember venturing into MAC with very hormonal skin and treating myself to my first ever foundation and lipstick that wasn’t from Boots. I have always loved their lipsticks, and I am SO chuffed I have got my mitts on another BEAUT Ruby Woo, I am loving the red lip at the mo!



Immy May Blogosphere Blog Awards

Immy May and Hello Miss Jordan

Myself and my gal Jordan kindly got invited to the Blogosphere Blog Awards last week. We weren’t nominated, but spruced up and headed down to feel inspired by all the wonderful ladies and gents in the industry. So many bloomin’ talented people in one (V clammy) room. Felt a little bit emosh when Hannah Gale won blogger of the year. SO bladdy deserved, she is a helluva babe and such a huge inspiration to me… And a lot of us I’m sure! Positive vibez all round.

Hannah Gale Blogger of the Year



My mum spotted a cheeky Time Out deal for Brixton Beach earlier this month. If it wasn’t for Time Out (and my mum), I probs wouldn’t know that gems like this existed. It was such a lovely evening (bar the 90 min wait for mac n cheese :O :o :O) and a perfect summer time hang out. They also do salsa lessons on a Thursday that I am 100% up for.



Richmond Park Bike Ride

I got my bootay on a bike this month. I’m not the most confident of cyclists, not gonna lie. I usually only cycle on our annual trip to Center Parcs, ALAS Matt’s G’dad kindly lent me his bike for the summer. We cycled up to Richmond Park (on roads and errythang) and I loved it. I’m not sure the 1938102 cars and buses behind me did but wotevs innit. Gotta start somewhere >:) Matt has pretty much put me through a refresher cycling proficiency (much to his amusement) and now we can nip everywhere on ’em, V handy.



We did it. Each summer we say we will buy a fan, but never do. The sweaty, sleepless nights are no more. With all the shops closed on a hot Sunday evening, we spotted a fan winking at us from the corner shop. £30 later, we were on the sofa, in our pants, letting the breeze just fill the room. SUCH bliss. The noisy (but cool) nights are worth it.



Fat Face Summer Range Overhead lace

I finally got the chop. My hair was in need of TLC, It hadn’t been seen to in over a year (!)Mostly because getting a hair cut in London is $$$$ / I’m lazy, BUT I found a deal. RUSH offer 50% off for first timers, £50 hair cut for £25 YAS QUEEN. I popped down and they chopped off aaaaaall the dead ends and I am SO happy with my bouncy, shiny locks! If you are after an overdue chop, check RUSH out fo’sho, they are all over the UK.

July is looking pretty packed with birthdays, a cheeky Island visit and posssssibly booking flights to Santa Pola for a long weekend with Matt and chums, even though we aren’t planning on going till September, it feels good to have a date in the diary. Sangria, tapas and beach I am SO ready for ya.

What did ya get up to in June chum?


Oh btw, gals over on InstagramTwitterBloglovinYouTube and Snapchat (immymay) teehee.

  • firstly the photos in this blog post are INSANE. like ANOTHER LEVEL OF BEAUTY. you, just you.

    it sounds like you had a super busy month, how on earth have you been getting by in life WITHOUT a fan up until this point?! are you a mad woman?! welcome to the blissful sounds of my daily sleeping pattern…i can barely sleep at all without a little cool breeze these days!!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

    • Ooooooooooooooooh Katie u makin’ me blush heheh >:) Thank you gal. I KNOW RIGHT actual madness, my life was a shambles before this point. So simple, but SO DAMN GOOD. Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    Ahh this post makes me feel SO summery even though it’s super grey outside at the moment. There’s so many things I still want to do before Autumn comes so the sun better come back ASAP! That first picture is reminding me of my promise to visit a lido at LEAST once this year too – I can’t believe it’s already July, I’m running out of time haha!

    Ps. You looks so pretty in that Blogosphere Awards picture – such a lovely dress! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Heheee! Aaaall about the summer vibes, although I am V happy about the current scenario outside ATM, all about the blue skied, sunny mornings :) I know, there are so many lovely summery bits and bobs I want to fit in before all the pumpkin spice lattes etcetc come about! Thank you so much lovely lady :) Immy x

  • YOU LOOK AMAZING AT THE BLOGOSPHERE BLOG AWARDS. Sorry that was a little enthusiastic, but seriously – beautiful. And also your boobs look great in that dress (just sayin’). Your June sounds deeee-blooming-lightful and pretty busy…it flew by for me too! Cant wait for more summer stuff in July, BBQs, beer gardens, etc etc. Sophie xxx


    • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo thank you Sophie! Aaaaay >;) It is a V booby dress I must say. It was wonderful, I can’t wait for another few months of summertime shenanigans, I WILL get myself to the beach this month, I can’t wait to go back home to the Island! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Gurlllllllllll how amazing do you look at the blog awards?! SO pleased that Hannah won, she’s such a babe and also a huge inspiration to me too! :) Your hair looks bloody banging lady! I walked past the Brixton beach last week before it a gig, it looked so fun! We ended up going to Brixton Pop which was cool and definitely worth checking out love!

    Hayley xo

    • Thank you so much Hayley ya babe :) Yes, so bladdy deserved… I can’t wait to see her on the cover – absolutely increds. Oooh yes, Brixton Pop is so lovely – my friend actually has a show at Reprezent which is in Brixton Pop, so damn cool! I hope you are well and have lots more adventures planned for the next month :) Immy x

  • congrats on your engagement. a picnic sounds like the perfect thing to celebrate it. i would love to have a summer picnic soon.


    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wish I had got engaged hehe, it was my bezzie >:) One day, one day… But yes can’t beat a summer picnic! You gotta plan one in the next month maybe :) Immy x

  • Oh yay how lovely is this list, you always give me such a warm fuzzy feeling lovely! It sounds like you’ve had one hell of a month!! Your new do looks gorgeous and really suits you! What a lovely idea a surprise picnic is, I bet your friends adored it. Wishing you the best July ever!
    Peta x

    • Oooh Peta <3 thank you lovely lady, it is always nice to reflect on the months highlights! Thank you – I can't believe how much it has grown already!? Madness! It was a beautiful day, so nice to see my chums after so long as well! You too dalling gal :) Immy x

  • Julia Day

    You are such a beaut, lady! The blog awards looked amazing, I was so happy that Hannah won as well. I go to Rush as well (although it’s £10 cheaper here oop north) and am always flicking my hair about smugly afterwards.

    I really enjoy your love lists, they remind me to be positive. :)

    Julia x

    • Thank you Juliaaa :) It was a lovely eve, and so nice to see Hannah do amazingly! Such a babe. Ooh really! Everything is priced up in London, it makes me sad lol :( I remember getting my hair cut on the Isle of Wight for £10, when I moved up I was so shocked haha! I love the smugness of a fresh cut, so swishy and sassy hehe. Ah thank you so much lady, I really like writing them – every month has ups and downs, but you gotta remind yourself of the good stuff :) Immy x

  • The blog awards looked so fun. So cool you were invited! The weather has been crazy here recently, I definitely need to buy a fan! That picnic idea sounds awesome though. I love a good picnic! (As long as I’ve taken my hayfever stuff)…

    Jaynie Shannon*


    • Aaaah it was lovely to be invited along, maybe next year I will pop myself forward… We shall see lol! I know haha, dooooooooooo it Jaynie it will be the best decision ya make this summer! It was lovely, my boyf definitely struggled due to hayfever (such a pain in the bum) but he gets these amazing tablets from Wilkos that are super cheap and effective – Loretadine or something? Definitely try em out if you get it badly! Immy x

  • Courtney Hardy

    Dang you are pretty. I like lunch with friends too, it’s very fun.

    • Ooooh Courtney thank you my love <3 It is isn't it? Such a nice way to spend the afternoon! Immy x

  • I LOVE that top in the new hair photo (also look amazing!) Where is it from?

    • Ah thank you so much! It is from Fat Face :) I have worn in SO much already so far this summer – proper comfy and looks nice with anything / everything :) Immy x

  • You looked stunning at the Blogosphere Awards! Sounds like a fabulous month x


    • Thank you so much lady! :) Was a lovely evening, I hope you had a lovely June, and an even better July! Immy x

  • So lucky you got to attend the blogosphere blog awards, looked amazing – and you look beautiful!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Aaaaah thank you Lucy! Was lovely, *might* put myself forward for one next year… Maybe! I hope you are well chick xxx

  • Love the dress you wore for the blogosphere blog awards.


    • Thank you Nathalie! Love a Topshop number, although it is V revealing on a windy eve :o Thank you for stopping by my love. Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    Sounds like such a good month for you – you looked SO glam at the awards ceremony too!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you so much Chloe my looove! Will have to whip that dress out again soon >:) Immy x

  • It’s been so hot!! I’ve just invested in a fan myself, desperately needed. Looking lovely at the awards!