Summer Adventures In London

Fat Face Summer Range Bikini

Why aren’t the summer holidays a thing when you become a proper adult?

This annual leave codswallop is a joke. 20 days? R u mad bruv?

What happened to the six week break? Summer holidays were the dream, weren’t they? Endless adventures, sleepovers, camping trips, holidays, BBQ’S and a lot of time chillin’ and den making down the beach hut.

Things aren’t quite the same these days. Work happens ALL year round. Imagine that? It took me a while to come to terms with being in big sweaty city over the summer months. But you learn that you gotta focus on whats on your door step. Adventure is out there, you just gotta look!

I have collaborated with Face Face on their Summer range.

I’m gonna be honest, the plan was to nip off to the seaside and get sassy shots of the gorgeous garms on a nautical back drop, it it just wasn’t happening. Hectic diary, little dollar… Gals gotta stay in the smoke. I figured you might be doing the same the summer, so I why not make the most of what we have?

Over the past few summers in London, I have discovered a few gems. There are a lot more I want to show you (I will take you for the adventure, obvs) but I thought we could start off at the one closest to home.

Up until last year I didn’t even though this place existed! Fancy a dip? Tooting Bec Lido is where the party’s at.

Tooting Bec Lido

Tooting Bec Lido

Tooting Bec Lido

Just down the road from my gaff, there is a haaauge fresh water pool (largest in the UK, say whaaat).

Nestled in Tooting Bec Common, the Lido is the PERF place for those hot summer days where you ain’t quite sure what to do with yourself. I can’t believe it has only just come into my life, water lovely surprise!

You know when you just really, REALLY need to submerge yourself in a cool body of water? That is exactly how I feel in London pretty much erry day.

We have been blessed with a few sunny weekends recently and ya gotta embrace it when you can. Pack a bag inc. a towel, corker of a picnic and some spare change for ice cream.

It is a around £7 entry, so head down early doors and make a day of it.

Find a shady (or sunny) spot beneath the trees.

Fat Face Summer Range Overhead lace

Set up camp. Throw out your blanket, unpack the speaker, books, snacks and Pimm’s (compulsory). Get comfy in your poolside glad rags.

Fat Face Lace over head

Fat Face

This lace overhead from Fat Face is quickly becoming my summer staple, it is light, cute and perfect for throwing on over just about everything. (Ft. my sexy looking midge bites, mmmm lovely!)

Starting to feel a lil warm? Lets dive in. Or y’know take 10239 years to climb down the steps as it is furrrrrrrreeeezing!

Fat Face Bikini

Once you are in and under, it is dreamy. You can either swim (it is a very long way to the other end!) or just y’know frolic in the shallows which is what I did. It was also an excuse to show of my new bikini hehe. When browsing FF’s swimwear, this gem was by far my fave. Such a dreamy print and also SO comfy and secure, especially when you have larger bosoms… Nothing worse than worrying about an accidental flash whilst swimming! Also, the price tag is proper decent. Why are most bikinis/underwear so expensive?!

It does get pretty busy, especially on V hot days – but as it is huge, so it doesn’t get too chocca. There is a cafe for chips, cold cans of coke and ice cream – but if ya fancy a full on feast, bring along your own grub.

The Lido is open from 06:00 – 8:00PM till the end of August. Whaddya reckon?

Lemme know your fave summertime London gems, I would LOVE to check them out. Here’s to summer in the citaaayy!


Snaps by the wonderful Oscar May.

This post was kindly sponsored by Face Face, but obvs the love for beaut garments, swanning around in a new bikini etc etc are all my own.

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