Strawberry & Almond Summer Salad

Strawberry and Almond summer saladThis beaut of a salad has been a regular in my fam over the past few summers. We call it ‘Salad Oscar’ as my bro friggin’ loves it and whips it up whenever possible.

When this bowl of dreams was first popped on the table in front of me, I thought it was all a bit odd. Strawberries and almonds in a salad? What is this sorcery? Once I tried it, I was V pleasantly surprised.

I have been known to pair strawbs with savory grub (see this breakfast gem), so why not chuck ’em in a salad too?

Strawberry and almond summer salad

We have been #blessed with the dreamiest weather here in England over the past few weeks. Although, I’m not gonna lie, the heat has been i n t e n s e. The tube is the surface of the sun, my fan is my best mate and I am seriously considering shaving my head. BUT the warm, light evenings have been dreamy.

Mid-week BBQ’s, dinner alfresco and aaall the picnics have been SO bloomin’ lovely.

This salad is perf for all the above. Fancy giving it a whirl? Here is what you need for two hungry people:


1 punnet of Strawberries

1 medium bag of spinach

a few handfuls of flaked almonds


2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp wholegrain mustard

Juice of half a lemon

sea salt


Add any additional bits and bobs to make it into a light supper – we had fried halloumi and focaccia drizzled in basil olive oil. OOFT.

Firstly rinse and thickly slice your strawbs (one for you, one for the salad kinda ting). Gently toast your flaked almonds, keep an eye on ’em – they burn very quickly! Wash your spinach and start layering.

Spinach, followed by strawbs, almonds and a bit of pepper… repeat till you are finished.

Pop all your dressing ingredients into a bowl and mix it aaaaaaall up. Pour over the salad, toss it all together and there ya have it…

strawberry and almond summer salad

Strawberry and Almond summer salad

Pour yourself a few glasses of something delish (& cold) and dig in.

rose lemonade

rose lemonade

Lol… We had to bring the salad back inside as Matt’s hay fever was SO bad, I have never suffered with it *touches wood* but it is a RIGHT mare isn’t it?!

What do ya think of strawbs in a salad, have you tried it before?


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  • Firstly dreamy photos girl, like something out of a cookbook! I’m on board with fruits in salad (love a mango salad myself!) This looks super tasty and easy to rustle up for these hot Summer days. The heat has been intense hasn’t it, my home feels like there’s no air at all!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Thank you so much Hanh! I am just bloomin’ loving my new camera, the 45mm lens in the dream. Oooh I must try mango… What do you pair it with? I knoooow, I just want a breeze! Cannot WAIT for a cold shower and an ice cream when I get home haha! Immy x

      • The new camera is worth it! I’ve had a mango duck salad before, which was pretty good :)

        Have a fab evening – a cold shower is a must these days!

  • GeekyGlasses Girl

    Love this salad girl, the strawberries and savoury thing totally works!
    I’m at if you want to take a peek!
    Love and kindness,

    • Thanks gal! It really does, so happy I actually gave it a try! Oooh thank you dallin’ I will have a read :) Immy x

  • I wasn’t sure at all about strawberries in a salad but this sounds really nice. I love halloumi with salad too yum! x


    • I know, I was the same – I remember being so freaked out by fruit in a salad haha! It is surprisingly lovely – essssepcially with a generous pile of grilled halloumi on top! So damn fine. Immy x

  • I’m not normally one to mix sweet and savoury but this sounds YUM! Thanks for sharing :) x

    • I know, me neither! I would have hated the idea of this a few years ago lol. I would only ever pair strawberries with cream or summin’! Let me know if you try it beautiful lady :) Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    This does sound super tasty! I’m a bit funny about mixing sweet and savory but I recently had a GORGEOUS Indian spiced salad with mango. So tasty!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Oooooh that sounds delish! Need to try a mango salad, so refreshing! Hope you are well my love? Immy x

  • It looks so tasty ! The pictures are beautiful ! I am going to try this asap !

  • It looks so good! So fresh and perfect for summer.

    xx, Melissa

    • Thank you Melissa :) The best summer salad, my family are so obsessed haha! Hope you are well chica x

  • I love strawberries and mint. I’m moving out in a week so am currently eating whatever is left in my flat, but once I have a proper kitchen, I will get my fill of greens and fruit with this. Also it’s so pretty to add fruit in salad (do it for the gram lol)

    • Oooh yes such a good pairing! Maybe I should chuck some mint in there too!? It is also V pretty hehe >:) Oooh exciting, where are you moving to!? Immy x

      • I’m staying near Borough Market, then Victoria and then in August I’m moving back to Montreal! Lots of moves and travels this summers, I live in suitcases haha but well worth it.

  • That is my favourite salad for the summer. Wish I knew where I can purchase a instagrammable rose lemonade.

    • Hehe mine too! I wanna try out a few different variations over summer :) Where do ya live? I got those bottles from Sainsbury’s for £1! They taste so goooooooood. Immy x

  • These salad sounds and looks dreamy, definitely need to try this for summer! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Heather Xx