A Half Year Review

Daisy Green London

Gurl, we are officially over the half way point of 2017. How do ya feel?

I bang on about it in every Love List, but sweet lawdy the past six months have flown by, haven’t they?!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty laaavely six months. Starting with our annual trip to Centre Parcs, followed by adventures in Thailand, a handful of beaut weekends with family, friends and the boy. I have crossed a few bits and bobs off the ole ‘2017 goals‘ list too.

Matt gave me my first ever Moleskine diary for Christmas, so I put it to use and started my first Bullet Journal (which I blogged about here). It has stayed by my side pretty much ‘erry day so far this year, but I used it to within an inch of its life, I had to splurge on a fresh one last week! My list making, calendar making addiction is quite clearly out of control.

Bullet Journal

As I am starting a fresh diary, I thought I would pop together a lil half year review.

I wrote a post back in January called Never, Ever Give Up. In the huge rush of January motivation, I wanted to bottle up the energy. All the fresh start, anything is possible vibez, then chug it aaaaall down to carry me through the rest of the year with as much gusto as I started. (definitely need to say the word ‘gusto’ more often).

So, I’m cracking open that bottle. As always, I fancied a chat on ‘ere to reflect on the past six months.

Bullet Journal

I have sort of managed to stick to the goals I set out in January.

As always, I jotted down a list of ten things I wanted to achieve within the year. Things I have always wanted to do, like training for and completing a 10k run. Flicking past that goal every day got mi bum in gear and I actually went out and did it *pats on back*.

Other things on the list were to do with this corner of the internet, writing more, documenting life, taking the blog back to the old school and posting what gets aaall ma creative juices flowin’. There was also one on there along the lines of ‘hit 10k on Instagram’ and I ain’t gonna reach that any time soon.

I realised over the past months that actually, hitting a follower count makes no difference to your life. It is fo’sho a blogging mile stone to conquer, but it defo doesn’t deserve your energy, or any kind of stress at all. Life is far too short!

The things that really deserve you energy are making an extra effort to spend time with family, visiting home more often, looking out for your chums, going on spontaneous date nights just because.

Bullet Journal

Kikki.K Bullet Journal

This year I *think* I have found my focus. I say *think* because gal likes to change the plan ‘erry five mins. BUT I feel good about this one.

I am still tapping away on reception desk, but I know where I wanna be. I have a plan and it seems legit, I just gotta put in the graft. Let’s do thiiiiis!

SO. Here are my goals for the rest of 2K17:

Keep on working my socks off round here (this blog)

Post what I want, when I want on Instagram, and stop stressin’ over algorithm sh*t

Visit Santa Pola, even just for a long weekend of drinking sangria and eating tapas in the sunshine

Weekly vlog AND try out vlogmas. I have always wanted to have a go at it!

Get on my mat and practice yoga each morning (even just for 10 mins)

Go on a weekend jolly to somewhere in Europe, pref to a Christmas market or summin’

I might have to come back and add a few more on ‘ere, but these are a few things off the top of mi head.

What are your goals for the next six months?

Daily Green London

Snaps taken at the beaut Daisy Green.


P.S I’m over on… Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, YouTube and Snapchat (immymay) teehee.

  • Oh your posts never fail to put a smile on my face Immy!! What wonderful goals for the rest of the year :D I can’t wait to watch your vlogmas!! I think I’m going to do vlogmas again this year, even though it was nearly the end of me last year! I’m so glad you’ve mentioned how you feel in regards to a follower count on instagram now, I feel exactly the same. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders now that I post when I want, how I want and don’t worry about that bloody algorythm!!

    Wising you all the best with the rest of your goals for 2017, I am sure you’ll smash them!
    I’ll be rooting for you!
    Peta x

    • Ooh thank you so much Peta :) I am definitely gonna give it my best shot, fingers crossed it won’t be too boring lol! Yes, I bet it is so bladdy busy?! So. Much. Editing. Exactly, glad we are having the same thoughts on this – it is such a pain in the bum, I can’t let it bother me anymore! Thank you my loooove :) Let’s make it a good six months! Immy x

  • Oh Immy you have done SO much this year already! You must feel a little bit accomplished ;) I tend to practice yoga at some point everyday and its definitely worth it, even if only for the headspace! xxx


    • Aaah thank you my love, looking at my goals list it seems like I have so much more still to tick off! But ya gotta give yourself a little pat on the back regardless. Absolutely, it makes such a difference to my day! I loooove a good stretch. Immy x

  • These are great goals.

    I’ve recently started vlogging, it is so much fun! You should definitely do it :)

    Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle


    • Thank you my love! Ah have ya? I will nip over and check them out, hehe I may have to! Just need to stick at it… Immy x

  • I’ve never even heard of Santa Pola! It actually took seeing this post for me to realise we’re halfway through the year, that’s crazy! Love your goals and honestly, forget about the Insta numbers. I hit 10K a few months ago and since then, just wanted to go bigger. With the algorithm changes, that’s not gonna happen any time soon so I’m just gonna enjoy Instagram for what it is :)

    • Oooh it is a little town just down the coast from Valencia, I defo wouldn’t have heard of it if it wasn’t for Matt’s family having a flat out there! It is a nice little gem, so much good food too >:) Oh really, I know! I swear it is just relentless lol. Thank you for that my love :) It is just an app at the end of the day! Immy x

  • oh thailand sounds lovely. i have all my trip coming up. london, amsterdam, maybe new york…its all going down. please do vlogmas. i will be doing it too.


    • It was such an amazing few weeks, I cannot wait to go back and discover more! Ooooooh exciting!! We were thinking about a trip to NYC around Christmas, how insane would that be!? Are ya? I would love to… Need to start preppin’ myself now >:) Immy x

  • Making half year reviews sounds like a good plan. I’ve been meaning to do goals, but always procrastinate on them, lol. But for the next six months, I want to work on my blog more and write consistent blog posts.


    • Yes, it is really good to review and re-center ready for the next few months. I feel like so many of my goals have changed already! They sound like great goals, I also need to be consistent with posting – gonna aim for twice a week! Immy x

  • I think I need to get on this bullet journal hype, I also love the goal to practice yoga every morning for ten minutes, that is such a great idea! I might try it, is there anything specific you do or like a video you follow? Great post, love this half year review, stunning photos too. Hope you have a great day xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • I am such a fan of the bullet journal! It keeps me in check fo’sho. Yes, definitely going to try it – for practicing at home, I usually go with Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, she is SO so good and such a babe! Thank you so much Kiran, you too :) Immy x

  • I’m sure you’ll achieve all your goals lovely – you’ve inspired me to create some sort of list because before we know it’ll be 6 months later again!!

    Also Daisy Green looks so delightful!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Thank you so much Hanh :) Yesss you are so right! Just need to keep up the motivation and stick to them, I will be so pleased I did come Christmas! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Love this post beautiful lady – I absolutely cannot agree anymore about this year, I genuinely can’t believe it’s nearly July, like WTFFFFF happened?! You’ve smashed the first half of this year girl and I absolutely know that you’ve got the second half too! I would also love to visit a Christmas market in Europe, I’ve never been and want to go every year so hopefully I get around to it this year! :)

    Hayley xo

    • Thank you my love :) I know rigggggggght?! You have done so so much this year gal it is amazing! Fingers crossed, hard to keep up the motivation sometimes. It would be so magical! I have been to one in Cologne before, so bladdy amazing! Immy x

  • I love the diary!
    looks like you have had an amazing time :)

    The Fashion Matters- Luxury Travel & Fashion Blog

    • Than you so much lady! Looking forward for the next half – fingers crossed there will be some nice bits and bobs in store :) Immy x

  • I’m training for my first half marathon – yikes! x

  • Read this a few days ago and loved it. You achieved so much! Amazing.
    I personally have so much going on it’s hard to handle all the changes. Graduating in 2 weeks (results come in next week lol), moving back to Montreal in August and starting a new degree back home. My goals are to stay mindful and be open to everything that is happening. Most importantly, I don’t want to dwell in sadness because my time in London is coming to an end (for now). One of my fave quotes is “Don’t frown because it’s over, smile because it happened” by Dr Seuss and I plan on making it a big part of my life. It’s all so exciting and so terrifying. Also goal is to start up my blog again in the coming weeks, stay tuned.
    This was a long comment soz. xx

    • Ah Caroline, thank you lovely lady :) Oh wow that is a lot of changes in a short space of time gal, but fresh starts are aaaaall part of the adventure. I always get nervous about change, but it is healthy to start new chapters and you will have the best time I’m sure! :) That is the loveliest quote – Dr. Seuss always knows! Ooooooh I will do >:) It’s all good, s’all about the conversation :) Immy x

  • These sound like great goals Immy! I think you’re right, blogging needs to be enjoyable and not something to beat yourself up over when you don’t have time/material (hence the fact I have been so damn absent lately.. heh) but you’re already an amazing blogger just from your own natural style :) also love that last pic of the flowers and fairylights, hello wedding decoration inspiration! xxx
    Lucy @ ,a href=”http://www.la-lingua.co.uk”>La Lingua

  • These sound like great goals Immy! I think you’re right, blogging needs to be enjoyable and not something to beat yourself up over when you don’t have time/material (hence the fact I have been so damn absent lately.. heh) but you’re already an amazing blogger just from your own natural style :) also love that last pic of the flowers and fairylights, hello wedding decoration inspiration! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

    • Thank you Lucy my love :) I definitely need to get going with yoga again, it makes such a massive difference to everything haha! Oh that is so lovely to say :) Just gotta keep doing you innit. I hope you are well and finally able to relax now? I know right, so so beautiful! Immy x

  • rae

    i hope you get to fulfill the rest of your goals this year! i wish you well :)

    xoxo, rae

    • Oooh thank you Rae :) You too! Sure we can smash ’em! Immy x

  • I’ve never been a goal setter but I think I really need to get onto it. I hear you on the instagram drama, you can get caught up in the mechanics of it and forget to just enjoy posting the pictures you love and liking all the pretty in your feed.


    • Ah yes, I am such an avid goal setter – not sure why, it just helps me figure out where I’m at and how I’m getting on! Yes you can get SO caught up so easily, just gotta remember it for what it really is – just an app lol! Thank you for stopping by Paula :) Immy x