Beside the Seaside, Whitstable

Immy May Whitstable

Oooooooooooh I do like to be beside the seasiddde!

How was your BH weekend? I am LOVING the flurry of long weekends we are being treated to right now.

The b l i s s of having bevs on Sunday afternoon followed by Monday mornin’ lay ins (sans the 6AM alarm, eeeeewwweee).

I also love having time for a proper adventure. Get the chores out the way on Sunday, leaving a whole day free for gallivanting with chums. That’s what BH Mondays are for, right? My babin’ blogger pals Fifi, Jordan and I thought it would be nice to venture over to Whitstable for some frolicking on the beach, fish ‘n’chips and ice cream (obvs ice cream) >:)

Armed with all road trip snacks M&S had to offer (veggie Percy Piggs and a bucket mini rolls FYI) Fifi and I hopped on the train outta London.

It was grey, windy and rainy. But y’know, a bit of rain ain’t gonna put us Brits off a trip to the seaside.

Whitstable Beach UK



It is easy to feel like the seaside is out of reach when you live in London. You forget there is a world beyond zone 3 and end up living in a little bubble where the South Bank becomes your beach!

First stop, the beach huts.

I’m not gonna lie, this was blogger h e a v e n. The most beaut set of candy cotton beach huts satisfying the ever growing blogger craving for pastel walls.

I picked my coordinated hut.

Immy May Whitstable

Fifi picked hers.

Fifi Newbery Whitstable

We were all pretty snap-happy for about 10 mins before trotting down to the beach. Oh, and the sun decided to come on out YAAAS.

Whitstable Beach Immy May

We strolled along the shore, appreciating ALL the cute dogs, ice cream stands and a lot of nippers with their faces COVERED with Mr. Whippy.

Whitstable Seaside

Whitstable Seaside

Whitstable Seaside

There were markets, more fish ‘n’ chip shops than you can shake a stick at and HUGE mountains of oyster shells on every corner.

All the talk of fish ‘n’ chips made us hungry, so Jordan showed us to apazza the best fish ‘n’ chip shop in the UK, VC Jones.

VC Jones Whitstable

Fish 'n' Chips Whitstable V C Jones

Bags of salty, vinegar drenched goodness in hand, we made our way to the nearest sun trap to gobble.

Fish 'n' Chips Whitstable

Belly’s full of goodness, we continued our adventure.

Dipping in and out of quaint shops, past wisteria adorned homes, with a few cheeky snaps along the way.

Whitstable Seaside

Whitstable Shopping

Whitstable Town

Bloggers in Whitstable

Getting lost in a new place is one of my favourite things to do. Especially when they are so bloomin’ dreamy! I never expected Whitstable to be such a gem, I felt at home even though I had never stepped foot in the town before.

Whitstable Harbour

It was about time for an ice cream, don’t ya think?

Jordan persuaded me to try an oyster instead of my usual Mr. Whippy. Apparently its the next best thing. A chocolate and coconut dipped shell with marshmallow, filled with vanilla ice cream…

Oyster Ice cream Whitstable

I might be a convert, it was gone in approx. 30 seconds.

With slightly aching feet, V windswept hair and enough photos to last a lifetime, we made it back to Jordan’s car. I discovered ‘Now That’s What I Call Disney’ (classic Jordan) and we sang *howled* all the way back to the station.

The perfect BH Monday!

P.S my gal Fifi vlogged the whole day, have a ganders here

What did you get up to?


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  • It looks like you had a fab time! You’re such a babin’ trio x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Ooh thank you my looove! Such cool chicks haha, next time you are down in London we should all meet for cocktails, would be lovely to catch up IRL! Immy x

  • This post makes me so happy, esp when its cold and grey outside! You gals look so cute, those beach huts though!! I need to make a visit to Whistable :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • It is so soothing to look back on – we were very lucky the sun decided to come out! Hehe thank you Hanh :) I hope you have had the most wonderful time in Japan – I can’t wait to read all about it, your Instagram is making me V envious indeed! You do, it is so beautiful :) Immy x

      • Thanks hun, we did! xx

  • These photograph are gorgeous, how on earth your bank holiday was so sunny and beautiful? Mine was grey, rainy and stuck inside haha. Perhaps I need a trip to Whitstable.

    chloe | mojichlo

    • Ya know what, I don’t even know?! It started so badly haha! I am very happy the sun eventually came out, makes such a difference! Oh no :( Yes gal you would really love it, such a nice little break, even only for a day! Immy x

  • NatalieLeanne

    Gorgeous pics babe! x

    • Thank you so much lovely lady! :) Immy x

  • Ahh girls you look gorgeous! Absolutely love that you found beach huts to match your outfits, I would for sure try to do the same haha. Never been to Whitstable but it looks dreamy, what a lovely bank holiday. I went to find bluebells in the woods :) (which would have been lovely as a photo backdrop, but I didn’t think about that and thus wore a very strange outfit and no make up, oops)
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • Ah thank you Sophie :) looool I know, such basic bloggers it hurts! I am usually very much the same on a bank holiday, gotta go comfy! Not gonna lie, I was pretty chilly in that dress! Thank you for stopping by lass :) Immy x

  • Alya Mooro

    Ooh this looks so lovely!! What a great idea for a day trip!

    Alya / moorizzla xx

    • Thank you Alya! It was such a lovely day, so glad we actually went! Just gotta get out of the city sometimes, it’s good for the soul! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    OMG you girls are the cutest! So glad you had a lovely day; sounds like a dreamy bank holiday TBF! P.s loving that dress on you lady – the colour really suits you!

    Hayley xo

    • Ooooooo hehe thank you Hayley :) It was the best, I can’t wait to go back over the summer at some point! The dress is beaut isn’t it?! Topshop have got the goooods! Thank you for stopping by sweet lady. Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I LOVE Whitstable – it also has the prettiest sunsets!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Oooooh really?! I need to go back and stay over night so I can see one! Hope you are well lovely lady :) Immy x

  • Coordinating beach huts are an absolute must! And I love love love your dress! Gorgeous photos, hurray for bank holiday sunshine
    M x Life Outside London

    • Yes! It was such a blogger goldmine haha! Thank you so much Michelle :) I just can’t wait to wear it without feeling nippy (not sure when that will ever happen at this rate!) Hope you had a lovely BH weekend – not long till the next one! Immy x

  • I tried to sort out stuff I was constantly postponing! But unfortunately here in Brussels the weather has been miserable :(( love these snippets from your bank holiday!

    Caterina |

    • Ooh no :( to be honest, the weather here hasn’t been great either – we just got very lucky that afternoon haha! Fingers crossed we get some sunshine very soon! Thank you lovely lady! Immy x

  • It looks like you really had an adventure and the oyster ice cream looks yummy! For me it was long weekend with my bf spending some quality time, as we hadn’t had much time for each other lately. Best things are long mornings!!


    • It was so dreamy! Corr blimey it has made me crave ice cream just looking at the snaps haha! Oh that sounds lovely, I totally get what you mean.. my bf has been doing 14 hour days recently so the only time I really get to see him is first thing in the morning and last thing at night! Madness. Oh man I know, so excited for my lay in tomorrow >:) Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    Ahh Whitstable looks so cute and lovely, I’ve always wanted to visit! I have to add it to my summer weekend trips list and actually make sure I go (I have a tendency to make A LOT of lists and then not act on them…)! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • It was dreamy Laura, you gotta go! I am exactly the same – I was aiming to take little mini trips to all sorts of places this year and haven’t quite managed it, oops! We shall make it our goal to stick to our lists lol! Immy x

  • Yay for Whitstable :) it’s so pretty, I really don’t go often enough when I’m staying at my parents’ :) let me know next time you girls are heading down and hopefully I’ll be around too :D xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

    • It is so beaaaaut! Of course, that would be lovely :) I am thinking one weekend in the summer would be lovely!? Immy x