March Love List

Blogger Immy May Covent Garden London

Oh HEY April dallin’. So nice to see ya with your light evenings, warm (ish) breeze and blossom trees. U da best.

Do you ever ponder on how lucky we are to have seasons? Blessed with a different version of the world every few months, always bringing with it such joy and warmth of excitement for something new. Every season is beautiful for different reasons, but I especially LOVE Spring.

Maybe it is due to the light evenings fixing all my blogger woes (AMEN sistas), or just the dreamy explosion of blossom trees and blooms across the city… Or the cheeky lil Lidnt bunnies I keep treating myself to teehee. >:)

March was a surprisingly lovely month. I thought I would feel down in the dumps after returning from Thailand, but actually I feel motivated. Motivated to work towards my craziest dreams, put in 112039% effort and make it happen. Of course, the thirst to see the world is still there, but I feel content with the idea of spacing my adventures out over time rather than one long trip.

Anyway, back to March. Here’s what I have been loving…



Gluten Free Banana Loaf

I lost ma baking mojo for a while. Mainly because I still haven’t kitted out our gaff with enough baking bits and bobs, or maybe because I just haven’t allowed myself time to potter in the kitchen and create something de-lish just because.

However, after a trip to Waitrose with a voucher I found from Christmas (GET IN son), I treated myself a whole loada baking goodies which got me craving long lazy Sunday afternoons in the kitchen.

Over the month I have whipped up some dreamy lemon Easter biscuits, a free from banana loaf and a big batch of choc chip cookies. It has felt damn goooood. What shall I bake next?




I like to think I have done a bit of saving over the past month.

… Saying that, I have literally just hit purchase on a corset and tutu for Friday nights Moulin Rouge Secret Cinema antics (oops) hehe. But in terms of my Pret /coffee shop addiction, things have deffo improved. I haven’t stepped in the shop ONCE and I think that deserves a pat on the back, don’t ya?

My new routine is a Monday visit to M&S for salad bits, cereal, tea bags and milk. Although I love the sassy cafe life, it did not chose me. *weeps* I could obvs swap my M&S for Aldi to save more, but y’know, gotta treat yo’self.




Over the past few months I have been attempting to up my skincare regime. It started with the Garnier Micellar water, then the moisturiser then I completely pushed the boat out and picked up the cleanser. Without even realising, all my skin care is now Garnier and I LOVE it.

As my skin is pretty sensitive, Micellar water has been my absolute savior for about a year now. I love how versatile and soothing it is, but I thought I should step up my game and give ma skin some real TLC with cleanser and moisturiser.  I checked out the Moisture Bomb day cream, which my skin lapped up, so I thought I would treat it to the cleanser too. My skin is genuinely V happy because of this. I love finding a good lil skincare groove!



Last week, Matt and I ventured over to Kimchee after work to check out their new Kings Cross haunt. I am going to be totally honest here, I wasn’t expecting all that much.

I hadn’t really heard of the restaurant before and I had never tried or even heard about Korean grub. But oh wow. It was delightful. Not only did I love a date night with my chum, but the restaurant itself was beautiful, chic, sassy AND the food was dreamy.

My favourite was the green tea and white chocolate mousse with a side of almond ice cream, oooft. Kings Cross looks amazing at the mo, the perfect spot for post-work dinner / drinks in the sunshine.



I have had the same three jackets on rotation for the few years. My trusty winter coat I bought back in ’14, a leather jacket and a Boden number that I just fell in love with.

However, they were all dark colours. I fancied something a little different, a light, fresh update to ‘Spring’ up my wardrobe a little. I stumbled across the most beaut, classic neutral jacket from Zara and fell in love. I felt sassy, kinda like a wizard (cheers for that, Matt) but it really compliments an otherwise casual outfit. Until I wore it out on Saturday and got black all over the arm. Darn et!



Oh bebeh, this long lasting daylight is THE ONE. I have been lapping it up, heading out after work, taking all the snaps and just feeling the happy feels.



Immy May H&M Jeans

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have noticed that the star of the show has been my blue jeans. I have been absolutely o b s e s s e d. They fit perfectly and are SO comfy. If you are looking for a lush pair of Spring / Summer jeans, have a ganders at these H&M babies.



My dad ventured up to London to see us a few weeks back and it made me so happy. We strolled round the Tate Britain, had lunch at the Rail House Cafe and mooched down Portobello Road in the sunshine, finishing with some Pearl & Groove goodness for the cherry on top of the most glorious day.



The Bloggers Market Pastel Paradice

Last Saturday Jordan and I hit the Bloggers Market #4. Started up by a wonderful clan of blogging babes, This event always brings everyone together from all corners of the internet to sift through clothes, have a good chinwag and nibble on sweet treats. Most definitely a perfect way to spend Saturday afternoon, I got some lovely bits and pieces too! Inc. the most dreamy Honeywell Bakes biscuit hehe.



SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my best friend got friggin’ engaged! It was just all sorts of amazing feelings and love and uuugh I am so bloomin’ happy for her and her lovely fiance. I am also mildly (read: VERY) looking forward to being maid of honour. Crazy hen partaay planning, wedding fairs, dresses, errythang. I cannot wait for all the fun times to come. I guess this means we are actual adults now?



Girl Vs Cancer TITTEE Lady Lumps

Moments like this are why I am so proud to be involved in the blogging community. Over the past few months, support for a fellow blogger Lozza from Girl Stole London has been through the bladdy roof. With a nasty cancer diagnosis, comes inevitable problems and hurdles to jump over. But amazing as Lauren is, gaaal did she jump.  Whilst battling the cretin that is cancer, she has become an entrepreneur and also a figure of hope and support, breaking down taboo around cancer and bringing women everywhere together to support the cause with her genius tit-tees.  Whadda legend. Get yourself one here.

It is now my birthdaay month, I turn 24. What the bloomin’ ek! WHEN did that happen? Feels like yesterday I was writing my 23 post. It should be fun tho. Mumma an I are off to the Moulin Rouge Secret Cinema on Friday, Rugby on Saturday then a day full of frolics, cake and prosecco on Sunday (I hope) hehe. We also have Easter weekend down in Devon, THE CURSED CHILD *screams with excitement* and a lovely gals weekend for more birthday celebrations hehe.

What were your March highlights?


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  • Aww loved reading this Immy, made me feel all happy hehe. April is definitely my fave month (it’s my birthday month too!) It’s been so nice to have more warm weather, blossoms everywhere and generally feel more motivated. Sounds like you had a great March, congrats on your friend getting engaged how exciting. My sis went to the Moulin Rouge Secret Cinema, looks so fun!

    Have a lovely rest of the month girl!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Thank you Hanh :) Is it! What date?! It just makes me feel so much happier and positive. Hehe thank you my love, so so exciting! Did she!? I am just having a little flick through some snaps on Instagram, looks amazing! Immy x

      • 27th :) Yes she loved it, sure you’ll have an amazing time! xx

  • I am loving Spring too, it is so nice to have lighter days and longer evenings! You also look amazing btw! x

    • It is so so lovely isn’t it?! Makes all the difference, need to make the most of it (AKA, spent as much time in beer gardens as poss) hehe. Thanks gal :) Immy x

  • Moulin Rouge is mt FAVOURITE film. How on earth did I miss that it was this season’s Secret Cinema theme?! xx

    • It is mine too! My mumma LOVES these things so much, we went to the Dirty Dancing one too! I think it is one for a while more, you should have a little look into it gal! Immy x

  • That banana loaf is now one of my favourites! I just wanted to eat it all in one go :D


    • Ugh it is just the ONE isn’t it!? I need to make it again, always seem to have the ingredients knocking about >:) Thanks for stopping by lady! Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    That Moulin Rouge secret cinema sounds like the BEST THING EVER! I’d love to go too but unfortunately need to stay in the money saving mode atm – I hope you enjoy it though and tell us all about it haha! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Heheeeeeeeeeee I am SO EXCITED. Although, still need to pick a few last minute bits up for my outfit – including a purple feather… Where do I get one of those?! lol. Ah man, mine is a birthday pressie from my Mumma – she knows me too well! I will absolutely report back >:) Immy x

  • Julia Day

    I love how smiley all of your photos are!

    I’m really into Garnier skincare at the moment too. It’s cheap and it works, can’t go wrong. I was tempted to go to the Bloggers market but I chickened out, maybe next time eh!

    Happy birthday for this month! :)

    Julia x

    • Ah thank you Julia :) You are so right, I love how affordable it is! Ooh chick, let me know if ya fancy it next time and join us! It can be a lil scary when you head to one of these things solo. Thanks gal! Can’t believe I’m gonna be 24 :o Immy x

      • Julia Day

        I definitely will, thank you! Are you going to Blogosphere Cafe this weekend by any chance? :) x

        • Sure ting gal :) Ooooh I would have loved to but I am off to the ruggers at Wembley on Saturday, eep! Hope it is lovely :) x

  • Congratulation for not stopping by Pret!! I have the same addiction lately but with pain au chocolat ahah I need to follow your example :) my March highlight was the relaunch of my blog and now I’m a lot more happy with my content and aesthetic :)

    Caterina |

    • Heheeee thank you Caterina! I am actually very proud of this lol. I know it is SO good, I used to love the almond croissants, it makes me sad that they are not in my life anymore. Oooh yay! Going to have a little look now >:) Immy x

    • P.S, your blog looks beautiful! *all the heart eye emojis* X

  • Still loving the jeans, I NEED to pick myself a pair up – lovely post gal!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • I knoooow I am so in love with them! They are in the was right now and I feel a bit lost haha. Thank you chick :) Immy x

  • I’m loving that Zara jacket, have a brilliant birthday.
    Alicia x

    • Thank you so much Alicia :) Shame I now have marks on it lol, it was always gonna happen! Thank you chick :) Fingers crossed for sunshine! Immy x

  • Hi Immy – gorgeous blog – this post is super positive and lovely!
    Every year the light evenings totally blow my mind – how does it start changing so fast?!
    Holly xxx /// BLOG:

    • Ah thank you Holly! Glad ya found me :) I know, it is weird isn’t it?! Just all of a sudden winter is behind us! Immy x

  • I’m in love with that jacket! Cute photos :)

    xx, Melissa

    • Thank you Melissa :) I LOVE the jacket, just wish I wasn’t so clumsy and split things on it lol >:( Immy x

  • Natalia Cooke (The Petite Expl

    Yes to baking! I miss Waitrose!

    Beautiful blog, the colour scheme is perfect.

    • Loool I know, I spend most of my time in Aldi / Lidl but I do treat myself every now and then >:) Thank you chick, I have been thinking about doing a big ole redesign for a while but we shall see! Cheers for stopping by :) Immy x

  • Sophie

    Oh my, those jeans! I’m trying to get on the saving bandwagon too but seeing those has definitely left me feeling like I might have to have a spend…
    Sophie x

    • I knooow I have such a weak spot! I work just off Oxford street so I find it so hard to resist haha! I do wear them a lot so it was worth the investment >:) Immy x

  • Debbie Lovit

    That jeans wooow! I really love it X

    • Ah thank you so much Debbie! :) Immy x