Getting My Sh*t Together

Get your sh*t together review

I write this feeling *slightly* faint ‘coz O M G, I am going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part One *tonight. SAY WHAAAAAAAA. The thing is, I thought it was next week. I am lucky I checked ma bleedin’ tickets today because I would have been taking Matt to see the show for his birthday a week late. He would have never forgiven me. I would have never forgiven myself. It would have all been preeeeeeeetty shocking.

(*Tonight meaning last Thursday!)

It’s all good tho, I have put my dark past of not double checking dates behind me and we are going to the theatre tonight. SQUEEE!

This lil hiccup leads me nicely onto today’s post. Getting my sh*t together. 

Get your sh*t together review

Keeping on top of tings, replying to messages, putting (the right) dates in my diary, remembering to take my pill, remembering to breathe. Baaasically, trying to adult at life and being the best girl bossin’ version of myself possible without losing ma minnnnd.

Time management has never come naturally to me. The words ‘time management‘ send shudders down my spine. Although tbh, I have got better over the years. I meaaan I am now an avid user of my bullet journal  and write a to-do list ‘erry day, but I could do better.

This is where this corker of a book comes in handy.


I saw the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k’ flying around the blogging world, then I spotted her more recent book ‘Get Your Sh*t Together’. Yaaaaaaaaas. I  had to give it a read.

It has been my commute companion for the past few weeks and I have been l o v i n g it. Sarah Knight is brutal, swears*a lot* and makes me chuckle too. The lass is a fountain of knowledge and has taught me SO MUCH, I haven’t even finished the book yet.

Get your sh*t together

If you are feeling in need of a lil pep talk, I’m gonna share a few nuggets of wisdom with you. Some from the book, a few from experience.



The main gem I have put into practice is the ‘Must Do’ method.

Basically, you know when you have ‘to do’ lists coming out your ears? Errythang from paying ya bills to painting ya nails. It can be hard to prioritise which one goes first so you just do all the easy stuff? Yeah. #erryday. Weeeeell Sarah the babe came up with an easy solution.

Write down a to-do list, which could poss be a whole bloomin’ page. Once you have all you need to do on paper, then it’s time to prioritise.

What do you really need to get done today? Pick the absolute essentials and move them to a fresh ‘must do’ list.  Get these ‘must do’ things crossed off first of all, then you can focus on the cleaning your make up brushes and finishing your Easter chocolate or summin’.

This way of list writing makes everything look SO much more approachable and do-able.  I don’t feel so overwhelmed by aaaaaaaaaaall the bits ‘n’ bobs I gotta do, as there are only a few things on the list. Weird how the mind works, ey?



I do harp on about this point on the reg, coz it is essential for remaining happy as larry. I think we have got a lot better at self care recently. We are now aware of our mental health and how bloomin’ important it is to look after it.

The ting is, we sometimes feel like if we are not constantly busy and getting sh*t done, we are failing or being unproductive. You need time to step back, slow down and get your thoughts in check. We also need time to do what makes us happy and feeds our soul with aaaall the good stuff.

As we are avid list makers, calendar creators and general organised gals about town, scheduling time for me, myself and I is the best way. Book the yoga class, put aside one hour a day to read your book and drink tea, or block out an evening to have dinner and catch ups with the gals.

Working all day, erry day never really did much good for anyone. You end up feeling exhausted, under the weather and sometimes pretty darn anxious too. I find that stepping away, even for a few hours, makes a world of difference. You return to the desk feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take over the world once more.

Selfridges roof top



Throughout the whole book, Sarah always comes back to this. Strategy, focus and commitment. With anything you want in life, following these three steps will make it a helluva lot more achievable, whatever your goal may be.

Strategy: Your plan of action. Whatever it is you wanna achieve, it will start with a lil game plan. A sesh with your notepad where you map out what it is ya really want, and how you’re gonna get it. Divide it into small manageable chucks, and remember anything and everything is possible – you can do this.

Focus: Like anything worthwhile, it needs your focus. Your 10030495% attention, but y’know only for the few hours you have given yourself. Need to get that blog post polished off and published? Give yourself an hour. No Bloglovin’, Instagram and Twitter scrolling, just you and that keyboard gal. Once you have finished, then you can catch up on Instagram… Not that you’re really missing much, are ya?

Commitment: Get in the zone. Grab a fresh cuppa T, maybs a bar of that touch of sea salt Lindt chocolate, pop your hair up and let’s do this. Throw yourself into the task at hand, no matter how small it is. Once it is completed and you feel satisfied, treat yo’self. It is crazy how much you can achieve once you put your mind to it!



The best decision of 2k17 so far. I started a bullet journal back in January and it hasn’t left my side since. It is such a great way of constantly reminding yourself of your goals and what it is you set out to achieve. I even have a whole spread full of motivation to pick me up on the days I ain’t feeling so great, I am that kinda gal. I did a lil bullet journal tutorial here if ya fancied starting your own. You should hehe >:)



I am SO easily distracted. I always have too many tabs open (both mentally and physically), so I find myself aimlessly scrolling Instagram when I should be clearing ma inbox. I realise about 20 mins later and kickin’ myself because I have wasted valuable time.

If you have committed time to do a task, but find yourself somewhere else… Stop, drop and roll. Basically, as soon as you realise, click off the page, walk away and get back to your task with a sense of urgency.

Or maybe gals gotta do the washing / go gym but doesn’t have the time? Do it with urgency, turn the music up and get that sh*t done. You will feel SO much better afterwards.

Get Your Sh*t Together review

How do you keep your sh*t together?

If ya fancy giving it a read, you can order it here.  Lemme know what ya think of it…

Right, I’m off to have lunch and finish this book, haaaappy Monday.


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  • I live for a great to-do list. I’ve recently written about getting my shit together and taking more control. Sometimes it’s much easier to just switch off and leave things, next minute it’s 4 weeks later and I still haven’t written that important blog post. I still haven’t read that book yet, I must be the only one haha.

    chloe | mojichlo

    • Me too haha, they are just so deeply satisfying >:) Just checked out your blog and will probably spend all day tomorrow catching up on it – right up my street! Yes exactly I am exactly the same! oooh yes you would love it gal, the author is also such a babe! Thank you for stopping by Chloeee :) Immy x

  • Yara Mel

    Avoiding distraction is the hardest! But with a little focus you can do it. Lovely post, I might grab that book :D

    • I am the absolute worst at avoiding distractions haha – especially bloomin’ Instagram scrollin’! I sometimes try out the pomodoro technique, I find it works really well for me! Thank you my love – I think you would really enjoy the book :) Immy x

  • I always find better things to do than stick to my to-do list. Like watching the eternal Instagram stories (once I start I can’t stop hahahah).I definitely need to work on that!

    xx, Melissa

    • Oh ma daaays I am so bad with Instagram stories haha! They are my go-to distraction lol – they just keep on comin’. I will also try to work on it >:) Thank you for stopping by chick ! Immy xxx

  • I love making lists and marking things on my calendar!

    • I know it is my favourite thing, I love crossing them out too – so satisfying! Immy x

  • I bullet journal (though after a year+ of using, I’m not sure if actually I’m veering away from it now?) so I will love checking out your post on yours for some inspo!
    I have not read that book, but the “must-do” sounds like the basis for getting stuff done the most!

    Holly xx BLOG:

    • Ya know what, I sometimes think I’m doing the same – I have definitely adapted it to my own style now I think. I update the post soon, I have almost got all the way through my notepad already, eep! Yeees the must-do is amazing, I have found it so useful and it is such a simple technique. Thank you for stopping by lovely lady :) Immy x

  • Amy Eade

    Sounds like I need to read this! I stopped making to do lists a while ago because I found them overwhelming and would stress out if I didn’t cross everything off! Maybe I need to only make a must do list instead because I’m definitely less productive since not making them. I’m also so bad at making time for myself, I’m always telling myself I’ll do it and never get round to it! Hope you have a lovely day hun :)
    Amy xx

    • Ooh yes Amy you would really love it! I know what you mean, I did for a while as I would be the same! I definitely think must-do lists are the way forward, I have found it all much less overwhelming! Same here, I have now given myself the hour I get home after work to relax and do something just for pure relaxation! You too my love, thank you for stopping by :) Immy x

  • Time management has never come naturally to me either, and forgetting dates/timings is something I’m constantly doing, you would’ve thought I’d have learnt by now! This sounds like such a good read and definitely something I need in my life!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Glad I am not alone in that, I was so shaken when I realised I got the dates wrong with Harry Potter – I was SO close to missing it! I know right, I don’t think I will ever learn :( Yesss you would really love it Lucy! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Ooooh you’ve just reminded me that I ordered this book but haven’t got around to reading it yet (my BFF stole it from my book shelf haha!), I loved her last book though and found that it really helped to change my outlook on life!

    Hayley xo

    • Oooh yes ya gotta get it back and read it hehe! It is SUCH a good read, I need to read her last book too! Love her writing style, she is such a babe. Immy x

  • Rakel

    Looks interesting, I’ll take a look! :)

    • Yesss fo’sho, I reckon you would love it Rakel! Such a good read and I have got so much from it so far. Immy x

  • I definitely need to put a plan together for me – finding it hard to balance work, gym, blog and social life right now!


    • Yesss I am finding it so hard to balance at the moment :( Especially the gym! I am training for a 10k and have hardly done anything – eep! Need to get my sh*t together with that ASAP. Immy x

  • I saw her the other book at the bookshop, but I didn’t pick it up as I read through it and thought it kind of repeated itself. Going to give this one a try too, see if I like it.

    • Oooh I see what you mean, she definitely reiterates similar points throughout the book for sure. Yes definitely gal, I have found the ‘must do’ method to be my fave! Immy x

  • I’ve got this on my book pile at the moment! Glad it’s helped you! Also SO jeal of Harry Potter, hope it was amazing!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Oooh yes you are going to love it Jasmin! It is such a great read and has definitely helped me out, it really is the small things! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it was insane! We had the most amazing time, would LOVE to see it again one day! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I am SO jealous of your trip to the Cursed Child – I don’t think I would have forgiven you had you missed it!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Ooh ma gaaaaaaaawd it was absolutely insane! One of the most incredible shows I have ever seen, you must try and get some tickets when you can – it is worth every penny! I know haha, would have been awful >:( phew! Immy x

  • Babe, I LOVE this post! With the end of my travels coming up and all, this has actually somehow managed to get me a little excited for being home and getting stuck back into things! And the pictures are just gorge! Xx

    • Thaaaaaank you my gal! Oh man I can’t believe your travels are winding down to an end, but I bet you are feeling refreshed and ready to just go for it. Travel has such a lovely way of doing that! Thank you lovely lass :) Immy x

  • Sophie

    Oh god I need need need to read this – my productivity has been so poor recently. For now, I’m going to give the ‘Must do’ method a crack. Ticking things off a list is such an excellent feeling. Such cute photos too you gorgeous thing!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • Ahh Sophie I would 100% recommend giving it a read! I went through such a slump and it can be so hard to get back on track! I have been pushing the ‘must do’ method to so many people lol, it is just so helpful! Trussst me, seeing everything crossed off feels so satisfying! Ah thank you so much my love :) You should definitely check out the Selfridges roof garden when you get a chance, it is so pretty (and great for bloggy snaps) hehe >:) Immy x

  • That is a gorgeous outfit!

  • Natalie Redman

    Great post! Hope you loved Harry Potter!

    • Thank you Natalie, it was AMAAAAZING! Have you seen it before?! Immy x

  • I can totally get on board with this! I’ve heard so much hype about these two books, really need to pick them up.