Breakfast Pizza (GF)

Breakfast Pizzas

I lurrrv pizza. In aaaall shapes and sizes (pref. round and large tho plz)

Pizza is delish with an array of toppings, savoury, sweet, pineapple, errythang. But I have never tried breakfast pizza. A thin, oaty base topped with my fave breakfast suspects (nutella included, obvs). Oh ma days it is my new favourite thing…

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza


They are DEE-LISH, packed full of the good stuff and super easy to whip up in the mornin’, or y’know, anytime you fancy >:)

The base only has four ingredients, it is gluten free and vegan too. Yaaas! Perfect for lazy bank holiday brunching.

Wanna pizza this?

Wooonderful, grab a cuppa T and let’s get started.

Breakfast Pizza

What ya need for the base (two pizzas):

2 cups oats

1 1/2 cup almond milk (milk of choice)

1 banana

A big ole squeeze of honey

Start by blending up your oats, keep whizzing till you get a fine flour. Chuck ya nana into the mix and keep going till combined. Glug in your milk, honey and whiz till you have a thick batter.

Heat up your frying pan with a teeny bit of coconut oil, once nice ‘n’ hot, spoon in your batter to form your pizza.

Wait until the bubbles start to appear and the pizza looks almost cooked, then stick under the grill to cook the rest.

There ya have it!

Now time for the toppings…

Breakfast pizzaFor one pizza, I mashed up some frozen raspberries for a base, then topped with blueberries, strawbs and flaked almonds. The other was straight up Nutella ‘n’ nana, can’t go wrong.

Once you have chosen your toppings of choice, stick back under the grill for a further few mins then there ya have it!

Breakfast Pizza

Whaddya think?

I am writing this in my dressing gown, sat in bed with a cuppa T and the rest of the pizza. I should have left the house 5 minutes ago…. Happy Friday!


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